Introducing Sodashi: Luxurious Natural Skincare for a 5-star Wellness Experience

Get ready for the ultimate at-home, 5-star Spa Experience. We’re delighted to share with you Sodashi, aka the most exclusive skin and body care you’ll ever come across. In other words – greenfluencer Janine did it again.

Please welcome to Muse & Heroine Sodashi – luxurious, high-performance, spa-grade skincare using the purest botanical and marine extracts.
Made in Australia, loved by celebrities, used in the most exclusive Spas around the world and now finally presented in Europe exclusively on
“Sodashi is one of the purest organic skin care ranges and spa brands in the world. A Sanskrit word, Sodashi means wholeness, purity and radiance.” 
Founded by Megan Larsen in 1999 in Fremantle in Western Australia, this glow-inducing skincare collection delivers immediate and ongoing results, helping to brighten skin tone and target fine lines and wrinkles – leaving skin smooth, even and luminous. A little warning: you’ll have to place your order quickly! The brand only products 50 to 200 items at a time, taking care to only use pure, natural ingredients.
Sodashi’s range of over 120 face, body and wellbeing products is found in some of the world’s most luxurious hotels and Spas. Any examples?
You can find Sodashi in Four Seasons Milano, Four Seasons Florence, Il San Corrado in Noto Sicily, Principe Hotel Forte dei Marmi, The Siam Hotel in Bangkok, Kokomo Private Island Resort in Fiji and many more…
For 20 years the name Sodashi has stood for luxurious, nourishing and effective natural cosmetics. The 100% natural formulations deeply nourish, hydrate, and nurture the skin and offer luscious wellness experiences. You’ll be instantly transported in one of the most luxurious wellness retreats in the world.
Your new daily routine for a wonderful skin – discover our Sodashi Anti-Aging Skin Care Routine for a Step-by-Step home spa experience
Clay Cleanser with Sandalwood
EYES - Shake well before use. Use a damp cotton pad or your fingertips and gently wipe over the eye and lip area to loosen the make-up. Remove with damped cotton pads
FACE - Emulsify a small amount (size of a hazelnut) with water in your palm and massage over face and neck. Remove using a damp, soft face towel or rinse with water.
Hydration with Calming Rose Face Mist / Rejuvenating Face Mist
Shake well before use. Close eyes and spray the mist you chose over a thoroughly cleansed face. Also use throughout the day to keep the skin feeling fresh.
Leave on gel mask with Eye Lifting Gel + Rejuvenating Skin Boost / Recovery Skin Boost
EYES -Morning and evening apply to entire eye area, leave to firm and then followed by Sodashi eye & lip smoother. Before use, shake well to ensure the product dispenses evenly.
FACE -Before use, shake well to ensure the product dispenses evenly. Apply to the face and neck, leave to firm and tone.
Body Lotion or Body Oil
Leave the Eye lifting Gel and Face Skin Boost a little bit to firm and prepare the skin before you apply the moisturizers. In the meantime, you can pamper your body with Sodashi Enlivening Body Lotion or Sodashi Toxi Cleanse Body Oil.
Eye & Lip Smoother + Rejuvenating Face & Neck Moisturizer
EYES - Apply sparingly, morning and evening under eyes and over the brow bone. Also apply on and around the lips.
FACE - Shake well before use. Apply to the face and neck, avoiding the eye area,
both morning and evening. Evening you can also use Nourishing Repair Treatment
Special Treatments – a curated selection of Sodashi skincare treats, for 5-star skin
Hero Product. This once-a-week treatment with spirulina, Australian yellow and white clays, and ultrafine zeolite clay helps cleanse pores and is a fave with make-up artists. –
A powerfully detoxifying and firming treatment, the phytonutrients-and-mineral-packed mask plumps skin, evens skin tone and restores a healthy glow. Australian Yellow and White Clays blended with ultrafine Zeolite Clay provide a powerful detoxifying action. Seaweed and spirulina deeply nourish and firm the skin, whilst a blend of plant essences promotes cell renewal and strengthens collagen. Use once a week.
A triple action exfoliant for instant radiance. Rich in Pomegranate fruit enzymes to boost skin cell renewal. Gentle yet effective, this granular contains finely ground that gently exfoliates, while geranium and orange energise the skin, restoring its natural radiance. Use 1-3 times per week.
This deeply nourishing Eye Mask transforms and reawakens the skin around the eye area. It dramatically reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, strengthening the delicate tissue around the eyes. Gotu Kola helps to improve circulation while Cistus hydrosol helps to gently firm and tighten the skin. Use 1-2 times per week.
A deeply moisturising face mask that feeds the skin with plant nutrients whilst firming and toning. Gotu Kola and Neroli stimulate the production of collagen and Ginkgo Biloba improves blood circulation. This mask helps preserve capillaries and assists in correcting hyper pigmentation, helping to refine the texture of the skin. Use once a week, after cleansing and exfoliation.