Dive Deeply into Monastery’s Clean Beauty Universe

It was in the Greek Cyclades that Athena Hewett first experienced the power of aromatherapy and natural skincare. Her grandmother pressed oil from their own grove and mixed sage, chamomile, and rosemary into tonics to purify and heal her skin.

After a decade studying and practicing skincare and esthetics, Athena realized that technology had not improved on her grandmother’s holistic recipes for purifying and healing skin.
In 2011, Athena opened a skincare studio in San Francisco to treat her patients with different methods of oil cleansing, water free moisturizing and alcohol and salt free skincare. Alongside her practice, Athena introduced a collection of natural skincare — a blend of the best nature has to offer, with essential oils carefully chosen for their non-irritating properties. Each ingredient is of the purest form and highest quality. A tightly curated product range, made in small batches at Monastery's studio in San Francisco.
Dearest Athena, in your opinion, why is skincare so empowering for so many?
I believe that a skincare routine is a ritual. For me it represents how I am doing and how I want to care for myself.  If I’m taking care of my skin, I am also taking care of myself.  I eat the cleanest and highest quality food that I can find because it makes me healthier and makes me feel happier and I feel the same way about what I put on my skin. 
What is the holy grail product of your line?  
It’s probably the Rose Cleansing Oil. This cleanser contains precious Edwardian rose oil, it’s so luxurious and truly a game changer for the skin. On its own it’s able to cure the toughest kinds of acne, because of its healing abilities. 
What would be the perfect Monastery daily beauty regime?  
For me, a Minimal yet effective nighttime skincare routine would be Rose Cleansing Oil followed by our Attar Repair Balm. During the day I would apply Gold Oil Serum and Aloe Hyaluronic, followed by the Attar Repair Concentrate, once again. 
Monastery – Introducing the Botanical Skincare Range made with the World’s Finest Plant Oils and Absolutes.

Step One: Cleanse

First step of your AM routine, this intoxicating and invigorating cleansing oil removes the grit and grime of the day while allowing you a spa worthy-moment at home. A luxurious oil blend that includes sage, hinoki cypress, and Greek coriander balances overactive sebum production, without stripping the skin of its natural protective oils. The antibacterial properties of the ingredients provide gentle healing to the skin while still keeping the pH intact.
A makeup-melting cleansing oil brimming with rose essence, this product nourishes the skin, keeps its acid mantle intact, and leave pH levels balanced. Rose and hazelnut oils are both antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, and help repair skin conditions including acne, dermatitis, aging and rough or bumpy skin.
Step Two: Hydrate
This gel serum feels ultra-light but gives skin a serious boost in hydration thanks to two molecular weights of hyaluronic acid (famed for holding 1000x its weight in water). Even better, the hyaluronic acid is suspended in a base of soothing, moisturizing aloe. Lavender soothes skin and instantly relaxes the senses for an aromatherapeutic experience.
This lightweight, creamy serum is fortified with low and medium weight hyaluronic acids, plus nutrient-dense fruit and floral oils to hydrate and nourish skin. This unique product is a melding of textures—more lightweight than your average cream, but creamier than your average serum. It’s a true multitasker—it hydrates, prevents visible signs of aging, soothes, firms, and brightens thanks to skin nourishing acids like ximenynic acid, ellagic acid, hyaluronic acid, and phytosterols.
This innovative blend of oils calms even the most irritated complexions with its unique blend of vitamin and nutrient rich oils. Like a multivitamin for your skin, Gold works to repair broken-down skin tissue and calm any type of damage, whether it’s sun exposure, irritation, dryness, redness, or puffy skin. The delicate scent of India’s most precious flowers soothes and delights the senses upon application.
This essential-oil free nourishing balm is full of precious ingredients that protect skin and boost its glow. Hazelnut, rosehip seed, rare rose extracts, jasmine sambac and Indian tuberose fortify skin with essential fatty acids and vitamins A, B, C, and E, which stimulate regeneration, repair UV damage, and soften fine lines.
Step Three: Special Treatments 
Italian squalene – a precious active derived from Olives - is the base of this lightweight body oil, an ingredient we love because it’s extremely fast to absorb, but still hydrates and nourishes the skin. Ginger, grapefruit, and peppercorn combine to create an energizing, stimulating aroma.
Don’t hate, exfoliate! This often sold-out, Muse & Heroine cult favourite glycolic acid is a hero for its ability to gently resurface skin, leaving it smooth, clear, and bright. In XX, 10% glycolic acid is in a soothing rose water base so skin stays hydrated and soothed while you exfoliate.
Still not sure of which products to choose to reveal your best skin ever? Check out these three Monastery Made, handcrafted routines.


Clarifying for oily, blemish prone skin: SAGE + XX + ALOE


Intensely moisturising for dry and dehydrated skin: ROSE + FLORA + ATTAR


Extremely brightening for dull, uneven complexion: ROSE + XX + GOLD


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