Meet Nicolas Gerlier, Founder of La Bouche Rouge

What was the journey that led you to create La Bouche Rouge
Several years ago, I uncovered an old, beautiful object at my grandmother’s that had been purchased over a century prior in Paris’ Place Vendôme. I was fascinated by the quality and durability of the piece. I became obsessed with the idea of reintroducing true luxury into our daily lives, creating an object that captures a fleeting moment and becomes a lifelong treasure. That being said, when I created this line five years ago, I knew I did not want to create luxury without values – the future is now, and we need to create a dream that protects and preserves the planet’s beauty. That's why La Bouche Rouge is plastic-free, durable and refillable, with clean, serum formulas.
What about makeup interests and fascinates you?  
Makeup is the perfect amalgamation of technology, art and femininity. I find every product to be a magical object that has the capability to transform and provide an instant glow from within.
What has been the most challenging part of creating La Bouche Rouge
The initial challenge was not only developing a new formula, but also inventing and introducing an entirely new approach to Blue Beauty. Each element of our formulation, production, packaging, distribution and sales process was carefully thought out to ensure it was sustainably done. To ensure our formulas are entirely clean, free from petrochemicals and of the highest caliber, we even went so far as to develop our own lab in France. For us, every detail, from the ingredients to the materials we use in our displays, has to be aligned with our values of supporting people and the planet. 
How do you define and think about Luxury today? 
The luxury industry is waking up, and at the same time, there are a number of changes that have occurred. Consumers are looking to the future and choosing to consume more consciously, in a way that is better for the earth. This gives our business even more opportunity and potential to grow in the years to come. 
Sustainability is built into the DNA of La Bouche Rouge.
  Why and how did you decide to make it such a big priority when launching a beauty brand?
Having previously spent a decade in the beauty industry, I witnessed its transformation over the years, and I also saw its environmental impact. The cosmetics industry is the 3rd most pollutant in the world. One billion lipsticks are thrown away each year. Since the 1950s, only 10% of all plastics have been recycled, and today, 83% of our oceans are polluted with microplastics. This is what drove me to create La bouche rouge in 2017: a desire to change the way we produce and consume by introducing plastic-free, durable and refillable products, with clean, serum formulas.    
What is something you wish everyone knew about makeup? 
As of today, 78% of the world’s carbon emissions come from 100 companies alone, and the cosmetics industry is the 3rd most pollutant in the world. One billion lipsticks are thrown away each year. Since the 1950s, only 10% of all plastics have been recycled, and today, 83% of our oceans are polluted with microplastics. As our population continues to increase – from 3 billion in the ‘60s to 8 billion now – we have to understand that it is indispensable we preserve our resources before they are gone. I believe it is the duty of our generation to make it happen. We must propose a new paradigm that does not compromise between luxury and sustainability – which is precisely what La bouche rouge strives to do. 
I think beauty brands today know the practices that would lead to more sustainable manufacturing and distribution, but many have yet to adopt them – either because of the initial costs or because it takes time to implement change at a very large scale, even internally. 
But as I mentioned, the time for change is now. I believe we have seen that sustainable beauty is the future, and by continuing to minimize waste, diminish our carbon footprint and create with responsibly sourced materials, we can collectively help preserve our resources for generations to come. 
What is your daily and weekly wellness regimen? 
My daily wellness regimen involves a rowing session in the morning followed by a walk by the Seine with my dog. When it comes to nutrition, I try to prioritise organic fresh vegetables instead of processed food. 
What is your favorite way to move your body and exercise? 
I prefer walking as my favourite way to keep myself energised. 
What do you do to unwind, relax and rest well?  
I enjoy playing with my kids in their room by simply laying on the floor. I also love going away to Brittany every once in a while and spending time in nature in its purest form, doing a digital detox, reading my favourite books and architectural magazines. 
First thing you do when you wake up? 
The first thing I do after I wake up is to wake my kids up right away because we are running late. 
Last thing you do before bed? 
My favourite way to end the day before going to bed is to read. 
Go-to breakfast? 
My go-to breakfast for any kind of morning is a few slices of fresh bread and a hot cup of English tea with a little bit of milk. 
You feel a cold coming. What`s your plan of action? 
I am immediately reaching out to grab a cup of warm water with lemon and honey. It gives my immune system an instant boost and I feel much better right away! 
Life changing book you've read?  
The Bible is the book that has changed my entire life. 
Favorite holistic wellness destination? 
My all-time ideal wellness destination is Menorca. It is indeed a nature lover’s paradise.