Pregnancy, Belly Care and Skincare: The Ultimate Product Guide

If there’s an extra special time in our life where nurturing self-love and self-care deserve to be an absolute priority, is during pregnancy. 

While our body goes trough these magical changes, and prepares to bring a new life into the world, it’s super important to focus on clean, safe products that nourish the body and elevate the way we care for it. It’s the right time to discover the benefits of plant-based skin and body care. We’ve asked our friend Shannon Davenport, founder of Esker Beauty to share with us some precious advice on self-care when expecting.
With pregnancy comes a whole lot of transition physically, mentally, and emotionally, I had fairly uncomfortable pregnancies with both of my daughters. As someone who dealt with a lot of nausea, sleeplessness and mood swings I designed our Belly Oils knowing that the senses are in constant flux and your body and mood are ever changing. I lightened the aromas of both botanical oils for a cleaner and more delicate scent as women who are pregnant tend to have stronger sensory reactions. The best thing I did for myself while I was pregnant was take little catnaps here and there without feeling guilty about it!
While pregnant I recommend using a dry brush on legs and arms before the bath or shower to stimulate the lymphatic system and help with swelling and stagnation. After taking a tub (making sure it’s not too hot) I would follow up with an oil all over the body, especially around the thighs, butt, bump, breasts and hips. When you’re pregnant you’re often looking forward to winding down or trying to summon energy so lavender is a great choice for evenings while something stimulating like ginger or lemongrass is a good option for the daytime or to help combat nausea.
Esker products are a perfect choice during pregnancy. Here are some other Muse & Heroine Pregnancy Favorites.
With pregnancy, a lot of changes can emerge in one's skin: hormonal breakouts, sensitivity, hyperpigmentation, skin feeling strangely greasy or dehydrated. A clean, natural and gentle skincare routine is key to keep skin balanced, healthy, and reveal that pregnancy glow. Here are Muse & Heroine's top Skincare tips when expecting.
A unique double cleansing emulsifying gel, containing detoxifying green clay from quarries of ancient marine beds, which gently but effectively deep cleans and draws out impurities. The marine plankton boosts the skin’s collagen production and increases elasticity, leaving a clear and luminous complexion.


A delicate bouquet of Rose and Prickly Pear floral waters, Birch and Maple saps enriched with precious Pearl Powder and Hyaluronic Acid. This hydrating lotion heals skin, relieves redness, irritation and dullness. Antimicrobial Sodium salicylate Acid helps to reduce pore size, clear congestion and brightens skin, keeping the excess oil at bay. Antioxidant Pitaya and Camu-Camu infuse our skin with Vitamin C from Mother Nature.

This luxurious, soothing and nourishing mask is ambrosia for the skin. Ambrosia was known as food for the gods made from honey and nectar, and this mask draws out toxins and yet nourishes and fortifies the skin. The raw honey is full of balancing enzymes, while the mineral rich white clay will cleanse the pores. The calendula blossom oil along with the rose hip seed oils will restore your skin and create a youthful suppleness. Apricot seed oil is rich in gamma linoleic acid which tones and deeply moisturizes the skin. Pure vitamin C will help reduce blemishes, dark spots and will help build collagen. The essential oils of ylang ylang and vanilla will help with skin moisture, prevent inflammation and bring uplifting joy to the senses.

A Summer In Hossegor is bursting with the extraordinary occurrence of vitamins A, C & E, loads of omegas 3-6-9 and fruit enzymes to minimize the appearance of all signs of aging, while helping to fade and prevent the visibility of brown spots.
The marriage of precious Wild Carrot with the fruit enzymes of Papaya oil, plus the beta carotene of Buriti oil and antioxidants of Blueberry create a high-precision nutrient complex that supports youthful-looking skin while helping to maintain an even-looking skin tone.

This gel serum feels ultra-light but gives skin a serious boost in hydration thanks to two molecular weights of hyaluronic acid (famed for holding 1000x its weight in water). Even better, the hyaluronic acid is suspended in a base of soothing, moisturizing aloe. Lavender soothes skin and instantly relaxes the senses for an aromatherapeutic experience.


