Superwoman Alexandra Kruse

We just adore Alexandra and her high vibrations and positive vibes. Her dedication to deep self care is so inspiring and she takes all that energy and share it with the world in profound ways. Not only is Alexandra an ex-fashion editor and stylish turned astrologer - she now has her own fashion brand, New Moon Adventures, which is all about journeys, raising your vibrations and embracing life’s adventures.

What did you do before you started with astrology and founded New Moon Adventures - and how has it helped inform how you do what you do now?

I studied fashion journalism and worked as an Editor for different magazines and as a freelance fashion stylist for years - I have met many people in their underwear. And learned a lot. About female bodies, about the human condition, about insecurities. And about Handbags. I really know a lot about handbags. And the right dress on the right person at the right time. And perfect light. And divine timing. But then, the love for the stars basically took over. Our project New Moon Adventures has very strong roots in the world of fashion and our network is helping us a lot. Being in the sometimes rough world of fashion, celebrities and advertising taught me about so many dark sides - especially about the sometimes really difficult relation to our bodies. And how we mistreat our health by living against pur natural rhythms and cycles. This is basically what Astrology is about. We need to express our spirituality in a modern way. Our relationship to the stars, specifically to the moon, our female planet, can be so healing. Women gathered around the fire for centuries. We simply forgot to look up to the stars. And trust their wisdom. Especially in challenging times.

What’s been the most surprising element of starting your own business?

I was completely overwhelmed when I spotted the first woman actually wearing our sweatshirts. This feeling was so incredibly surprising - I never expected this. It is a truly life changing experience to bring something into life - every mother can agree. And, we definitely should start to see our business as children that we are taking care of!! We need so many new concepts and angels in what we call work.  

What's your secret strategy to Longevity?

I believe in magic. On every level.

What are some daily non-negotiables for you when it comes to taking care of yourself? 27 Steps program, the 2 secret hours in the bathroom, my "jump for joy" on the trampoline..... honestly, I would rather skip a meeting or a call then sacrifice a minute of my holy me time - I am too old to die young!! And: I am truly aware that I am a gift for this world, but it's my responsibility to keep my frequency up. My routines are simply helping me to be a better mother, a better writer, a better human. But then again: I can be ready to leave the house in 4 minutes - in my pajamas. But that's another story. 

How do you implement your own products into your routine?

I wear my sweatshirt as often as possible, simply because I feel good in it. The red one is very powerful, the lilac version super spiritual. (Red is the color of the lowest, root chakra and purple is the highest chakra, closest to accession - we never planned that, it just happened!)! And I love to see it on others, traveling the world and the 7 seas. One moved to L.A. with my favorite tattoo artist, another one is just about to board a business class flight to Costa Rica for a stay at Rythmia, a super high-end luxury ayahuasca retreat. I want people to have real adventures in our products. Journeys inside and outside of their bodies, next dimension traveling. Send me postcards, tell me your stories!!!


What other brands, founders or personalities do you find inspiring?

I do love every woman on this planet that has consciously decided to make this world a better place. I love to see women rise. When the sun shines we shine together!!! It's incredible to see how much is happening and what an impact we all have. For me its about creating completely new pathways and crushing the old structures. In a very loving, caring and fun way. I do believe that change is possible and we can change the world. Heart by heart But we met understand that it is truly unavoidable to stop the war we have with in ourselves first. 

What website or IG page do you visit daily for input and to stay up to date?

I check my friend Lori Haberkorns page for some cosmic updates, I also love the work of Chani Nicolas. Besides Astrology, I love Porter Magazine. 

How do you structure your work day to help get things done while staying calm?

I love to go with the flow but try to keep my mornings as private and undisturbed as possible - I just need so much time to check in with myself. And of course I have to talk with the universe - it's an ongoing conversation!! I do my stuff and finish with a short mediation practice around 11.11 and I am good to go. 

Who do you turn to for advice, support and help?

I call my mother. My mother is such a source of inspiration. She lost her husband and her daughter in a very short period of time. My younger sister died from cancer at only 37 - another reason why health, especially women's health is so important to me. My mother is the most graceful and radiant person I know. As long as I can call her - I call her. And I do have a super strong female network - my friends all have magical skills and superpowers.  

Do you have a morning routine that you stick to every day?

