Meet Sophie Carbonari, Paris and London based Celebrity Esthetician

How you started your successful career as an international celebrity facialist ? Have you been always passionate about this profession??   

As you mentioned it’s all start with passion, I do what I do since I was 16 years, when I started my study as an aesthetician in France. It was socialy categorized as scholarship failure, so even if my mom suggests going that way. But the day, I did my first treatment  that was actually a manicure at esthetician school, I knew that`s my profession and I will embrace it every single day. And it`s just not work, it`s really hard work and it takes a lot of sacrifices in your private life work your way up and to be discovered and spotted by celebrities.


How many facial treatments do you give per week? And how often do you get facials yourself and with who?

 It depends but usually I don`t do more than four clients per day as it takes a lot of energy. I like to dedicate a lot of time to each single client client because I remember from my past, when I was working in Spas, we had to function like machines without proper time to take individually care of clients. For my own Facials, I have to confesse that I’m really difficult because I have a complex skin that most of the time therapists do not really understand well. But my favourite therapist is in UK and her name is Su Man. She`s a real high-level expert.


What´s your personal PM Routine?

- I double cleanse with a face cleansing oil 

- I us a foam cleanse with balancing PH action or a Turmeric Ayurvedic soap.

- After I do apply a flower essence 

- Apply my very own serum (stay tuned, soon coming big news)

- And a botanical face oil 


Four Skincare Must-Haves from Muse & Heroine?

Fleur vibrant Serum/ In Fiore

Activist Manuka Honey Mask 850+ MGO 

Augustinus Bader Essence  


Green ceremony Cleanser Odacité


Your best-kept beauty insider tip? 

Do not consider your skin as a autonom organ but part of you organism and learn to understand the signs that your body is showing you: inflammation, low blood pressure and lymph circulation… touch, massage, own your skin.


Your favorite supplements?

Turmeric based supplements because of my unstable blood PH condition   


Favorite holistic Healing treatments?

Energetic healing from the practitioner called: Barbara Brennan.


What´s a typical day like for you?

 Waking-up around 7.30 am, hot water with lemon and ginger and two boiled eggs.

Shower and my skincare routine.

 Start to check my day with my assistant.

 Going to my residency for the treatments with my clients, and my lunch time is really important.  

After work I need a time being by myself. This is my me-moment that can take 15 minutes up to 2 hours but this is so essential for my wellbeing.

Shower, PM Skincare routine, preparing my infusion and going to sleep 


First thing you do in the Morning?

My hot water for my tea.


Any bedtime routine?

Spray my bed with the Venice Venice or Frederique Malle „Dans ton lit“ ambience perfume.


What are your thoughts on Aging?

It’s a real inside out process and many aspects of our lifestyle do impact us mentally and physically. In my podcast „Inner Skin“ I asked this question many different women and they all replied that they want to look like from the outside like they feel like from the inside. I like that and if that means doing no invasive medical intervention, but either drinking collagen, or waterier it takes – this is also my philosophy as long as I stay true to myself. 


How you deal with stress?

Art, Painting , Music, Dance… when I go to a play or put on music, my stress level is immediately lower. 


What´s your favorite Parisian food spot?

„Kunitoraya“ and  „bien le Yen“ 


Who´s your Muse and Heroine in your life? 

I`m inspired by too many women me, and also by a lot of my clients and friends. But to name a few big names: Helena Rubinstein Elizabeth Arden or Madame CJ Walker.


What´s next for you?

So many things, the most important is to launch one of my own products, because a dream comes true!