Pure 27, the New Generation of Blemish Repair to Reveal your Clearer Skin yet

Discover a New Generation of anti blemish treatments with Pure 27, a natural skin purifying, regenerating and balancing formula created by green powerhouse Cosmetics 27 to reveal clarified and flawless skin.

Let's be honest: 2020 has really been challenging for us, and our skin. 

Uncertainty, change, anxiety - and obviously - face masks can all be the reason why our largest organ has been freaking out recently. Spots, blemishes, impurities, uneven tone are some of the results of these challenging times. We all wish for good, glowing, blemish free healthy skin. That’s why - now more than ever - it’s super important to do the right things for our largest organ and get to understand what our skin likes and needs. 

That's why we at Muse & Heroine are more than excited to share with you a new generation of blemish repair with Pure 27, the new purifying fluid by green beauty powerhouse Cosmetics 27. After years of observing their customers’ skin, the Cosmetics 27 team has identified a need for a formula to treat and prevent blemishes and imperfections.

Introducing Pure 27: the Ultimate Anti Blemish Solution


Pure 27 is a new generation of blemish repair - a natural skin purifying, regenerating and balancing formula that treats and reduces blemishes. The natural, soft green color texture is a lightweight gel cream formula that penetrates instantly, leaving a soft matte finish. Adapted to problem skin pH (≥ 5.5), the formula contributes to regulating bacterial proliferation. Moisturizing and soothing, the light fluid helps reinforce the hydrolipidic barrier and maintain a good microbiota balanceThe skin texture appears smoother and the appearance of enlarged pores diminished. Small rednesses and imperfections fade. Moisturized, the skin feels softer and soothed, it appears clarified, more balanced, pure and healthy. 

A natural skin purifying, regenerating and balancing formula that:


Reduces the appearance of blemishes and regulates excess sebum, to help smooth skin surface and reduce the aspect of dilated pores – zinc , vitamins B3, hemp seed oil & Enantia chlorantha.


Helps reduce toxins and excess sebum – bio-fermented complex from grapes, ginger and incense resin. 


Moisturizes the skin and soothes light visible redness – xilitylglucoside, hemp seed oil & α-bisabolol.


Prebiotics in the formula contribute to strengthen the hydrolipidic barrier and the microbiota – bio-fermented complex from grapes, ginger and incense resin, hemp seed oil & prebiotic chicory fibers.


Improves renewal of the epidermis, unlocking the skin natural regeneration – Centella Asiatica extract & vitamins B3.


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