Meet Louise, Founder of Maison Loüno

What was the journey that led you to create Maison Lno
The journey of creating Maison Loüno began somehow during my summer holidays spent on the Danish coastline, watching my grandma cooking, taking supplements, and practicing yoga after a family walk at the beach. She gave me a strong passion for plants, cooking, natural remedies, and a looking into what a healthy lifestyle meant for me. A few years back, I realized stress was having too big of an impact on my life, so I needed to change something.
That’s when I started researching which natural remedies were working to better resist city life, work, busy schedules and still keep my energy afloat. Something other than meditation and yoga, which I was already practicing. I discovered adaptogens, these herbs & functional mushrooms that have been used for centuries in TCM, or Ayurveda and felt like magic to me. Of course, nothing magical there, these plants have since been studied in scientific research which can reassure the skeptics.
How does your lifestyle influence the products you choose to develop? 
Well, my lifestyle influences 100% of my products. Up until now, all the products were born out of me missing a natural alternative to something in my life. The Morgenbrød bread came because I couldn’t find a good gluten free bread with a low glycemic index here in Paris; and the Magic Cocoa du matin came as I was searching for a coffee alternatives (too acidic for me).
What is one thing you wish everyone knew about taking good care of themselves? 
That everything you need to heal is found in plants.
What are your thoughts on aging well and longevity in general?
I believe age isn’t chronological but biological. The better you take care of yourself through your lifestyle, the younger you look. My mother is the perfect example of that.
Lifestyle includes your thoughts, having a community around you, the food you eat, exercise, leisure etc.
What is your daily and weekly wellness regimen?
On a daily basis: Beauty routine AM & PM. Aim for 10K steps preferably by the sea. Essential oils. Magic blends AM & PM. Herbal tea. Green tea if not matcha. Dry-brushing. Supplements like magnesium, zinc, vitamin C & L-glutamine. Eating a savory snack & breakfast. Watching my insulin levels. Movement & good laughs.
On a weekly basis: 4-6 sessions of Pilates (even if 10 minutes). Journaling.
Tell us about mushrooms and adaptogens! Why did you choose to infuse your products with these plants? 
They are the best herbs! I was looking for French/European brands to turn to for my adaptogenic shelves, but I couldn’t find any, so I thought I would do it, blend these incredible herbs with delicious organic cacao and ceremonial grade matcha so it would be easy and quick to prepare on a daily basis.
Mushrooms and adaptogens are really super-powerful-foods that have so much to give to your body. They make it more resistant to chronic stress, which we all can lean into, to some extent. I felt they were highly under-rated here in Europe and deserved a much broader place in our daily rituals.
How has your own beauty regimen changed over time? 
It hasn’t changed much since high school. I added dry-brushing and tongue-cleansing, a few years back. I have a simple beauty routine and don’t use make up a lot. I’m lucky to try a lot of different brands I collaborate with, but the general order is always the same: Cleanse, Floral water, then I mix serum with day cream or night oil together. Gua Sha on the oil/cream and smile J
Once a week I do a face mask.
This is a ritual I very much enjoy daily for some extra face-care.
What is your favorite way to move your body and exercise?
I love starting the day with a morning stretch which is inspired by yoga sun salutations. During the day, I walk a lot, take the stairs, and do pilates on a weekly basis.
I think exercise is best when gentle on the body, otherwise it causes extra stress.
What do you do to unwind, relax and rest well?
I go to the sea, have my feet in water, read, meditate, journal, buy flowers, paint, disconnect my phone, cook dinner, go for a walk… movement is always a good idea.
First thing you do when you wake up?
Snooze J
After that, i sometimes do a 10 min meditation, morning stretch, and prepare my breakfast.
Last thing you do before bed?
I take the essential oils my friend Olivia made and place them on my wrists and then I think of 3-5 wins I had that day.
Your go-to breakfast?
2 soft-boiled eggs and a slice of Morgenbrød and an infusion. Mid-morning I’ll make myself a Magic Matcha Latte, green tea or a hot cocoa.
You feel a cold coming on. What`s your plan of action?
Manuka Honey from my friend Gabrielle (Activist), Magic Chaga Latte with extra chaga & reishi, herbal tea with thyme, bone broth, golden latte with extra turmeric, early to bed, and essential oils like tea tree and Lavender.
Life changing book you've read?
I read “The 4 hour work-week” by Tim Ferriss back in 2011 and it changed my whole perspective on career and the correlation between time and earnings. It opened my mind to the possibility of living remotely and not going the classic office way.
Favorite holistic wellness destination?
Come to my place in Marseille. It’s the best holistic wellness destination. J By the sea, close to the mountains, we’ve got locally grown organic food and I have everything you need to feel relaxed, inspired and refreshed after a few days.