Stilblut's Musings: The November Edit

I don't know what kind of November you are currently experiencing, but the one in Germany is not following the typical November rules: It's extremely warm and sunny and feels more like March.

Less layering & class, not mass
Regarding my skincare products, this means that I'm keeping it more minimalistic than expected, even though I'm keeping the rich formulas in my routine, as well as the high grade products, solely the layering is not so extensive as it would normally be during this time of the year.
Hydration, all year long
No matter waht time of the year, my and most skins love hydtration (inside and outside),so beside my normal routine I use a deeply hydrating Nutrient Concentrate from Susanne Kaufmann and an extremely caring Boundless Solid Oil balm from 8 Faces which consists of finest oils and starts melting into the skin as soon as you apply it  onto the skin.
Support from within
Furthermore I'm focusing on beauty from the inside. I stopped taking the pill a few months ago after 12 years and to be honest, I'm a bit afraid that my skin freaks out, unfortunately it seems to be mandatory.
So I'm trying to prevent or at least minimize it by taking a supplement which is especially for the skin - Skin Perfection from COMBEAU contains 7 ingredients in red algae and zinc which are supposed to keep the skin balanced and healthy.
Moon Skin by DEPURAVITA belongs to my favourite teas, few herbs, on point. White tea is a more gentle version of the green with well aging & protective benefits. The taste is just mmmh, extremely refreshing and clearing and you can brew it twice. And: it's also extremely delicious when cooled down.
Key Priority: Take care!
We all know, that the condition of the skin is also related to our menthal condition. That's why I'm trying to do more things which help me to feel good: long walks outside, staying away from social media, reading real books, also some which give advises how to stop overthinking and stressing yourself out.
I hope you have a nice and safe November and get along with the lockdowns as well as possible.
If you have questions about one of the products, you can always drop me a dm at @Stilblut on Instagram. Happy Friday to everyone, stay safe and healthy.
Credits Ph: Stilblut.