The Smart Working Edit: the Best Skincare for Those who Work at Home

Once just a causality, Smart working is now part of our daily routine. With its massive amount of blue lights, stress and digital pollution, a smart working routine plays a massive role in aging the skin and causing dullness.

A dedicated beauty routine, and some clean-beauty desk essentials are a must to fight the effects of hours spent in front of your laptop, and work in style.
 Keep on reading and discover our Muse & Heroine Smart Working Edit: the very best of beauty and selfcare for those of you who work at home! 
Protect Your Skin from Blue Lights and Digital Pollution with these Smartworking-approved Beauty Must-Haves
With champion active Echinacea, this protective mineral-rich face mist combats the skin-stressing and energyzapping effects of environmental and digital pollution. The detoxifying unisex formula delivers a vital mix of essential oils and active compounds, including energy-cleansing Frankincense, Yarrow and Niaouli. Purifying Magnesium Salts and powerful Marine Actives boost skin strength and hydration, while Juniper, Cedarwood and Ginseng aid concentration. Refreshing yet calming, Rose Quartz, Orange Blossom and Ylang Ylang are valued for their harmonising and anti-stress properties. This reviving ‘wake-up’ water is indispensable for urban commutes, air travel, at work or when using computers and mobile devices.
This advanced eye treatment is formulated with photo-protective marine-derived carotenes, highly effective anti-wrinkle plant-based actives, and the exclusive PHYTAU™ Complex remedies enriched with potent anti-aging and protective properties. Powered by photo-protective microalgae - an anti-aging active that leverages carotenoids and fatty acids to actively stimulate collagen and soften wrinkles—Vis Clair Suprême protects the vulnerable eye area from environmental stressors while stimulating the production of structural skin proteins. With a light, cushiony texture, Vis Clair Suprême acts as an effective serum and cream in one—targeting fine lines, puffiness, lax skin, and dark circles—best for tired, puffy, and dehydrated eyes.
Ceramide Anti-Body Complex combines with Actinidia Polyglama Fruit (Silver Vine) extract from Japan to help protect against lipo oxidation caused by external environmental aggressors.
This cooling, oil-free gel-cream moisturizer is like splash of cool water. on your skin. Fast absorbing texture leaves no residue. The Japanese Sakura Flower (Cherry Blossom) is known for its high anti-oxidant levels and moisturizing properties. Rich in essential fatty acids, it provides deep, gentle hydration for all skin types. Japanese Rice Bran Oil, long cherished for its list of naturally-occurring vitamins, provides incredible moisture, protection and skin well-aging benefits.
Instantly brighten and even skin tone while providing just the right amount of moisture. With a natural composition of 85% naturally occurring Vitamin E and 60% omega 6 linoleic acid, this Liquid Silk formula instantly improves skin's overall appearance while soothing and balancing inflammation. Nourishing, Revitalizing and infused with Brazilian Tourmaline cleansed under the light of a full moon. Results: Potent nutrient rich formula with tone and lift skin for a more youthful and radiant texture while softening fine lines.
Desk Essentials: Beauty & Self-Care
Use this amazing tool to centre and ground yourself while you work at your desk. Each fine droplet has the power to change your ways of being, melting away anxiety, stress and overthinking, while enhancing feelings of love and joy. Dive into this mystical mist and embrace the relief that comes with energy clearing and balancing. Rediscover yourself through steadiness and inner knowing. You feel lighter, softer, more centred. All the while your skin drinks in happily the flavourful bouquet of flower waters, essential oils and beauty oils, enjoying a deep calm and satisfying hydration.
Get tired, puffy eyes staring at your screen all day? Try these Aesthetician grade facial tools for aesthetician grade results, designed to calm, depuff, and awaken skin. Once chilled their extreme cold temperature dramatically reduces inflammation, removes puffiness, firms and tightens skin’s appearance while stimulating cellular turnover and lymphatic function. When enjoyed warm over mask treatments and serums they boost product penetration and install a deep calm before bed.
This olfactory signature formulated and created by Mayia Alleaume. This clever blend of pure and certified organic essential oils: eucalyptus, globulus, lemon grass and palo santo, will allow you to find serenity, joy and abindance in your daily life. This juice is infused with hematite and rock crystals to bring you strenght and kindness. This auric spray acts on our emotions and our soul in order to provide protection and harmonization.
A luxuriously rich and conditioning blend of pure and organic native plant oils, esters and waxes to instantly soothe and smooth lips with long-lasting, intense nourishment. The formulation features a unique blend of hydrating and moisturising plant oils including Tomato Fruit extract with high levels of skin- nurturing vitamins and antioxidant lypocene to protect skin, Pomegranate Seed oil to heal and regenerate skin and Australian grown and harvested Macadamia oil to deeply nourish, protect and repair. Lips are comforted, feeling soft and supple and looking smooth and hydrated. The light fragrance of Rose is soothing and calming for the body and the mind.
Don’t forget to stay hydrated, even when you’re working. These stunning glass bottles are made to cultivate hydration as a small act of self-are, because drinking water is the base for healthy, dewy looking skin within. Embracing a daily water routine with a bottle truly loved, is the easiest way to sip up 8-10 glasses of water and enjoy your best hydrated skin ever.It‘s all about finding that one true loved bottle, because hydrated skin just looks better.
Nail oil Amulet, which you should keep with you at all times to booste your immune system. Breathe deeply to enjoy the refreshing scent on the fingertips. It’s also recommended to apply a little bit on your mask for a soothing effect. With a blend of carefully selected essential oils for good health and happiness. Amulets (Omamori in Japanese), commonly sold at shrines and temples, are said to provide various luck and protection. Originally made from paper or wood, modern amulets are small items usually kept inside a bag and may contain a prayer, religious inscription of invocation.
A supreme tonic containing adaptogenic powerhouses traditionally used as sustainable energizers amongst many cultures around the world. Indigenous people of the rainforest lands have utilized Suma, Green Coffee, and Guarana as daily longevity allies. From crossing mountain ranges, to trecking harsh rainforest territories, as libido tonics, and for general vitality. Each source is carefully selected to provide you a sustainable form of energy, without the mishaps of caffeinated side effects or adrenal collapse. Providing you a joyful and awake approach to a focused and energized state of being.
Some Extra Cosy Treats to Work in Style


