Introducing Four New Magical Muse & Heroine Custom Health Cures

Hello our dear Muses & Heroines. Today, we’re sharing something very special with all of you. As you know, Vegetal-Progress is an Italian family-led business founded in 1974 by the biochemist Dr. Giorgio Perotti. Today, many moons later, the Perotti Family keep on working with the same passion.

We have asked Massimo Perotti, son of Giorgio and current director of the Company, and his daughter Cecilia Perotti - you might know her for her awesome Clean Skincare Line Cecilia Holistic Beauty - to tell us something more about their family history.
“Hello dearest Massimo and Cecilia, it’s a real pleasure to have you and to share this moment with you. Let’s start. Your family history has deep roots. Could you both share how and when was your passion for botanicals and nature born?

C: Walking with my grandfather in the mountains, picking flowers and herbs listening to enchanted fairy tales about their healing virtues.

M: As a child, walking with my father in the countryside or in the island of Capraia.

Do you remember the specific moment when and reason why you decided take part in your family-owned business, VEGETAL-PROGRESS?
C: To be very honest, it’s like I’ve always known that day would come. I started taking part in expositions and traveling all over the world with my dad since I was 10.
M: When I felt that my father needed support, since he worked in Africa for half of the year. 
What is your favourite thing about working in your family-business?

C: To have the chance to truly develop new innovative plant-based remedies and fully free my creativity.

M: We are independent and, more or less, we can decide how to invest our future. It seems like our job is done to eradicate seemingly incurable sadness in people”.

Tune in this Friday to read the rest of this inspiring interview on Live Like a Heroine.

And now, the news everyone was waiting for.
After trying, enjoying and recommending to you all of our favorite Vegetal-Progress remedies and potions, we have worked side by side with the Perotti Family to create Four new Muse & Heroine health and wellness one-month cures– keep on reading and find out all about them.

Discover The Eternal Youth Cure. Our best selection of Vegetal Progress Apothecary to enhance your inner and outer beauty. This box is a potent combination of botanicals known for their anti-aging, skin brightening and antioxidant effects, boosting hair and nail growth and strength. Contains adaptogens and ancient longevity remedies, mine of phytonutrients, vitamins, plant-based omega, skin purifiers and minerals. Great for everyone who wants to take care of their beauty feeding it from the inside.
Amocamu® The Mother Nature C
Beta-Figue® The Prickly Pear Concentrate
Co-Zincum® The Zinc Mine
Desmodina® The Purifier
Dodote® The Panacea Infusion
Lesan-El-Tour® The Eternal Youth Pearls
Linfabet® The Birch Concentrate
Perlissima® The Pearl Powder
Primo Aiuto® The Hair Best Friend
Ribolio® The Omega Pearls

Discover The Guardian Cure. Our finest selection of Vegetal Progress Apothecary botanicals boosting immunity. Based on ancient Amazonian and Eastern remedies known as long life elixirs with adaptogenic and healing virtues. To protect health, enhance self-immunity, add some high vibrational energy to your everyday life. The synergy of two potent mushrooms such as Chaga and Reishi to support your natural defenses, improve vitality and reduce inflammation. Great for everyone who wants to increase intake of Vitamin C, antivirals, phytonutrients, micronutrients, minerals and antioxidants.
What’s inside
Amocamu® The Mother Nature C
Astragen® The Immune Booster
Dodote®  The Panacea Infusion
Ivartritica® The Turmeric Mine
Kerbos® The Immunity Elixir
Linfabet® Chaga The Chaga Elixir
Sambio® The Antioxidant
Sangan® The Reishi Elixir

