A chat with Sofiia Manousha, actress and founder of MyBeautyfuelFood

Actress, Director, and Holistic Beauty Website founder: Meet Sofiia Manousha, the incredible creator behind My Beautyfuel Food

What led you to launch a wellbeing platform?
I have a holistic vision of wellness, I’d always been passionate about the impact of what`s nourishing us from the inside out. Beauty is a combination of different factors: skincare, lifestyle, and food. My Beautyfuel Food is the combination of a holistic approach to beauty.
What is your self-care approach?

Taking care of my body as a temple, this is my personal mantra. I try to nourish myself with nutrient food, art, flowers, nature, traveling, ocean, and being on a positive mindset.

Talk us through your typical morning and evening skincare routine.

I always try to take time for me in the morning, as soon as I wake up I dry brush my whole body, then doing my skin gym with my guasha, and of course, I drink a full jar of water to hydrate my body and I use the rose water mist from Radice. I also love moving my body with a mix of yoga and pilates exercises from Julie Pujols Benoit vidéo, and some other from youtube. After, I practice 10 minutes of mediation and then I drink My Beautyfuel Morning Elixir. It`s apple cider vinegar with hot water and lemon which purifies the body from the toxines and clears the skin. After 20 minutes, I drink my first cup of green tea (I love Matcha).

 My nighttime skincare routine: I always double clean my skin with an oil, and I use the cleanser Susanne Kaufamnn. I love the CBD serum Aurélia and I apply my night cream Augustinus Bader. When I need extra hydration I apply the boundless solid oil from 8 faces I love this product. I also love the lip balm from The Gloss.

What is your favorite way to pamper yourself?

 I turn off my phone, and I make my favorite homemade face mask with Manuka honey from Activist honey, spirulina, rose water and coconut sugar, I put some candles, music and I eat some bits of my favorite dark chocolate.

I also love the detox Massage from La Maison du Tuina, it re-energizes me, and also swimming at the pool from the hotel Le Ritz is one of my favorite things ever.

Where do you find out about new products and treatments?

 I am constantly looking for new concentrate skincare products with the best ingredients, your Muse & Heroine shop is a source of inspiration for me. Also On vogue, the beauty section is really inspirational. Then I read and check everything all the time. I'm very lucky because clean beauty brands often contact me first to try their new products. 

What is your personal approach to clean beauty?

 As I try to nourish my inside with clean food, my skincare products have to be a maximum clean. I’m not perfect, but I try to select products with the most efficient and clean ingredients.

 What skincare products are you loving at the moment?

 The Rich Cream from Augustinus Bader, The hydrating floral essence from Tata harper, The boundless solid Oil from 8 faces, and the Tahitian body balm from Marine and Vine (one of my favorite products), the Holi-water from Agent Nateur, and for my inside I love Collagene, Day plus is amazing. I am also in love with raw Manuka honey from Activist to eat and to apply on my skin.

Tell us one of your personal best-kept beauty secrets.

 Sleep, water and I try to always to add some green food on my plate (lettuce, spinach, green juice) and laugh a lot. Also being close to the ocean makes me feel the happiest.

 Are there any beauty secrets that your mother or grandmother passed down to you?

 Drink plenty of water, eat the rainbow, dance a lot, and go to the Hamman once a month (My heritage is Moroccan).

What are the beauty products you always have in your handbag?

 You will always find a lip balm, a hand cream, sunscreen, and in case if I have a last-minute casting: a bronzer and a highlighter - and of course my glass bottle from BeVivid. Also, you will always find raw cacao snacks, apples, seeds and some Green Tea.

 What is your favorite workout?

Ballet at Barre shape, Reformer Pilates, yoga and Gyrotonic at Studio Rituel, pilates booty with Julie Pujols-Benoit, Boxing at Punch. Also My sister Anais Jazmine (the co-founder of My Beautyfuel food) is a personal trainer and sometimes she trains me when she is not busy.

An expensive-but-worth-it product or treatment?

A facial by the queen Delphine Langlois, the best facialist in town.

 Your favorite supplement? 

Adaptogens like Chaga and Reishi to boost my immune system. Pearl Powder to boost the glow. Klamath Algae, and the collagen stick from Day Plus.

I also love my Beautyfuel immunity shot: ginger/ turmeric, lemon, and black pepper.

Your favorite face tool?

Gua she! I use it every day in the morning, I am obsessed with skin gym.

 Favorite App on your phone?

Spotify, I listen to music all the time and also vsco cam to retouch pictures. 

Last thing before bed?

I pray...

First thing in the morning?

Dry brush, skin gym, water, and pilates.

 Where do you go for treatments in Paris? 

My friend Emmanuelle Rodeghierois, the best body massage in TOWN. For my belly, I go to Maison Suisse its a Japanese spa and the belly massage is incredible. Also, The detox massage at La Maison du Tui Na is amazing. My Friend Samer Zacharia the founder of Maison Flamel created a glow treatment which is amazing. In 30 minutes your skin is transformed.

 Favorite health spot in Paris.

My friend Imane is the founder of « Cave and coconut » a paleo vegan shop with cold press celery juice, Cleanse alkaline Cure, Low LG Cookie, and brownie, she is the queen of the Beauty Gut Food in town.

Also, Wild and the moon for a cold press juice or a macrobiotic nourish bowl. Once a month I do a visit to my Osteopath Yun de Montebello, she fixes all my body she is magic.

 What is your advice for looking beautiful inside and out?

 Skin is your largest organ, keep it healthy.

What is one dream you have that you have yet to accomplish?

 Having my own family and a house near the ocean. 

Please share with us your preferred or most healing self-love rituals?

Sabrina Claudio album, some crystals, palo santo, natural candles, Roses petals and a salt infused bath are the best combo for total self-love rituals.

Find Sofiia on Instagram @sofiiamanousha.