Meet Rachel Landon, Herbalist, Naturopath and Co-Founder of Wilder Botanics

How and when Wilder Botanics was born and what is the brand DNA?
Wilder was born from my private practice as a herbalist and naturopath, over this period I was able to create unique herbal formulas,  giving me the privilege of seeing first hand the healing benefits of the herbs, being on this journey and seeing the transformation that they bring.
Wilder has become an extension of this, seeds of knowledge passed down from generation to generation.
Can you give us more details about your background as Herbalist and Naturopath?
I was living in New York as a fashion model, I had been living before this in Paris and I arrived exhausted and burnt out. New York was alive with the most incredible health movement, something we were just not experiencing at this time in Europe. I absorbed it all, pushing my yoga practice that I had started in London to visiting an ashram upstate to learn the whole philosophy as well as asanas, my diet changed and I took night courses in nutrition … I was inspired!  And whats more I was on my own active healing journey.
After a few years I decide to come home to London and study to be a practitioner in natural health, I knew that I wanted something to encompass everything because I truly believe in working with the ‘whole’ so I started my course in Naturopathy where the ethos , belief is that the body innately can heal itself, it just needs the right environment.
What means Wholeness for you?
Wholeness to me is when I feel at my most confident and safe.
 Its where body, mind and spirit are in balance
What are the holy grail products of your line and why?
My holy grail Wilder products  are firstly the Phyto Radiance Day Oil as it works perfectly with my skin, I have been using it for 3 years now and it hydrates perfectly throughout the day into the evening without having to add more. There's no greasy residue, my skin feels and looks supple, radiant and healthy!
My second is Healing Spirit Bath Soak which leaves my skin feeling soft and smelling incredible with the Vetiver and Rose Geranium but more deeply this bath soak is super nourishing on an emotional level too.
We often store a lot of anxiety within our solar plexus area which has a correlation with our adrenals and calendula helps us to release this stagnant energy … its a great communicator of emotions and allows a ‘letting go’ thats often so needed.
This Soak is such a beautiful experience on every level.
My third would have to be the Flower Of The Sun Body Oil as this is my daily scent with all my favourite essential oils of Atlas Cedar, Sandalwood, Patchouli and Rose Geranium as well as keeping my skin looking youthful, smooth and hydrated with cold press rose hips and double infused organic calendula petals.

Your Top-3 Remedies you can`t live without?
My first  is my morning ritual with my Sunrise Tea. This blend of organic Sencha, Hibiscus and Lemon is the best way to start the day. Its tart , cleansing and refreshing, and I know it's protecting my whole body system from daily stressors - its rich in, flavonoids and  polyphenols- catechin’s found in green tea is another type of polyphenol that helps enhance the immune system too.
My second is our Clarity Drops as I move through my 5th decade these herbs of Ginkgo, Goto Kola, and Rosemary will be walking alongside with me supporting my circulatory system and cognitive health, and easing any stress and anxiety along the way.
My third is Wilder’s Unlocked Flower Essence, whenever I feel I’m not trusting in the universe this is my go to. Whether I’m being stubborn in my thoughts, and I’m finding it hard to let go then I pop a few drops of this under my tongue and I swear it helps me gain a more positive perspective!
Your favorite botanical ingredient?
Nettle, always! It easily accessible, resilient, super nutritious especially for women, rich in vitamins and minerals which make a wonderful blood tonic, they’re cleansing to the whole body system,  rich in flavonoids helping to enhance immunity and strengthening our body’s natural resistance.
 The seeds are also nutritious, and help the body regain vitality if exhausted.
Nettle also helps to rebalance the thyroid and adrenals often organs that are impacted where theres  been prolonged stress.
They also help to enhance the whole reproductive system in both men and women, strengthening, toning and supporting this area.
If theres allergies then this is the go to herb with its antihistamine effect, it also calms inflamed mucous membrane.
Where theres chronic inflammation with issues such as osteoarthritis, it also helps where theres blood sugar imbalances .. and Nettles food for the skin too!
What people don`t realize of Wilder Botanics? What would surprise them?
Probably that we create everything by hand, the attention to detail is immense from each batch of organic or careful wildcrafted ingredient, to the slow process of extraction and infusion, even to the bottling and sending.
Throughout this whole process the individual Wilder formula has been held from start to finish and with so much love and vitality.
What is your personal holistic beauty and supplement/food protocol?
My personal holistic beauty/supplement protocol starts with dry body brushing every morning from the soles of my feet up to my heart 4-5 strokes on each limb, and circular strokes on the lymph node areas,
Flower Of The Sun on damp skin after my shower, 
Phyto Radiance Day Oil every morning massaged onto my face.
A probiotic after breakfast
and a gluten free diet, with very little dairy, and no sugar (sometimes I let this slide!) And no meat except organic chicken and wild salmon.
I have an auto immune disease that effects my thyroid so I’m trying to be super careful with my diet.
I have 3-4 Brazil nuts a day for my selenium - thyroid supporter - and other than that I rely on our herbal tinctures such as our Clarity Drops to do the rest!
At night I wash my face with Wilder’s Immortelle Cleansing Oil and a Cloud Cloth and massage on our Recovery Night Oil which smells like heaven!
What are your most important healthy habits?
Dry body brushing, yoga, pilates, no gluten, and a positive mantra!
What is your best-kept Longevity secret?
I’m not sure I have a secret for longevity but I do believe it's Love, I feel this is the best to keep the heart strong and energy vital and happy - I don’t just mean being in love I mean friends, family, community.
These all help us live a longer fuller lifer.
 What makes you feel your Best?
Feeling grounded and confident, loving my work, communicating well with my kids, pushing through with things that I’ve been afraid of and coming out the other side stronger.
My husband and partner in Wilder also always manages to make me feel my best!
What is your personal mantra?
When I was in teacher training with Sonia Sumar for yoga for the spacial child she told me a mantra that I have shared with my children each night before bed and it has helped me personally too.
‘I have a light inside my heart that was given to me when I was born and because of this light I am not afraid of anything or anyone’
What´s the best thing of being a woman?
Friendships, communication, empathy, connection, being a mum.
First thing you do when you wake-up and last thing you do before going to bed.
The first thing I do is stretch sitting on the side of my bed and then I always brush my teeth before I do anything!  Last thing I do is something I am so going to change as its checking emails- not good.
Life Changing book you read?
Dr Jack Solantoff’s book Natural Healing’ which was bought for me by a friend from a second hand book store when I was in my early 20’s. He was a chiropractor and I remember the photo on the back was of his portrait an elderly grey haired man looking so vital and happy.
Favorite meal to eat?
Charlie’s would be a glass of albarino and a paella and mine - I love asparagus, with baked fish and roasted vegetables but also I could eat Japanese food quite happily everyday - miso aubergine being my favourite.
What is the best piece of advice you`ve ever received?
The best piece of advice is ‘you always have a choice’  this has been so helpful especially when I was modelling and told how lucky I was to be given certain opportunities that really did not sit well with me .
 I would know that my choice was something that was right at that time and not to take on the pressure and guilt that came with upsetting those around me.