Oil Pulling, Green Juicing, Dry Brushing and a very cold shower. I really believe in the magic of a seriously cold shower. And the power of a dramatically emotional Hit from the 80’s in front of the mirror - it's all about keeping your vibes up. But sometimes the best morning routine is to make some breakfast and sneak back to bed to binge on some Netflix. Balance is everything. 

What do you do to unwind and relax in the evening?

I am religiously using my infrared sauna blanket. And my LED Mask. And listen to some weird super whoo whoo mind-changing podcast. I love to hear people talking about Biohacks, microdosing and other spiritual practices. Sometimes the Depurativa’s SLEEP helps me to unwind, especially when anxiety and / or jet-lag kicks in.  

What’s your favorite meal to eat?

I love a great and extended lunch date with inspiring people and French fries - I like super classic places and proper settings, especially when it comes to food - I am eating a mostly clean diet but I would never say no to Pasta. Life is too short.  

What’s your number one beauty “secret”?

Beauty is an inside job - I have many planets in Virgo, so I am totally aware that our food is our medicine and believe in the power of plant medicine. I love to do the five day fast my friend Alex created. A-LIFE is a 5-day program inspired by the fasting-mimicking diet created by Dr. Valter Longo who has dedicated years of research to longevity, slowing aging, reducing disease and weight management through plant-based and whole food nutrition. Alex has  found such an amazing and delicious way to make fasting easy and accessible. 

I do a lot of kundalini Yoga. And I love love super love my Gyrotonic classes. It is my holy grail as it makes me feel my body alive and creates beautiful long and lean muscles. Gyrotonic is definitely the better Gin Tonic - I stopped drinking alcohol 10 years ago.

Where do you go to relax, rejuvenate and recharge?

Most of the time into my pink bathroom. The perfect retreat. My forever healing tool is water in all forms - I love a good steam, a hot bath, a walk by the river, a swim in the lake, even a perfect brewed cup of tea. I have a secret addiction to this Detox Tea- it just tastes amazingly undetoxy.

 Thank God, Switzerland has very high-quality standards. Eighty percent of the water comes from underground sources, the rest is taken from the lake. And we have many, many healing sources. I love to spend a weekend at Bad Ragatz with my 10 year old son. He is such a connoisseur - he could swim before he could walk, his Venus is in Pisces, maybe that’s why..? The iconic thermal spring water they use in the spa comes straight from the Tamina Gorge, which has been a source of healing thermal water for centuries - the special mineral composition and the temperature of 36.5°C trigger positive reactions throughout the body. You can feel the healing happening instantly. It's truly a super magical place.  

What’s your favorite travel destination ?

It might not be the Co2 friendliest, but it's the Maldives for sure. Again and Again. Nothing relaxes and rejuvenates my Cancer soul quicker. Visit COMO Hotels alone (or as a couple, but NEVER go to the Maldives to fix your relationship - been there, done that. It's basically a waste of money.) Cocoa Island is wildly romantic and it's the perfect place to travel alone. The food is amazing and totally absolutely clean-eating friendly, the Spa is mind-blowing. The Hydrotherapypool is out of this world. And so is the Bodywork Studio. Time and Space have no meaning in the Maldives and you can heal out lifetimes in just one trip. For a family-stay I prefer Soneva - Sono and Eva created a super playful paradise and the proof that luxury and sustainability can be interconnected concepts. They have pioneered a business model with sustainability at its heart. They just opened Soneva Soul, a new, highly transformative wellness concept that blends thousands of years of ancient healing wisdom with the latest science and innovation. I can't wait to go!!!

Besides your own incredible products, what other Muse & Heroine products do you swear by?

Hahahah, the list is veeeery long!! I love, love, love the THE INTUITIVE Face Mist from Max&Me, it really is a divine tool and channeled from other realms.

 I will never stop using Augustinus Bader, since the day I have met him - he is the most humble and nicest German professor you could ever imagine. He founded his brand not to become a global beauty player but to help children with burned skin. How amazing is this?! The taste of the Lilfox Jungle Glow is so divine - I am frequently trying to lick it of my own face!!! I love Nazan Schnapps products, especially the little face cups. And theHYDRA-LIFT GOLD FACE MASK from MZ SKIN is a super quick fix - if the day comes, Dr. Maryam Zamani will be the one to work her Oculoplastic Surgeon magic on my face!! Her star sign is Cancer and I loved her the moment met her! I just discovered the AGENT NATEUR Holi Trinity Travel Kit during my stay in Sri Lanka. Amazing. The Lyma Laser is on my wishlist!!