Meet Margot Esser, health advocate, beauty pioneer and brand founder of Pharmos Natur

How and when Pharmos Natur was born and what is the brand DNA?
In the early 80s, I suffered an accident on a trip to the US, resulting in severe burns on my face and upper body. In hindsight, it was a blessing in disguise. I was fortunate to be taken to a naturopathic clinic just in time, where my wounds were treated with freshly peeled gel from a special aloe vera plant. Remarkably, my skin regenerated quickly, and I left the clinic without any scars.
This profound experience inspired me to share the unique healing and regenerative power of genuine plants with others. I decided to leave my career in the pharmaceutical industry and start my own company. Thus, Pharmos Natur was born. The name signifies a return to the origin, to the source.
Since 1986, we have been producing unique products for holistic beauty, health, and treatments using special medicinal and rejuvenating plants – our sacred plants – in harmony with nature.
Can you give us more details about the Miracle of Biophotons and what is the science behind it?
The sun emits biophotons through its radiation, making life on earth possible. Biophotons are light quanta that living cells in humans and animals constantly absorb. They provide the ordering force that ensures vitality, regeneration, and rejuvenation. Our sacred plants, cultivated with great care, are particularly rich in biophotons.

Since 1996, we have collaborated with quantum physicists to study biophotons intensively. Using this knowledge, we developed a manufacturing process that preserves the biophotons in our products. The biophotons activate the plant ingredients, ensuring their unique effects. This process creates our BiophotonactivE® Complex.
You are known as the Pioneer and Guru of Aloe Vera. Can you share what differentiates your Aloe Vera from other products on the market?
For Aloe Vera to reach its full effectiveness, it requires:
  1. Healthy, nutrient-rich soil
  2. The right humid tropical climate
  3. Sufficient intense sunlight for biophotons to develop
That's why we cultivate our Aloe Vera in Campeche, Mexico, among ancient pyramids. This region is the cherished home of our Aloe Vera, nurtured by a local family with the energy, vibration, and spirit of Mayan tradition. Grown in power spots within the rainforest, our Aloe Vera thrives in bio-certified mixed cultures on fertile, healthy soil, without chemicals. This sacred Aloe Vera yields a gel with a special viscosity and consistency that completely penetrates the skin, delivering the active ingredients and biophotons directly to the lower layers where they are needed.

What are the holy grail products of your line?
The development of ROHINI, our premium line, took many many years. My goal was to combine the material level of active ingredients with the energetic spiritual level of the plants in one holistic product line. Rohini blends the power of seven selected adaptogenic plants with the energy of the Divine Feminine. This spectrum is absorbed by the skin and soul, giving cells new impulses for regeneration and renewal, resulting in pure rejuvenation. Through mindful and conscious application, The Power of Divinity is awakened.
What don't people realize about Pharmos Natur? What would surprise them?
Many underestimate the impact of nature and our BiophotonactivE® Complex on their skin. Our products are unique because we use 100% organic Aloe Vera juice instead of water, combined with selected healing and rejuvenating plants. We do not add alcohol or citric acid for stabilization, preserving the biophotons. Our plant ingredients remain active, demonstrating that nature works. We regularly measure and test this to prove our claims.
What is your personal holistic beauty and supplement/food protocol?
In my skincare routine, I start with the Moisturizing Spray after cleansing to clarify my skin and mind. Then, I apply a few drops of the Rohini Serum. I mix a few drops of Avellana Oil Serum into the Rohini Cream or the Love Your Age Repair Balm and carefully apply the mixture. For my very dry skin, I also use a touch of Love Your Age Power Cream.
My daily health routine begins with a small glass of our organic Aloe Vera juice right after brushing my teeth. For breakfast, I add 1-2 tablespoons of Sesame Power to my muesli or fruit salad, giving me energy for the whole day. If needed, I take 1-2 teaspoons of TerminaliaVera Bitter Powder daily to activate my metabolism and support my liver.
What are your most important healthy habits?
Health must be approached holistically. For me, it starts with healthy eating—choosing foods that are not industrially contaminated. Daily skincare is essential, as the skin is our largest organ and needs protection and nourishment. Mental well-being is also crucial; health flourishes when the soul and heart are content. Regular meditation helps me connect with myself, release stress, and draw new energy.
What is your best-kept longevity secret?
Being happy with what I do and following my vocation is my secret to longevity. Sharing the benefits of nature with others through our products and making these effects tangible through treatments brings me joy.
What makes you feel your best?
Creating feelings of gratitude and joy within myself, whether in nature, gardening, or at work, makes me feel my best.
Do you have a mentor you’re working with?
I have two mentors. My friend Norbert, who has deep knowledge in Vedic astrology, and my friend Roland, a holistic energy doctor. Their nurturing discussions and holistic perspectives broaden my horizons.
What is your personal mantra?
There is a good solution for everything!
What’s the best thing about being a woman?
As women, we possess a special creative power and the extraordinary gift of a 360° view. By connecting our head with our heart, we can change the world.
First thing you do when you wake up and last thing you do before going to sleep?
I drink a small glass of Aloe Vera juice and cultivate positive thoughts and feelings through light breathing, gratitude for the past day, and anticipation of the new day.
Life-changing book you read?
Joe Dispenza: "You Are the Placebo" and Hans-Peter Dürr: "Why Everything Matters."
Favorite meal to eat?
I am a connoisseur who loves good food, particularly vegetables, salad, fish, and meat. It’s crucial to know the origin of my food—whether it’s grown on healthy soil without chemicals or how animals were kept. I prefer buying directly from farmers.
What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
Discover, feel, and awaken the Divine within yourself.
What can we expect for the future of Pharmos Natur?
Expect a lot. We aim to spread Pharmos Natur’s vision worldwide, sharing our philosophy, products, and unique treatments. Our mission is to demonstrate that holistic beauty and health are only possible with an intact nature. We will continue our commitment to global sustainability, focusing on preserving and regenerating healthy soils to create effective natural solutions.