Stilblut's Musings: The Autumn Edit

If I had to choose one favourite season, it would be autumn. Originally it was summer, then spring, which are still far ahead compared to winter. But somehow, I appreciate so much what comes during the third season of the year.

"Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird, I would fly about the Earth seeking the successive autumns".
These words by George Eliot speak right from my soul, I love autumn so much, when you spend time outside, no matter if it’s golden autumn sun or a cold, wet and windy day, then you come inside and enjoy the warmth of your home. And there are such mindful, calm and cosy moments during October and November, before the December rush is coming.
What I’m craving for: Real books and October movies
So that's why I'm sharing some of my favourite things, what I'm craving for and of course some of my preferred skincare products.
One of the activities I neglected during summer, is to read books, real books - not the digital version. I studied literature and used to read a lot, like huge amounts of classical literature and I loved it. But somehow, during the working life, this got lost and I mostly read easy literature on my Kindle. In autumn I come back to my favourite authors, which are still not too heavy, like the Brontë sisters, Jane Austen, Edgar Allan Poe and Mary Shelley - real books, mostly antiquarian editions. It just feels wrong to read them on a cold clean screen. Beside the books, I enjoy it so much to watch typical October movies. For me that's something like The Witches of Eastwick, Practical Magic, Sleepy Hollow or Love Story.
Apple & cinnamon love
Of course, a suitable beverage is obligatory and my current obsession is apple cinnamon tea. Fresh slices of apple and a cinnamon stick, poured with boiling water. After a few minutes, you already have the most delicious hot & healthy drink, with a bit sweetness thanks to the cinnamon, which can be dried and used again. Of course, you can add more spices like star anise or cardamom.
Pushing my immune system
Next to a balanced nutrition and seasonal fruits like pears and nuts, I'm providing my body with some supplements to strengthen my immune system. Beside zinc, I love to add Manuka Honey to my drinks or cereals or eat it pure. I'm also including biotin for my hair - autumn is always even more hair loss than normally. And of course antioxidants, I love shots which contain ginger, turmeric and camu camu. Tipp:  Make sure that these kinds of products don’t contain water as the first ingredient - than it's not a concentrated shot any more.
Skin and body care: opulent, please!
For my face I'm looking for richer formulas, balms and potent formulas are a must now. Same with masks, as much as I love lightweight masks during summer, now I like it more opulent. The best is, when I can leave them on my skin, like the Midsummer Night Noir Mask by Cecilia which has the finest ingredients like Evening Primrose, Tamanu and Avocado oil, Blue Tansy (this scent, heavenly) and Charcoal. It can also be used as a balm btw. Or added to your face cream. I love to use these kinds of products after a face massage with a face brush or in the evening, so it can work through the night. And for my body, I love to use scrubs and oils, the latter, I love to massage into damp skin after showering or bathing.
Last but not least: SPF is still a must. Even during those days that are not so sunny. 
I wish you a happy Friday and I hope you enjoy some beautiful golden October days! Find me on Instagram @Stilblut.
Credits Ph: Veronika Haslinger.