Stilblut's Musings: The Migraine Headache

It happens to everyone: let's talk about headache. What is migraine, what triggers it and what are the best holistic remedies to fight this condition and finally find relief. Here is part one of my edit.

P.s. As it's such a big and complex topic I will split this Friday's Musings into two parts because otherwise it could feel overwhelming. Enjoy part one!
Quick and easy: what is migraine?
It is a neurological condition that can cause multiple symptoms. Typical symptoms are intense, debilitating headaches. More side effects, which can, but don't have to come with a migraine: nausea, vomiting, difficulty speaking, numbness or tingling, and sensitivity to light and sound. It can affect all ages; most of the affected people are women.
Not a normal headache
When I had my first migraine at the beginning of my thirties, I soon realized that this is not a normal headache. Beside the added symptoms like being extremely sensitive to light, normal painkillers did not help anymore.
After some time, the attacks got more frequent and more intense and I felt devastated. Having this in combination with my bad sleep, which is a common trigger on top - gruesome.
Some things that helped me a bit to avoid migraine
Taking magnesium - daily. My favorite form is glycine, which is very well tolerated, also by my digestion. Drinking water, minimum 2-3 liters per day. Fresh air, conscious breathing. A footbath with minerals like magnesium. Yoga and stretching, I love my block for an intense stretching, also when I am at work – the eye on it is a friendly reminder to take care of myself.
Avoiding red wine, I love red wine but unfortunately, it's a strong trigger for me. There are several studies about histamine and sulfites in wine and food, but somehow it is different, if and what kind of nutrition causes the migraine, so it cannot be generalized.
More migraine triggers
Other triggers, which are harder to control: stress, weather changes, fear, anxiety, menstruation.
Another thing I have learned: taking the medical substance, which works best for my migraine (Triptan) early enough, otherwise it does not work anymore.
This year, during summer, I had the worst episode so far, I was lying in my dark room for several days with cooling pads on my head.
Searching for relief
I already looked for remedies before, but after this, I intensified my search, because having this by my side and in my head for the rest of my life, seems intolerable.
After reading a lot and talking to many others who are affected, I tried out different things and treatments - like acupuncture.
I think I am on a good way and I hope it will maybe help some of you when I share my experience in the next article about migraine.
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