Cecilia's Sacred Beauty Diary: Nourish your Charming Inner Magician

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the most charming of them all? 

Are you ready for the darkest night of the year?

But first, do you really know the origins of Halloween?
This celebration has very ancient roots and over the centuries has undergone many changes, until it became what we know and love today. Some studies have identified the origins of the current Halloween party in the Celtic festival of Semhain, which coincides with the Celtic New Year.
Trick or treat?
Obviously treat.
Halloween is tonight, and we don't want you to be unprepared, so here are some Cecilia Holistic Beauty rituals and tips.
To make this night even more magical we will be all illuminated by Her Majesty the Full Moon. So do not forget to recharge your crystals and amulets under the moonlight.
Perfect allies for this enchanted night are:
Agate, considered a powerful antidote to negative energies and adversities of life.
Amber, a spiritual protective gem, used since ancient times to make amulets enhancing spiritual and meditation abilities.
Amethyst, linked to the most sensitive part of human being, used to increase inner energies such as courage, resilience and strengthen self-confidence.
Black Onyx, used as a talisman to soften bad vibes we could encounter.
When speaking about crystals and stones, it is impossible not to think about our Midsummer Night Noir Masque.
There is not a more perfect healing mask for Halloween! Its deep black color, in fact, is given by potent micronized Graphite crystals.
This precious black gemstone works as an amulet to skin, stimulating cells renewal by detoxifying and cleansing.
Have a magical night and terrifyingly good skin!
Lots of love from Janine, Cecilia and the Self-Love Team.
Credits Ph: CHB.