Meet Tina Craig: Founder of The Sirene Capsules Technology Brand U Beauty

You know by now how much we love to dive deep into the sphere of science-based and thoroughly researched next-generation beauty. Today we have yet another revolutionary discovery to introduce you. Muses and Heroines, please welcome…U Beauty: standout skincare to streamline your daily regimen with efficiency.

U Beauty was founded by Tina Craig, multi-hyphenate entrepreneur and pioneer of influencer marketing and luxury skincareU Beauty products are created with the brand’s own proprietary patent-pending technology: the Siren Capsule—and they have the power to permanently change your skin for the better. We have chatted with Tina to discover more about this next-generation technology and her ultimate beauty habits!

 How was U Beauty born?

U Beauty began with my desire to simplify and cut down on cosmetic confusion. Years of being a beauty influencer gave me the gift of access to a plethora of the best products. It also left me overwhelmed by a plethora of products in my daily routine, which consisted of 15 steps, day and night!   
The irony is that what I was doing was often leaving my skin irritated, so it wasn’t even working. I knew there had to be a smarter, better way, and I knew half the population felt the same: They wanted streamlined skincare that didn’t take up too much time and energy. It just didn’t exist yet.
I began asking the brands I’d been working intimately with, “How can I create a great science-based, results-oriented product that could replace at least half the products I’m using?” Everyone told me I couldn't until one evening, I ended up by chance at a dinner with a longtime friend, and now partner, who was feeling the same frustrations as I was. Katie Borghese had also been developing skincare lines for others for 20 years and then she told me she partners with a clinical-grade lab in Italy known for innovative technology. 
How long did it take you to create U Beauty?

There had already been a decade of research devoted to our SIREN Capsule Technology, which drives every U Beauty product and makes our formulas so effective, when I got involved to bring the science to life. We then started with a single hero, the Resurfacing Compound, and it took over a year and nine formulations to get it just right.When we started developing it, I’d hand out lab bottles to friends. People kept asking what I was using on my skin to make it look so good, so I would share it with them. They were editors, designers, influencers, supermodels and other celebrities — many well-versed in skincare, representing all ages, ethnicities and skin types. During the development phase, about 100 people tested the product.  They all gave constructive feedback, which we used to perfect it. We reformulated it until every person, myself included, was completely satisfied. 

What differentiates U Beauty from other beauty brands? 
It’s our one-of-a-kind technology: Our double-patent-pending SIREN Capsule Technology is the only innovation in the beauty industry that’s strictly activated in the presence of free radicals. Developed at our medical-grade lab in Italy, you won’t see this delivery system in any other skincare, and it’s the reason products that I’d only dreamed of before are now a reality.

Unlike most skincare that release actives all over the skin, SIRENS lures damage-causing free radicals to it like a magnet. By attracting only the compromised cells, healthy cells are preserved, while the Capsule releases age-reversing actives on free radicals (generated after exposure to pollution, secondhand smoke and sunshine), which materialize as vulnerable, damaged areas, instead of all over your skin’s surface. So your skin gets nothing but benefit. 

Sustainability comes first for us, alongside efficacy, and we have a zero-waste goal. We’ve been awarded The Butterfly Mark by Positive Luxury for our environmental efforts, and I believe the more we can empower consumers to make choices that are better for the planet (and their skin and schedules), the better.



What makes the products so special?

 In addition to our proprietary science-driven technology, we’ll only ever launch multitasking products that give the skin what it needs and produce superior results. Our motivation always starts with seeing an issue and seeking to resolve it simply so you can ultimately use less and buy less. By that token, we’ll always avoid products that are superfluous or mimic the effects of an already-existing formula in our line.

What is your personal skincare routine/your own beauty protocol?

Every morning, I cleanse with just cold water (I never use hot water on my face!), no cleanser. Then come my two Compounds: One or two pumps of the Resurfacing Compound, gently massaged into the skin, is all I need, and I apply The SCULPT Arm Compound all over my arms, along with my neck, décolletage, even hands. 

I wait 30 seconds and apply The SUPER Hydrator, which seals in the Compound and hydrates. I love a good eye cream and when I opt to use one, Clé de Peau Beauté Enhancing Eye Contour Cream Supreme is among the best.

I put SPF on every day, even if I’m not going outside. Enter our newest product, coming out September 1, which I couldn’t be more excited about: Multimodal Defender Broad Spectrum SPF 30 is a first-of-its-kind formula that essentially belongs in its own new category.

I’ve been obsessed with the idea of heat-activated pigmentation since my thirties, when I noticed that no matter how much sunscreen I used or even if I sat in the shade wearing a hat and face shield, I’d still get unsightly pigmentation. After doing research I learned that heat, whether outside or inside increases vasodilation, which is the dilation or widening of blood vessels. This causes increased redness to appear on the skin, particularly in areas of melasma. Heat can also lead to inflammation and stimulate melanocyte pigment production. I asked our brilliant lab chemists to solve this problem for me.

