Superwoman Amandine de Paepe

Amandine is a nutritionist who left the pharmaceutical industry to start her own supplement company - one that better fit her values, holistic and root cause medicine point of view. Insentials was born with all these aspects in mind and Amandine lives a healthy, holistic lifestyle where there’s room to play and toast your hard work with a glass of Champagne on the weekend!
What did you do before you founded Insentials and how has it helped inform how you do what you do now? 
 I have always been working in the pharmaceutical industry but I was not aligned anymore with their philosophy. I have a clear vision on healthcare. Today we need to understand the ‘cause’ of a symptom and not the symptom itself, and this is a holistic approach.
What’s been the most surprising element of starting your own business?  
The appreciation of your partners and willingness to help - a kind of professional fan club. It gives me a lot of energy.
What's your secret strategy to Longevity? 
Mental positivity and exercising, in combination with preventive and quality supplements of course.
What are some daily non-negotiables for you when it comes to taking care of yourself? 
Every meal should consists of 50% vegetables, this is a must. 
How do you implement your own products into your routine? 
Insentials supplements are part of my daily morning routine when I am in my kitchen, even before breakfast or brushing my teeth. It feels strange if I don’t take any of them. The Detox Boost is my evening routine, mainly on the weekends when I may eat or drink differently.
What other brands, founders or personalities do you find inspiring? 
I am a big fan of Virginie Morobé : A luxury label for women | MOROBÉ
What website or IG page do you visit daily for input and to stay up to date?
I should do it more. To be honest, I do not take time to check other accounts, but I should. I love yours by the way 😊
How do you structure your work day to help get things done while staying calm?  
I like  to work very early or very late, actually when everybody is sleeping. I am super efficient then.
Who do you turn to for advice, support and help?
I have great friends, professional partners and I am surrounded by a team of fantastic consultants.
Do you have a morning routine that you stick to every day?
Yes, taking my daily supplements and a ginger/lemon shot.
What do you do to unwind and relax in the evening?
I am not proud to say it as a nutritionist, even though I am eating so healthy, taking vitamins daily and exercising weekly, I need some champagne to relax on the weekends.
What’s your favorite meal to eat? 
Tataki of fresh salmon !
What’s your number one beauty “secret”? 
A good bowel movement. Seems like a joke but we need to think holistically. A good bowel movement, with a purified liver is the base for your skin. And of course, organic face washes every evening and drinking two liters of water daily. 
Where do you go to relax, rejuvenate and recharge? 
I like to go skiing in the French alps or wakeboarding at the Belgian coast. This is my freedom.
What’s your favorite travel destination ? 
Good question, I need to travel more again I think. Can’t answer
Besides your own incredible products, what other Muse & Heroine products do you swear by?