Healthy in... Paris! By Chloé Loisillier

Here are some of Chloé Loisillier's favourite addresses in Paris: some for a drink, some for a delicious meal, some for a good sweat and some of course for some amazing beauty treatments.

 Get ready to discover some insider secret to experience life in the Ville Lumière like never before. This is Chloé's Healthy in...Paris!
For breakfast/lunch
Wild & the moon: This is THE place for smoothies, bulletproof coffees and lunch on the go. Also, they have the only really good Açai bowl in Paris in my opinion.
Judy: my only address on the left bank (I'm really a right bank person), but it is close to le Bon Marché so you know ... shopping makes you hungry.
Kitchen: my boyfriend's and I "cantine", this is the best place to have an avocado toast or some gluten free + vegan pancakes and the staff is super friendly (they are not French so this helps!)
Hoxton Hotel: this is the place you want to go to if you have a working breakfast/lunch. The menu has healthy options and the setting is really nice in a very central area.
For a drink with friends

Hotel Providence/Hotel Amour: two very nice hotels with a good wine list and beautiful setting

For dinner

Les maquereaux: on the border of the Seine, perfect for eating seafood with a side of white wine on a hot summer day!

Le chardon/Le 52/Carbòn: Two great restaurants in the neighborhood of “Strasbourg Saint Denis”/Le Marais, the menus change every other week so they cook only in-season produce. The prices are fair and the food is really good in my opinion.
Loulou’s: If you are in the area of the Louvre at the end of the day, this restaurant has a beautiful view on the Louvre gardens and you can see the sunset on les Tuileries. The place is rather fancy and pricey compared to my other addresses but the setting is no nice that the splurge is justified! 
Grocery shopping
If you want the best produce, you have to go to Rue du Nil. All the shops belong to the same owners, you have a greengrocer, a fishmonger, a bakery, a coffee shop, a cheese shop … well in a nutshell, take your basket and fill it with the best!
Dynamo cycling: this is the best studio for indoor cycling, I love Karine as a coach if you have a chance to book a class with her.
Tigre Yoga club: the “chic-est” yoga/pilates studios (they have 4 studios in Paris). I love the "pilates fusion" class which is a mix of pilates, barre and cardio. You have fun during the class with the music, but don’t be fooled, you will feel your whole body the day after!
Appolo Sporting club: this is my go-to address for a good boxing class. I prefer the boxing bag class because I am more trying to learn a good technique before going to contact!
Reformation pilates: I have been doing 2-3 classes a week at these studios, the teachers are amazing and explain really well how to do each exercice – which is key in pilates. There is now one studio in le Marais and one in Palais Royal, Cassandre is the best! They also have classes in English, Alberte's booty barre class is a killer 
Maison Suisen if you want the best massage! You have to book quite in advance though so do not hesitate to call them a few weeks in advance.
Oh my Cream: these beautiful little stores have a treatment room and I love to do peelings in the winter. The staff is beautifully trained and the service is always really good. Plus, they have some really good (not medical grade) peelings.
Maison du Tui Na: I have been suffering from endometriosis for quite some time now and I must say, the detox massage has been a life saver to relax my stomach and heal my relationship with my belly
Le Bristol: I have been lucky enough to have been offered the “Forfait Biologique” at le Bristol. It is a whole body treatment with Tata Harper’s products so 100% organic care for about three hours, you are like a new born when you exit the place! The next on my list is the “Rituel Banïya” which is a Russian inspired treatment focused on an energetic work aimed to release tensions and bring your body back to balance.
Seasonly: Great place for a face gym with Jade mushrooms, gua sha and face roller, they now even have a corner at Galeries Lafayette so you can combine shopping and face yoga in a few hours!
A few other places I have not tried yet: Martine de Richeville at le Bon Marché for a remodeling massage; Delphine Langlois, the best facial in town.
Credits Ph: Unplash