Meet Shinichi Kojima, CEO of Faith



How and when Faith was born and what is the brand DNA?

Faith was born in 1987 in Osaka, Japan. Our mission is to produce the most effective skincare products in the world using pure, safe ingredients.
Faith is a Japanese-exclusive skincare brand for professional use as well as retail.

Can you give us more details about the scientific aspect of Faith?

One of their most outstanding unique ingredients is liposomes as our product base. Liposome is originally made for the medical industry.  These liposomes are made of very similar components of your skin and can repair your skin cells from the inside and out by just applying the products on your skin.
Another ground-breaking technology is the collagen delivery system.
We created the formula wrapped in Fresh Collagen/Gelatin Collagen around the liposome capsules to drag the collagen to penetrate your skin without injections. On top of that, we use the highest grade of Fresh Collagen in the market, which is the closest collagen you naturally have in your body.
Faith is the first cosmetic company in the industry to achieve this technology.  To improve your fundamental problems on the inside of your skin, resulting in bringing back your strong and healthy skin structure.

What are the holy grail products of your line and why?

My holy grail product is the Precare Essence C which is a 100% liposome Fresh Collagen formula. The tiny bottle has 18 trillion Fresh Collagen capsules, and you can see the dramatic changes by just one application not only the appearance but also the texture of the skin. Your skin will look rejuvenated, dewy, and plump. It works amazingly for wrinkles under the eyes, forehead, smile lines, and texture of your skin.


Tell us more about your unique penetration technology?

Our product base is nano millimeter-sized liposome capsules which are made of very similar components of our skin structure. Our liposome capsules are very penetrative by themselves but have patented vibration technology. They are made to vibrate on your skin, so they penetrate your skin even more and deeper to repair your skin structure from the inside and out.  

What is the Lamellar Beauty Method?

Lamellar, this term comes from a specific part of our skin called the “lamellar structure” which is also known as the stratum corneum structure. This structure is on the top layer of our skin. The lamellar structure works as a roof for your skin. If this structure is healthy and repaired, your skin is protected from outer stimulations and sun damage, as well as locking in the moisture inside your skin to keep the skin hydrated.
The purpose of this “Lamellar Beauty Method” is to repair your skin structure with our patented liposome Fresh Collagen capsules bringing back to have natural healthy skin.

Can you share the science behind your patented fresh Collagen and fresh Gelatin Collagen?

Collagens are the king of skincare ingredients. They are known to keep your skin youthful. However, collagen's molecular weight is too large to penetrate by itself. That is why in the medical industry, they usually inject collagen into your skin because that’s the only way to deliver collagen into your skin.
However, we created this patented formula combining fresh collagen and gelatin collagen around the outside of our extremely penetrative liposome capsules. By this process, we could successfully drag the collagen into the skin with liposome capsules.


What people don`t realize about Faith? What would surprise them?

From our inception, we have been committed to clean, safe skincare ingredients.
We don't use any harsh ingredients such as synthetic surfactants, preservatives, ethanol, mineral oil, fragrance, and colorants. On the top of that, we test every single ingredient with a test called “Kat Sod Assay Test” originally utilized for food industry to determine if the food is edible or not. We are the only cosmetic company to use this test to determine if all the ingredients are safe to the skin and 100% active oxygen free. Since all our products are made of very natural ingredients of our skin and extremely penetrative, we are dedicated to make clean skincare products.
What are the best-kept Japanese Skin secrets?

The cosmetic restrictions are very strict in Japan compared to other countries, and the technologies are very advanced as well. They can produce very safe products for sensitive skin yet absolutely result-driven.
Also, the Japanese diet is very clean. They are taking care of themselves from the outside by using the correct skincare products and eating clean to maintain healthy beauty from the inside.

What are the best-kept Japanese Longevity secrets?

Diet and walking culture. As I mentioned above, our diet is very clean. Most of the food is not processed food and our dishes always include a lot of vegetables, fish, and little meat.
Gym culture is not so big in Japan compared to Western culture, but we walk everywhere. Our adults' average steps per day is nearly 8000. This can be one of the reasons of our longevity secret as well.

Guide us through the professional Faith Home Facial experience.

We have our 5 basic everyday skincare routine.
Starting off with a double cleanse. These steps are very important to prep your skin to receive all the good ingredients to be delivered into your skin.
First, you are going to use the Cleansing Gel. This product is a gel-based make-up remover before the face wash. This product can lift up all the make-up/sunscreen to remove as well as your oil dirt. Rinse it off with warm water.
After removing the makeup, you would use Clay Gel Wash & Pack. This is the second step to remove unnecessary things from your skin such as dead skin cells, gunk in pores, excessive oil, etc. You can use this item as face mask to deep cleanse your skin once in a week or every three days.
Now, your skin is very clean and ready to receive all the good ingredients. The third step is our star product: Precare Essence C! This product can repair your skin cells to build a stronger barrier system and deliver Fresh Collagen and Vitamin C inside of your skin to get the plump and dewy finish. Since this product is repairing your skin structure, you immediately see the lifting effect as well. This product contains Fresh Collagen, so it has to be refrigerated after activation. Please refer to product description.

Step four is the Moist Lotion. This is a watery collagen-based toner. After using Precare Essence C, Fresh Collagen is in your skin, and the skin is ready to hold a lot of moisture. This is the perfect time to deliver extra hydration to your skin to make your skin rejuvenated. Using Moisture Lotion after Precare Essence C enhances the result.

Finally, step five is the Moist Gel followed by the Rich Gel. This is the finishing-up cream to create the seal on the top of your skin to lock in the ingredients/hydration to your skin.
Every step has different types of collagens and layering the products is the best way to get the best results. These products create the stronger barrier systems and extreme hydration from the inside and outside of the skin by repairing the skin structure and bringing it back to a natural healthy skin. The results are very visible, and you feel the difference in your skin texture.