The eye cream Line T supplies the fine and sensitive skin around the eyes with a generous amount of primrose oil. This precious, natural beauty treatment nourishes, moisturizes, and prevents the formation of expression lines. Like all products in Line T, the eye cream contains a finely coordinated herbal compound of chamomile, sage, yarrow leaves and St. John’s wort blossoms. It does not contain any spreading agents and can be applied to the entire eye.

The Luminous Youth Diamond Lip Balm is a smooth and silky, ultra-hydrating, plumping formula which gives the lips the needed moisture. This luxurious balm with Diamond Powder is a treatment product all in one. The Luminous Youth Diamond Lip Balm is filled with anti-oxidant-rich, youth-preserving active ingredients like organic Camellia Seed Oil as well as Coconut and Orchid Extracts which penetrate the deep layers of the skin to improve and seal the skin's moisture. Made with an essential amino acid derived from Isoleucine for lifting and plumping effects and with the ability to fill wrinkles and firming of the cheeks and lip contour. The results are more elasticity, promoting cellular regeneration and restructuring.

And now it's time to nourish, treat and massage the skin of the body, to kip it smooth, elastic and uniform.
A Dreamy Body Wash that cleanses the skin with a soft, fine foam. Luxurious essential oils blends are paired with mineral-rich Dead Sea salt for a sleek, smooth and dewy finish. The blend of frankincense, petitgrain, mandarin orange, lavender and marjoram essential oil is effective for resetting the mind and getting a good night's sleep.

A warm and calming blend of pure and organic plant oils, richly-scented with Patchouli and Rose that is carefully formulated to smooth and massage easily all over the body.  The body oil absorbs instantly leaving your skin dry to touch, so you can dress – even in silk - straightaway. Perfect to use day or night, the skin-nurturing botanical blend includes Avocado, Grapeseed, Argan and Jojoba oils plus Australian grown and harvested Davidson Plum Fruit extract, rich in skin-boosting antioxidants and Macadamia Nut oil to deeply nourish as you massage it in. Skin feels deeply moisturised, soft, silky-smooth and well toned. The unique, warm floral fragrance combines the green softness of Petitgrain with the heady richness of Patchouli and Rose and a hint of Australian Sandalwood. The aroma is dreamy, warming and comforting for the senses and is designed to gently fade, leaving the option to wear your usual fragrance.
The Serenity by Seed to Skin is a super antioxidant, restorative body oil instantly absorbed by the skin. Rich in vitamins, minerals and fatty acids the oil leaves the skin nourished for up to 24 hours.
Date Night

Mom is going out tonight! Add a special touch to your outfit with a pop of bright red. Make sure the formulas are as clean as possible, like these ones!

Drench your lips in luxurious, creamy color with Lip Crème in Damsel.
Formulated with a combination of natural and organic jojoba, castor and sunflower oils, this PETA-certified cruelty-free and vegan lipstick delivers bold color and nourishing hydration with just one swipe. 100% cruelty-free and vegan. Sturdy aluminum packaging, complete with luxe magnetic closure, ensures that your lipstick won’t open up in your bag or purse.
Licia Florio embraces and emphasizes the natural beauty that is in all of us, our colors are always soft and warm and will perfectly match every skin tone. 
The high quality nail polishes are toxic-free: without unnecessary or harmful ingredients. They are vegan, cruelty free - not tested on animals - and made in Italy.

And now, some extra helpful tools.

With this vegan Ruhi Dry brush made from 100% pure vegetable sisal fibers, you brush all parts of the body particularly intensively. Sisal bristles are a bit firmer by nature, helping you to get an extra invigorating massage.
The Allover Roller extends beyond the beloved ritual of jade rolling and is designed specifically for use all over the body. The extra large roller is crafted from sturdy, polished Xiuyan jade and stainless steel and measures 7” x 3.25”. The roller itself is textured to increase stimulation, breaks up fascia which causes tension and puffiness throughout the body, and helps to absorb and boosts the effects of any treatment oil or product applied to the body. This simple yet enjoyable ritual instantly soothes and over time reveals skin that is toned, firm, and glowing.
Amethyst, the crystal of harmony, and serenity equilibrates the body and mind and reinforces the intuition. Its virtues are soothing and purifying. The massage of the Horn Shaped Gua Sha drains the lymphatic system and stimulates your fluids giving your skin its glow back.
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