The September Reset Pt. 1: Skin Care

Summer 2020 was definitely one for the books – and not always for the best reasons. Whether you’ve spent it at home with your family, or on a white sandy beach somewhere warm, if you’re reading this post you must have come to terms with the fact it is sadly over. 

However, the month of September remembers us to put an emphasis on new beginnings, detoxing, and ultimately, self-care. So, we at Muse & Heroine have created a two-day series all about those rituals that promise to fix the results of “that summer mood” and prepare the body and soul for autumn and winter. Here is The September Reset Pt. 1: Skin Care - a curated guide to boost your routine and reveal your best skin ever. 

Rebuild your barrier
Hot climate, travel-induced dehydration, and inflammation from holiday foods & wines can impact the way our skin performs, looks, and feels. That’s why it’s so important to boost our skin’s hydration with specific products and active ingredients. Autumn weather is colder and more humid, so it’s fundamental to create a protective layer of hydration on the face. This is why it's great to switch to an oily formula. Ipsum Best Skin Face Oil is a complex and concentrated blend of potent, deeply nourishing native plant oils – including Australian Lilly Pilly and Australian Fragonia. Nazan Schnapp White Magnolia Face Oil is a light, yet rich, restoring and smoothing serum and moisturizer in one that hydrates and revitalizes skin. And last but not least, Odacité A Winter In Paris comes to the rescue of very dry skin. This intensive nourishing booster is the ultimate skin feast, delivering optimum hydration while helping the skin to appear more firm and plump.
.Get an even complexion
Summer has definitely laid its mark on our face, due to sunbathing, high temperatures, and pigmentation from excessive tanning. That’s why in September, your best friend is Vitamin C. Why don’t you try 8 Faces Boundless Solid Oil: a concentrated, all-in-one facial oil/balm that melts into your skin and absorbs instantly. Made with rejuvenating ingredients like the hero super-fruit Amla Berry - found in India and one of the highest concentrations of vitamin C - tangerine oil, camellia seed oil, sea buckthorn oil, baobab seed oil, and evening primrose, it’s deeply hydrating and leaving you with a dewy glow.
Get your glow back
In summer we tend to use minimal skincare + makeup, to benefit from that natural hot girl summer glow. However, in the autumn months, the fragility of the skin barrier can result in dryness, sensitivity, and a lackluster look. That’s the best moment to try balms. Cosmetics 27 Baume 27 is a hero product: a selection of natural high-performance active ingredients to provide a global regenerating, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, antioxidant, nourishing, and soothing action. For a decadent and luxurious experience, we suggest Cecilia Holistic Beauty Miracle Baume: A bouquet of 15 regenerating botanicals, full of vitamins, omega, micronutrients, and antioxidants to stimulate cells renewal, nourish and protect. With Damask Rose and Blue Chamomile notes healing your skin and soul.
Start taking skin supplements
Take September as the first month of beauty back-to-school and start creating a personalized supplement routine. In Fiore Fleur Vibrante Serum Cerate is the best skin supplement on the market: High-tech, super potent, and antioxidant-rich, Fleur Vibrante Serum Cerate is designed to help skin withstand the stressful conditions and aggressions of everyday life such as UV rays, extreme temps, dry or polluted environments, chemical, and mechanical irritations, sleep deprivation, and jet lag. Its high concentration of beta-carotene combats the effects of premature aging and helps restore elasticity and improve overall skin tone. The gorgeous flower scent makes this self-care ritual even more special.
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Credits Ph: Veronika Haslinger