A Muse & Heroine approved PM Routine for the Perfect Beauty Sleep

Now, We get it. You’re looking for stress relief from your busy day, you’re super tired and you can’t wait to finally slip under the covers and call it a night. 

And then suddenly, something lights up in your head, turns on your brain and you just can’t put yourself to sleep. That’s why we want to share our Muse & Heroine approved PM routine.
Please don’t be intimidated: we know that not everyone has a lot of time in the evenings, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create your own simple routine by starting small. We can assure you that by making these small changes you’ll be on your way to bringing calm, peace, and stress relief into your life. Start an hour-ish before going to bed. Here’s how to create a calming evening routine that works for you.

We can’t stress this enough: creating a personalized PM skincare routine is not only beneficial for our skin but also for our mood. The repetition of this sacred ritual, the quiet alone-time, the soft touch on our faces is a beautiful way to relax and to take care of our emotional wellness. Why don’t you make your PM skincare routine extra special with a guasha massage? This Black Obsidian heart-shaped tool works amazingly with Cecilia Holistic Beauty Miracle Baume and Le Prunier oil.


On those especially hard days, why don’t indulge in a hot, comforting bath? We know it might not always be the season, but the steam and the warmth of the water, along with the aromatherapeutic smell of oils and lotions (we especially love Susie Mermaid and Susanne Kaufmann) do magic for a tired body and a heavy mind.


Turn off your electronic devices

And yes, we’re talking phone, laptop, smartwatch, the lot. Blue lights and screens can be very damaging, especially if you’ve already been exposed to them during the day. They are very distracting and don’t allow deep relaxation, which is obviously key when we’re trying to fall asleep.

Read and Meditate

This is the perfect time to squeeze in a chapter of that book you’ve been putting on hold for so long. Deep sleep or Gratitude meditation can also be amazing tools to end the day on a positive note if your mind is still over-stimulated.

Sometimes, no matter how much effort we put in ourselves, life can be stressful and at times even challenging. In those times, the key is to surrender and let go of what no longer serves us. The process can be really daunting, and this can truly affect our mood, our energy, and our sleep. That’s why we suggest specific supplements like Depuravita Smart Sleep – filled with botanic actives: great tools to re-establish the natural balance of our sleep functions.

Another very ancient and effective way to relax and to welcome the sleepy vibes is with a hot, steaming beverage. Depending on your mood or on the season, you can choose between so many different alternatives, great for the mind and for the body – we especially like these.
Lip Oil and Hand Cream
And to finish this self-care, love-filled, Muse & Heroine approved PM routine, we suggest you slip into bed and apply a generous amount of hand cream and lip balm. Hands and lips are some of the most used parts of our body, so it’s best to apply hydrating potions as a very last step. Try Ipsum lip oil balm and Uka nail oil. And now, enjoy your beauty sleep.
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