Meet some New Gems from Cecilia Holistic Beauty

You know Muses, good things always take time to happen and manifest themselves into our lives. The official first birthday of Muse & Heroine has just passed, and just when we thought that this summer couldn’t bring us any more exciting things, here comes the magic of newness again!

If you know us, by now, you should know how deeply attached and connected we are not only to the amazing brands we introduce you and have the privilege to work with, but more so to the beautiful souls behind each one of them. They’re part of our community too, and every time they create a new product, it’s almost like it’s our child too. Today we are ever so excited to introduce you the latest entries (or children, if you wish!) in the finest botanical sanctuary of Cecilia Holistic Beauty.

Cecilia Perotti, founder of the eponymous brand Cecilia Holistic Beauty, is and has always been deeply charmed by the endless Mother Nature’s gifts and their healing potentials. Her continuous exploration led her to develop three new gems with innovative formulas and the signature blend of purifying and magical raw ingredients such as Ialin Quartz, Palo Santo, White Sage. Let’s have a closer look at the iconic glow-givers created by the botanical queen herself, shall we?


The creator of this magic potion, Cecilia, and our main muse Janine have already given you quite a few sneak-peeks for this first new entry (head over to our IG in case you missed their live chat!). However, today we’re here to explore more in depth this unique formula.

The Golden Glow Sérum is a lifting illuminating gold serum, containing a bouquet of precious rejuvenating botanical elixirs, including rose absolute, amber, ozone and turmeric.

Full of carotenoids, vitamins, antioxidants and omega to firm, nourish and donate your skin a velvety ageless glow. Prickly Pear enriched with Turmeric gold crystals provides plumping and brightening action. Beautifully absorbed, this serum infuses your skin with Rose Absolute feminine notes. Biotechnological Zinc nanoparticles protect your skin from UV rays, while the addition of Amber, known as a traditional healer, helps to exfoliate, brighten while gently soothing acne thanks to its antibacterial properties. A daily golden shield to sun, pollution and climate change.


An exfoliating milk featuring an enchanting blend of sacred White Sage and Palo Santo enriched with Ialin Quartz for a deep cleansing. Antioxidant Butterfly Blue Pea flowers give the formula a dreamy blue color. This nourishing and soft milky lait is the perfect daily treatment for all skin types. Plum seeds create a gentle exfoliating action stimulating cell renewal for a healthy radiant complexion. White sage helps with increasing elasticity and boosting the synthesis of collagen, while purifying and calming the skin. The addition of Palo Santo contributes to the skin’s healing process thanks to its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. A deep Cleansing Ceremony for your skin and soul.


This deeply cleansing and purifying mist features a unique infusion of White Sage and Palo Santo to gently cleanse and remove all types of makeup from face and eye area. A gift from Mother Earth to make your skin soft, hydrated and deeply purified. With soothing and toning properties, this potion marvelously prepares skin for all the further layering steps. A mystical, fresh and fragrant micellar water enriched with romantic Rose Absolute notes to cleanse skin and soul.

We hope you will enjoy these powerful new gems from the all-natural cutting-edge collection of Cecilia Holistic Beauty and get ready to glow with these magical tools!