Stilblut's Musings: The Healing Bath

Is there anything more relaxing than slowly gliding into thermal water, that has been enriched with delicate salts, oils and soaks?

For me, there is nothing comparable. Especially the first seconds, when my body has completely dived, are like a revelation. I inhale and exhale gently and, in this moment, all the stress and the external happenings fall off.
Adding essences and soaks to the water, makes the whole bathing an even better experience, adding more relaxation, enjoyment and self-care.
Aromatherapy bath - pure relaxation
An aromatherapy bath with fine oils can be so relaxing, but you have to be careful with the oils you use. Undiluted essential oils won’t mix with the water because the carrier oil will not disperse throughout the water. It will stay on the surface of the water and stick on the sides of the tub. Nasty.
That’s why I prefer bath oils & essences, which are especially made for using it in bath and which will perfectly unite with the water and also with the skin, instead of feeling greasy and slippery and ruin your bath tub.
Wash off stress with Lavender, Melissa & Magnesium 
I love Lavender, Melissa and Magnesium bath additive – magnesium can be absorbed through the skin, so a mineral bath with magnesium replenishes the magnesium levels. The scent of Melissa and Lavender is so comforting. Beside this, magnesium can help to relieve migraines and muscle tensions & cramps.
A favorite brand when it comes to luxury and high-quality bath products is Susanne Kaufmann. She offers a range of oils and salts in high-grade glass containers for different needs and preferences. And because the ingredients are valuable and concentrated, a little goes a long way, so the products last for a while. The Alkali Salt bath is perfect for dry and stressed skin, it nourished intensively and leaves it soft like velvet. And I love the Oil Bath for the Senses, it contains  ylang-ylang tree, lavender and an organic grown rosemary sprigs which gracefully floats in the bottle. After leaving the tub, I just pat my skin dry with a towel, it doesn’t need any extra care, thanks to the nurturing oils which leave my skin silky soft.
The deep relaxation after a healing bath is priceless and this ritual also helps me to overcome the cold seasons – this year it’s even more important than ever, so I highly recommend to try it out if you not already a passionate bather like me.
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Credits Ph: Veronika Haslinger