Big News: The Supernatural November Edit pt.1

This month there’s so much amazing newness on Muse and Heroine that it can be hard to keep up. That’s why today we are sharing with you part one of The Supernatural November Edit: a curated overview on this season’s most exciting new launches.

From a super hype cleansing duo that’ll help you boost your skincare routine in no time, to a magic new brand dedicated to feminine energy – including some new functional fragrances that’ll take you by storm and change the way you experience the different stages of your spiritual energy and the different times of your day. We’ve got you covered. Curious? Relax, sit back, and enjoy your new wellbeing ride.
Agent Nateur: Cleansing Duo Holi(cleanse) + Acid(wash)

Agent Nateur founder Jena Covello created this high-performance beauty range between the South of France and sunny California. This ground breaking cleansing duo is no exception.

Firstly, purify, nurture, and protect your complexion with Holi(cleanse). This gentle formula contains a nutrient-dense base of luxury oils that emulsify dirt, oil, and makeup while calming plant extracts alleviate sensitivity, ease redness, and reveal your complexion’s natural luminance. To protect tender skin, each bottle of holi(cleanse) comes paired with soft muslin cloth for effortless, scrub-free removal.

Then, reveal a radiant glow with Acid(wash), a gentle exfoliant formulated to revive all skin types without irritation. This daily cleanser is infused with premium organic ingredients that brighten dull skin, refine texture, and reduce the appearance of imperfections. Our unique formula contains a lavender flower water base to soothe inflammation and leave skin silky, supple, and youthful.

Agent Nateur: Holi (sex)

Delivered with a dose of holistic education and recommendations to take away and implement into your own life, Agent Nateur is a deep dive into beauty, health and wellbeing. 

Revere your most intimate areas with holi (sex), an intimate oil formulated to hydrate, warm, and lift libido. Ambrosial fruit and floral oils support sensuality by elevating blood-oxygen saturation and radiating an aphrodisiacal aroma. With all-natural ingredients and fragrances, holi (sex) is safe for use on any part of the body, even the most precious, sensitive skin. 

Use on one’s own, with a partner, or after bathing to treat dryness anywhere on the body. One warning: it’s highly addictive.

Shiva Rose 

A few years ago, Shiva Rose began her blog The Local Rose to get closer to the earth and all its beauty. This desire led her on a journey that included solitary walks in forests, swimming in clean seas, and meditation through her Kundalini yoga practice. What came to her one day, after a moment of stillness, was a message. The message was to bring beauty and luminosity to women in a way that was nourishing and nurturing. So many products women consume, even some that claim to be all natural, contain harmful and toxic ingredients. Our skin is the largest organ, and therefore what we put on our bodies and face literally gets absorbed directly through contact.

Shiva's skin care line is 100% toxic free, and without any chemicals. Sole cult favourites? The Pearl Rose Face Cream, the Rose Face Oil and of course, the coveted Love Oil… that’s so good that’s already sold out (in the meantime, join the waiting list!).

Odacité Crème de la Nuit

Crème de la Nuit is the last step of your evening skincare routine, and the first step to waking up with refreshed, deeply hydrated skin that looks visibly younger. Both clinical and botanical actives play an essential role in maximizing the skin’s nocturnal renewal process, while flooding the skin with moisture to compensate for trans epidermal water loss. Moreover, over time, perpetual tension and stress can form into fine lines and deep wrinkles. An acupressure beauty tool is included to promote facial muscle relaxation. We have tested it in advance, and it went straight into our cult favorites.

KNC Big Mask and Lip Scrub

Kristen Noel Crawley founded KNC Beauty after a lifechanging trip to Tokyo, where she discovered the magical world of lip masks. Realizing that most versions on the market contained a lot of obscure ingredients and harsh chemicals, she decided to create her own range of adorable, and very Instagram-friendly all-natural and collagen-infused lip and eye - and now face! - masks.  

From the instantly recognizable packaging to the hard-working formulas, these natural masks are a must-add to anyone’s self-care ritual. The Supa Scrub Set protects precious lips from damage and is full of antioxidants and nutrients. Provides deep moisturization and prevents drying of lips. Has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and is loaded with essential fatty acids and omega-6. 

And now, finally some KNC beauty for the face! Big, BIG things are here for you. Get ready to drip in hydration, glow like the sun and chill out your woes with the new KNC Big Set Face Masks. Introducing Big Drip, Big Glo, and Big Chill - three bio-cellulose face masks designed to hydrate, brighten and soothe. Inspired by YOU. Now shine on, Queen.

Esker Beauty

Esker was launched in 2018 by Shannon Davenport. She wanted to create a brand with integrity and honesty as its cornerstones, and to make clean, safe products that nourish the body and elevate the way we care for it. Esker was born right around the same time as Shannon’s little one (that’s why it’s amazing during or post pregnancy!): she introduced the line with three custom-crafted body oil formulas using a versatile range of botanicals to create a restorative, clarifying, and firming oil. By leveraging high quality, natural formulations that are beneficial to the skin, Esker aims to transform simple body care routines into meditative rituals that heal, restore, and hydrate skin. The Soothing belly oil and the Body plane are two cult favourites.


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