Superwoman Licia Florio

For Licia Floria taking time out for yourself is crucial and the simple act of taking care of your nails, choosing a color that speaks to you and applying it with care can also be a form of mediation and self-care. With her products the focus is to create mindful objects, to push people to see the better side of themselves, and to find meaning within the ordinary - and she is of course a living example of just that!  
 What did you do before you founded Licia Florio and how has it helped inform how you do what you do now?
I worked in fashion but I've discovered soon that I'm not the right person to stay in an office and to work for a fashion house. I've done art exhibitions, I've worked as a stylist, as an assistant photographer for my boyfriend, I had a successful shoe brand for 8 years and then I changed my life.
What’s been the most surprising element of starting your own business?
I absolutely love relationships with people: I love to create something that is useful for others, that can help in real life. I see my products as a tool to push people to discover themself through breathing and movement.
When I've seen that what I'm doing has touched lives and helped people to evolve, I feel that I myself am on a good path.
What's your secret strategy to Longevity?
Smile, positive mind, practice, pranayama, meditation, and moving my body every day on CIAOMONDO!
What are some daily non-negotiables for you when it comes to taking care of yourself?
Healthy food and practice/workout.
How do you implement your own products into your routine?
It's my meditation time, my me-time. Minutes of pure fun, choosing the colors according to mood, doing rainbow nails with the colors, and then rest and do my 5-minute meditation while the nail polish dries.
What other brands, founders or personalities do you find inspiring?
I always loved how Tata Harper  built her own brand. I remember when I discovered Tata, I looked at everything, every video, every article, IG, the website, and then I started to buy the products. To me, it's a really well-made brand and case history. I love how they have built the story, that she puts her face out there and I absolutely love Regenerating Cleanser!
What website or IG page do you visit daily for input and to stay up to date?  
Honestly, I'm bored staying in front of a screen to do research, I prefer to look at magazines, books, and speak with people.
How do you structure your workday to help get things done while staying calm?
I use all the possible technologies to have everything in line, from Asana to Slack, to Gmail with zero mail to answer for the day after.
Who do you turn to for advice, support, and help?
Myself! I always have a lot of questions for myself and I always give myself a lot of answers! 
 Do you have a morning routine that you stick to every day?
I wake up around 7:00 and at 7:30 I'm on the mat for one hour of Yoga, Pilates, or Kundalini, then a glass of water with 20 drops of In Fiore LÂCHE-LYMPHE and breakfast.
What do you do to unwind and relax in the evening?
It depends on the season. When it's winter I love to stay home and cuddle myself with nourishing foods, soups and when it's Spring and Summer I like to walk and take an apertivo at the bar with my friends. To me, the only common thing in all the seasons is that I like to move my mind and body to balance myself, and so, I always practice in the morning and before bed.
What’s your favorite meal to eat?
For sure spaghetti al pomodoro! 
I love everything that is vegan and healthy, a good fresh juice, salads, soups, avo toast with lemon and umeboshi!
What’s your number one beauty “secret”?
Always wash your skin well and one time a month go to have a facial for a deeper cleaning.
Where do you go to relax, rejuvenate and recharge?
I deeply relax when my boyfriend hugs me. I recharge by losing myself walking in a new city, chit-chatting with unknown people on the street, and in nature.
What’s your favorite travel destination?
Everywhere where there's the sea or the ocean. I like to stay barefoot, breathe fresh air, look at the water, and swim in it, of course!
Besides your own incredible products, what other Muse & Heroine products do you swear by?
I've just discovered Monastery and I totally love it!