Enjoy The Inner Peace Cure. Our dearest selection of Vegetal Progress Apothecary to enlighten your days. A life changing adaptogen, mind boosting therapy to rediscover your peaceful inner child.
The perfect alchemic combo of mood enhancing botanicals, minerals, mushrooms, berries and seeds to awaken your body, heart and soul. Created with endless gratitude to our Mama Nature, who nourishes us with euphoria, lucidity, concentration, positive vibes and love. Born for everyone who wants to pursue happiness, balance, mindfulness only with the purest and natural traditional but yet innovative remedies.
What’s inside
Co-Boron® The Boron Mine
Co-Magnesium® The Magnesium Mine
Eleutrin® The Adaptogen
Gin-Ke-Tze® The Mind Booster
Kafethino® The Mother Nature Coffee
Lesan-El-Tour® The eternal Youth Pearls
Saffran® The Golden Elixir
Sangan® The Reishi Elixir
Soldatt Rhodiola® The Happiness Elixir
Tantakalma® The Inner Peace Elixir

Say welcome to The Burning Fire Cure. Our potent selection of Vegetal Progress Apothecary to support your journey through self-rediscovery, to achieve the best version of yourselves. This deep cleansing combo is composed of traditionally detoxifying, purifying and antioxidant botanicals to relieve puffiness, bloating and water retention. These ancient remedies and herbs synergically act to boost metabolism, liver detoxing, remove stagnation and relinquish fat. Since oldest times whether for spiritual or healthy purpose cleansing regimes have been protagonist of human being evolution. Purifying the body from toxins may help to reduce cravings, mental patterning, stress and bad habits, enhancing an harmonious connection and balance between mind, body and soul. A burning fire born helped by the gifts of Mama Earth to make you feel stronger, healthier and lighter. Embrace this new version of yourself, shining and spreading high vibrational energies all around you.
Agathe® The Prickly Pear Elixir
Desmodina® The Purifier
Dodote® The Panacea Infusion
Eleutrin® The Adaptogen
Kafethino® The Mother Nature Coffee
Linfabet® The Birch Concentrate
Nutri-C® Liquid The Detoxifier
Prulas® The Plum Concentrate
The boxes: some inside information
  • All the boxes are made with organic and wildcrafted herbs, produced and packaged with endless love and care in Vegetal-Progress’ warehouse in the Stura Natural Park.
  • Each cure comes with an exclusive, personalized canvas pouch.
  • No genetically engineered raw materials, chemicals or synthetics were used in the process.
  • All our boxes are packed with eco-friendly materials, truly respecting and enhancing your health and that of our Mother Nature.

Some Key Ingredients
Vegetal - Progress is powered by Nature. These four one-month treatment cures are exclusive to museandheroine.comand contain some of the most powerful, healing, botanical actives. Here are some of our favorite Ingredients you will find inside.
Camu Camu
Holi Benefits: Antioxidant, antiaging, Vitamin C deficiency, flu prevention, immune booster, skin brightener.
Prickly Pear
Holi Benefits: Antioxidant, antiinflammatory, liver protector, alcohol detoxifying, probiotic effect, intestinal well-being, memory enhancer, weakness enhancer.
Holi Benefits: Hair loss, immune booster, hair growth, nail strength, skin metabolism booster, skin impurities healer.
Holi Benefits: Potent antioxidant, antiinflammatory, purifying, flu, fatigue, weight loss, metabolism booster.
Holi Benefits: Antiaging, antioxidant, Omega 6, irregular period, breast cysts,
menopause, arteriosclerosis, wrinkle prevention, dry skin, pregnancy, rosacea.
Holi Benefits: Overweight, cellulitis, water retention, detoxifying, draining, skin radiance, hair loss, skin impurities, nail strength.
African palm
Holi Benefits: Antioxidant, cold and flu, carotenoids, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, sun protector, surfactant deficit, sight enhancer and protector, tanning enhancer.
Pearl Powder
Holi Benefits: Antioxidant, skin glow, Calcium deficiency, bones health, free radicals excess, sight enhancer, skin metabolism enhancer, remineralization, sport.
Holi Benefits: Holistic health, Omega 3 and 6, antiinflammatory, cholesterol, dry skin, menopause, eczema, psoriasis, allergies.
We hope you’re taking this time as an opportunity to look after yourself, with the help of these 100% natural healing tools. We can’t wait to hear your feedback!