Not only did they address that issue—creating a formula that simultaneously prevents and corrects discoloration, while delivering protection against UVA, UVB, IR (infrared) and HEV (blue light) exposure—we made a product that offers a multilevel protean arsenal for the skin. It provides defensive anti-inflammation and combats past and future photo-damage, while brightening, cooling, and protecting the skin.

In the evening, my typical routine is the same, minus sunscreen and plus a non-exfoliating cleanser: Shu Uemura Ultime8 Sublime Beauty Cleansing Oil to remove every trace of makeup thoroughly or iS Clinical Cleansing Complex gel, which has subtle exfoliators to remove dead cells, if I hadn’t been wearing makeup.

I also never go to bed without wearing a SiO Beauty ChestLift patch! It’s like a genius compression belt that ensures I wake up with a smooth décolleté. 


What are your healthy habits?

 I start each day with a tablespoon of Fortuna EVOO and warm water, followed by Pique fermented green tea (it’s the only kind that never makes me jittery because it’s so pure) blending with two scoops of Shore Magic Marine Collagen. As for the rest of the day, I listen to my body and generally try to eat well and avoid too much sugar and sodium.

I meditate every morning and evening, and it’s changed my life. In the morning, I start with 10 minutes of meditation using the Calm app and use a sleep meditation app before bed.
I like to work out first thing in the morning to get it out of the way. I usually schedule a FlexIt on-demand virtual trainer at 6:30 or 7am, jump on the treadmill, or wake up with a mix of push-ups and planks. My favorite fitness routine is a series of Pilates mat exercises done at home, along with a quick sweat session on the treadmill, set to the highest incline, holding hand weights. My goal is really simple: to feel good and healthy.
What is your favorite way to pamper yourself?
While I’ve always believed there’s no better simple luxury than getting an uninterrupted eight hours of sleep in my own bed, I love a bath with a good book and glass of champagne (with some sort of mask on, of course!). A day at the spa can chase away any blues, and every once in awhile, I like to zone out in my at-home massage chair while blasting ‘80s tunes.
Any bedside beauty essentials?
I love my rollers and gadgets. Joanna Czech's Facial Massager mimics an esthetician’s massage to maximize product absorption, stimulate circulation and help with lymphatic drainage, which also helps the skin absorb product.

The TriPollar Stop X is another one of my favorites; it’s an at-home radio frequency tool that tightens skin on a deep level and claims to remodel collagen from within. I can confirm it produces professional-grade results. They’ve just released an update: the Stop Vx, and with third-generation radio frequency technology with ELV it’s even more powerful. 

What are your favorite destinations and what is your favorite hotel?

My new favorite, as of this summer, is Ischia, an idyllic volcanic island in the gulf of Naples. Il Mezzatorre is a breathtaking hotel on the northwest tip; featuring a 16th-century watchtower, it captures the unique spirit of the island.

Shanghai is so special to me. The St. Regis Shanghai has the best soup dumplings that taste like my Shanghainese grandmother’s.

In Paris, I love the Crillon hotel: It’s discreetly decadent and mere steps from the Hermès boutique.

Finally, the St. Regis Rome is my home away from home! Recently restored to its original 1894-era glory, it is a hotel like no other in the city.

Who are your beauty muses? Tell us some facialists/doctors/instagram blogs/herbalists or homeopaths to follow!
My grandmother has always been my beauty idol. She taught me that beauty is about self-love. If you take care of yourself, you feel more confident, and healthy, glowy skin is a great confidence-booster.  

Joanna Czech is brilliant when it comes to facials; her Instagram handle is @joannaczechofficial. 

Dr. Laurel Liu is my favorite acupuncturist and herbalist; she’s also a Guasha expert. You can follow her on TikTok @laurel_acupuncture and Instagram @treatmentbylaurel. 
What are the craziest things you've done in the name of beauty?
Other than start my own skincare company so I could create my dream products?!

What is your personal mantra?
I have a few: PUSH AND PERSEVERE. I don’t believe in “never give up” if it’s not working, you should pivot. 

Stop being so hard on yourself! You can’t control what others think about you (chances are they’re NOT), but you can control your own thoughts. I believe in practicing constructive thinking. 

Stop trying to impress others, start by impressing yourself. And always know, and remember, your worth.
What can we expect for the future of U Beauty?
You can expect innovation, advancement, and the unexpected! When it comes to our product suite, we’ll always prioritize quality over quantity, and with every launch, our products come from my own desire for something that doesn’t exist yet. With that, we’ll continue to focus on groundbreaking technology and an increasing spotlight on smart science, as well as a 360-degree approach to sustainability.