The Beauty Expert’s Holiday Gift Guide: Michela Motta

Michela Motta is the beauty director at Elle Italia and one of the most influential women in the Italian beauty industry. Here she shares her Muse & Heroine Christmas Gift Picks.

Michela Motta started working as an editor when she was 20. Passionate about TV and Pop Culture, she has a soft spot for clean, holistic beauty. Here she shares her very personal Muse & Heroine Holiday Gift Guide.
A Tongue Cleaner Changed My Life


I want it to change my life as well!
A tongue cleaner, also known as a tongue scraper, is an ancient detox tool, used in Ayurveda for thousands of years. Bacteria on your tongue multiply while you sleep, feeding on food particles and dead cells. Use a Tongue Cleaner to scrape bacteria off your tongue, first thing in the morning, it is up to x5 more effective than using a toothbrush.
Kypris Moonlight Catalyst

I usually clear my healing crystals with the energy of the full moon. I like the idea that this product could do the same to my skin.
Moonlight Catalyst is a more gentle, herbal alternative to retinoid preparations for nighttime exfoliation. As you slumber, a cocktail of peptides & botanical actives refines skin. Made to renew the appearance of dull, tired, or blemish-prone complexions.
Activist Raw Manuka Honey 1000+ MGO

Can’t wait to try the magic effects on my body of this Mother Nature elixir. 
The 1000+ MGO is thick and rich, it is made up of thousands of tiny molecules of crystallisation which gives this honey its raw texture. Each molecule of the Mānuka compound is full of enzymes, antibacterial properties and benefits.
Henua Recharging Moisturizer

I'm going to make a bold statement: his is the best face moisturizer ever. The Henua Recharging Moisturizer is clean, effective, not greasy and with a 100% powerful formula. A plus? It doesn’t contain water but birch sap extract.
Sentara Holistic Rose Quartz Face Roller

In my opinion, having a rose quartz face roller is essential for the daily routine: it improves blood circulation and helps with draining the lymphatic system. I chose the rose quartz because it’s the crystal of self-love and self-care.
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Credits Text and Ph: Michela Motta and Elle France.