Stilblut's Musings: The Face Mask – The Top Tier of Self-Care

Although I normally don't like words which are excessively used on Social Media, so they almost lose their value, I can’t avoid using a very popular expression by myself: 'self-care'.

You will find more than 32 million posts when entering the hashtag #selfcare on Instagram which clearly show its popularity. For me, the term means to foster your physical and mental health.
The one and only Beauty Ritual

Besides rituals such as a (foot)bath, dry brushing or massaging a body oil into your damp skin, there is clearly one master of self-care: the face mask.
Yet the application is deceleration, even more when you have a good brush for it - slowly painting with soft strokes over your face caresses it and and feels like meditation. Some masks have to be prepared, which is also a very relaxing ritual - provided that you don't hurry and take your time.
Moisturising, exfoliating, cleaning, calming

There is a mask for every need: moisturising, exfoliating, cleaning, calming...
Beside this, the current generation of clean and green beauty, offers the most delicate and modern textures which are pure enjoyment to feel and smell.
Like the ones from Nazan Schnapp, which are next level masks thanks to extraordinary ingredients just as gem powders like Jade or Rose Quartz. Or something like The Golden Dew – modern skincare science meats clean and natural ingredients, offering ultra-hydration without feeling heavy on the skin due to the glass clear, jelly texture. Or exfoliating masks, both enzymatic and mechanical, which are gentle but effective, adding moisture while softly exfoliating the skin.
Mix & Match

Some have to be mixed to a paste and I highly recommend to add some drops of oil - it will make them more hydrating and avoid that they dry out your skin. And the oil will alter the structure of the mask; it will feel way more delicate and lush.
I hope you all will grab a mask now, take a deep long breath while applying it slowly and then, maybe, if it’s not hot, enjoy the mask, while lying in a bathtub, relaxing from head to toe.
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All credits Ph: Veronika Haslinger.