Stilblut's Musings: Liquid Gold aka Manuka Honey – multifunctional Magic in a Jar

Since my early childhood, natural remedies played an important role in our household. My mother always had and has a huge collection of herbs and tinctures, there is something for every need and health issue.

One of the most used products was honey and plus other elements made by bees like propolis and bee pollen. I clearly remember that once I ripped off my finger, she put honey on my wound, which helped to heal it due to its antibacterial and osmotic properties.
The New Kid in Health & Beauty Town
Then, a few years ago, a new kind of honey showed up - this time one of my aunts discovered that very special product and brought one jar to us, together with a lot of informative papers. Manuka Honey, a more powerful, supercharged version of honey It's hard to describe the honey, without making it sound unreal because it has so many smashing qualities and benefits. The name comes from the Manuka Tree - when bees pollinate from the nectar of the tree, their honey is much more potent than the standard bee honey. This is because it has a higher concentration of methylglyoxal (MGO) which increases its antibacterial properties. FYI: High-grade honeys have always the rating of the MGO on the front of the jar. You can read more about the MGO rating and its importance here. More active ingredients in the honey are amino acids (including enzymes) plus vitamins and minerals.
Allrounder - all natural
The magical honey can be used for so many things: from healing sore throats, infections and colds, helping with digestive problems or to clear impurities on your skin while soothing it and feeding it with moisture. The application is easy: you just put a thin layer of the precious honey on blemishes, on sore and inflamed or burnt spots or dry areas. Then leave it on the skin for a minimum of a minute. You can remove it or follow it with your regular skincare products. More ways to use it externally: as a cleanser or maskAnother extremely nice feature and right now more important than ever: taking it frequently, strengthens your immune system, and thanks to the high nutrient density it will provide you on top with a boost of energy. Good to know: The Methylglyoxal in Manuka honey is very heat-resistant, so you can add it to your tea without any losses of the benefits.
No compromises: Activist Raw Manuka Honey
There are different suppliers and products on the market and like with every hot ingredient, there are huge differences in quality and therefore efficiency. Activist Raw Manuka honey offers the finest premium quality and is packed to the fullest with the above-mentioned benefits. Besides this, it has the most delicious flavor I ever tasted: a soft sweetness, which not only indulges your palate but also caresses your soul. There is no easier way to treat your body than with this all-natural superhero.
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All Credits Ph: Veronika Haslinger.