Introducing Natasha Slater: PR Guru, Female Empowerment Activist and founder of The Dinner Conversations

Interview with Natasha Slater: PR extraordinaire with a passion for female empowerment, and founder of Natasha Slater Studio and The Dinner Conversations

We are pretty sure she doesn't need any presentation, but in case you've been living under a rock, please let us introduce you to Natasha Slater - the closest living creature to Wonder Woman we could possibly find. Here's her LIVE LIKE A HEROINE Interview.
What was your best job and what was your worst job?
My best job was working for Dolce&Gabbana as their Social PR and Events consultant! I had an incredible experience in the 4 ½ years working closely with the designers and their team, traveling about the world, throwing some oft he most fun parties I have been too! I also loved creating my party Punks Wear Prada, which has gone down in history and earned me the nickname party guru! I made that party for 7 years every Friday night, I have so many insane stories one day I will write a book about it. The worst job I ever had, was in a restaurant in Islington London working as a waitress, the owner of the restaurant was so precise it felt more like a military camp and it was a very uptight environment and not very fun!
What inspired you to launch Dinner Conversations?
To connect all the incredibly inspiring women I have met throughout my life, I wanted to be able to dedicate a moment to women, a place where women could become inspired by the stories of other women. I also wanted to create and a community for female mentorship and inspiration. I also felt at the age of 45 I had something to say about gender inequality and I wanted to work towards educating women and men on how today we are still over 200 years away from living in a gender-equal world, and that to become gender equal, it begins with us women, being more aware, being more supportive to each other, speaking up for change, so really it was the kind of dinner conversation I want to have to have today. 
Your best, hidden talent? 
Trendsetting, maybe it’s not so hidden, but it’s the one I promote the least, but I have a natural intuition for predicting or trends and making things cool. 
What does women empowerment mean to you?
For me ultimately women’s empowerment is about women and men being given equal rights. We still do not live in a world where women have equal rights to men. 
For myself, I can feel empowered by living life on my terms, as a woman, as a mother, and having a successful career and a relationship, being independent financially or being able to be free to have a voice and wake up every day and do a job I love. 
You just launched revolutionary and healthy chocolate infused with Pearl Powder called „Wonder Pearl“. Can you tell us more about this new product?
Having built Dinner Conversations and the community I realized that I wanted to take a step further on how I could help empower women, so I began to think about making a wellness product that could support women’s daily lifestyles. I had become friends with Sandra Nassima the founder of Depuravita and I loved her probiotic chocolates, so we began brainstorming, what if we could create chocolate that tasted amazing but had a soul-nourishing benefit for women, that boasted antioxidant, anti-age, anti-stress properties - today feeling beautiful is not just skin deep, it’s rooted deep inside our minds as well as our bodies. Women's lives are more demanding than ever, we find ourselves striving to be perfect in the way we look, age, in our careers, as parents in our relationships and sometimes we are just flat out exhausted. So we created this delicious ruby chocolate which is naturally pink and mixed 500mg of Pearl Powder in each chocolate - pearl powder is a life-enhancing super nutrient that emerged in 350 AD, it was the best-kept secret of the ancient world, mixed into the beauty elixirs and love potions of Chinese empresses and has been hailed a potent Shen Tonic as well as promoting female vitality and inner calm, as well as being rich in amino acids, calcium and magnesium it boasts antioxidant, anti-age, anti-stress properties, as well as t boasted antioxidant, anti-age, anti-stress properties, I called it Wonder Pearl, because every woman is a Wonder Woman, and every Wonder Woman deserves chocolate. 
What is your self-care approach?
Regular exercise, eating healthy, I have not eaten meat in 30 years, and I have never missed it, my diet is mainly vegan with fish a few times a week. Self-care is also working on having a healthy mind, I meditate, do daily work with a life coach, and love working on a better version of me. I have also learned to be kind to myself if I am tired, I rest, I slow down, I used to try and push myself into exhaustion when I was younger, today I listen to my body and my mind, when it’s out of line I take a step back, rest, medicate or ease off, them once I feel better, I can jump back into whatever I was doing before. 
What makes you feel your best?
Feeling confident, for me I when I feel confident, I am at my best. So in order to feel that way I need to do all the things that make me feel and look good, daily exercise, eating healthy, no sugar, no meat, no alcohol, might seem very rigid, but I have taken out of my diet anything that could disturb my mental wellbeing. I live true to myself and I show up for me every day, occasionally I take a day off but generally I love doing anything that makes me feel incredibly good. 
Your philosophy on aging? 
To keep a young mind, to be open-minded and to feel energetic, I am not trying to stop my raging but support it, I am definitely someone who takes care of myself, I use good quality and clean skincare brands and wear little makeup always good quality. 
What is your favorite way to pamper yourself? 
Facials or massage, I don’t do them as often as I would like to, but I always make sure to have a great manicure and pedicure and a great blow-dry. 
What is your daily beauty regimen? What is your weekly beauty regimen?
Daily, cleanser, face exercise, and moisturizer always day and night, I do the same daily routine every day and every week! When I can I do a hydrating mask and see my facialist.
Tell us one of your personal best-kept beauty secrets?
Eating a diet that is rich in omega 3-6-9 keep the skin always glowing, but I use oil on my skin at night, I love le Prunier oil and then massage my face using Jillian Dempsey Gold Bar. 
Who is the person that has influenced you most? And why?
My grandmothers have both influenced me a lot, one especially for her strength and kindness and the other for her timeless elegance and great skin until her late 70’s. 
There are many people who influence me daily, but definitely Jane Fonda influences me because I love her ageless beauty, she truly defines time, from keeping herself in shape to looking amazing and being a strong voice for women and girls
What do you do to stay healthy?
I take supplements every day, both for skin, but also for my mind and heart. I also drink green juice every day, as well as eat a diet high in protein and veg. 
Three desert island beauty products?
Facial oil! That is firming but also calms the skin 
Sun Screen definitely 50 + 
An all-round product like Sunday Riley CEO 
Favorite App on your phone?
I love to use Alo Yoga - I love the pilates classes and daily meditations.
Who do you see for treatments?
I go to Davide Diodovich The Studio for facials and for full body massage I have an amazing masseuse who comes to my house. I also do Icon body sculpting in a place near my house called Marilena she is an old school beautician, and I do facial cryotherapy with them too, which literally transforms my skin from feeling lifeless to super glowing. I also have laser hair removal, highly recommend it! 
A life-changing book you`ve read?
Spirit HackIng by Shaman Durek, he is my go-to Shaman, I love his teachings and his view on life. 
Last thing before bed?
I use Depuravita Sleep Smart drops and wear an eye mask to sleep every night, the darker the room, the better quality my sleep. 
Any bedside beauty essentials?
Depuravita Sleep Smart, and good hand cream, and foot cream, as well as some lavender oil for my pillow. 
What is your personal mantra?
Make It Happen!!! 
Please share with us your most healing self-love rituals?
Hypnotherapy - I do this once a week with an amazing friend of mine, in this period I log on and follow Shaman Durek webinars, and I do inner child healing meditations.
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