Get your gorgeous locks out of the way, in a kind manner. Treat your hair to a snag and tug free ponytail or up-do! Handcrafted from pure mulberry silk with a special flat elastic these skinny silk ties are basically the perfect T-Shirt of hairbands. This set includes 5 silk hair ties in a nude satin pouch to match your favorite bottle colors.
Based on a bed of sensual and powdery white musk, this perfume is a fresh high. Its energizing top notes are highlighted by a sea breeze, bringing that feel good factor we associate with sea and summer holidays. With the zesty scent of newly cut grass, tart crisp green apple, and the clean aroma of spearmint, it all feels clear. Lime uplifts the perfume as well as one’s spirit. In Tantric rituals Lime is used to ward off evil spirits. Ginger, “the oil of empowerment”, is said to inspire confidence. It stimulates and enhances concentration Finally, Vit C is the turbo booster against fatigue.
When you tap on your keyboard, you look at your nails a lot. A clear nail-polish is key to keep hands and feet in order, even if you’re not in the mood for colourful nails. It also acts like a base coat to protect and strengthen your nails with essential oils of cumin, cinnamon, and cloves. We are responsible for what we wear on an everyday basis and what we decide to adorn our bodies with. Licia Florio focuses on the ideals of wellness, and believes that wearing nail polish is a ritual, that will ground you, that will give that precious time, just for you. It's a simple gesture and it's something for yourself.
If you’re an accessories junkie, you’ll appreciate these classic white tube socks. With a real chill attitude, these socks have a peaceful message and perky colours that stand out. Besides, quirky socks are having a moment, so why not learn to style the look and live a little? 
This beautiful pale green tropical plant produces a tea rich in flavonoids, phenolic compounds with a pronounced antioxidant action. Dodonea tea is used in various areas of the world; it is particularly appreciated in South Africa and among the Australian aborigens. In New Caledonia the leaves infusion is used as a substitute of tea and as a revitalizer in feverish conditions. In Mexico Dodonea tea is often used as a generic relaxant after intense sports activity. In Perù it is consumed as a reinvigorating tea. In the Island of Réunion Dodnea it is considered depurative and an aid to weight loss.
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