Superwoman Martha

Martha is the founder of the most incredible destination in Santa Monica, California - the Surya SPA. Through natural products, programs, education, services, and modern self-care tools, Surya helps restore balance and health, revives our connection with nature and spirit, and makes wellness, vitality, and longevity available to everyone, everywhere - especially with their skin and body care line Surya! 

Why did you start Surya Spa and skin care? 

Ayurveda found its way to me as I sat in the dining hall of MIU, Maharishi International University, in the middle of an Iowa winter. I’d recently come from Colombia to study computer science, but when I witnessed a group of women with oily hair who were absolutely radiating, I had to ask what they were doing. They explained they were in a seven-day Ayurvedic cleanse called Panchakarma, and I was immediately enchanted. I’ve always felt the importance of helping people reconnect with their bodies and minds, and with Nature, of which we’re all a part. My greatest missions here at Surya to help people “meet themselves where they are,” so that after they get in touch with what they’re feeling — tired, wired, flustered, or frustrated — they can use Ayurveda to help them feel and be better. So Surya (both our healing Spa and our products) offers many ways to meet yourself, and step into balance.  

What are some aspects of Ayurveda that you wish more people embraced? 

I wish that more people knew 1) how easy it is to make Ayurveda a part of your daily life and 2) the profound shifts in well-being that can come of that! From tongue scraping, self-abhyanga, morning yoga stretches, meditation, and even a simple knowledge of which foods help with which general imbalances, Ayurveda has something for everyone. It’s an incredibly simple and useful tool. With respect to skincare, I wish people understood that what you put on your skin, you body, is as important as what we put in it. Which is why Surya products are truly — really truly! — 100% natural. And that’s weirdly rare. 

What's your strategy when it come to longevity? 

Regular self-abhyanga, 20 minutes twice a day of Transcendental Meditation, and days dedicated to play, which for me often happens in the world of product creation and production. Ayurveda was born in the south of India 10,000 years ago when a group of yogis, Tamil Sidhas, were looking for a way to extend their lives, and in the most vital way possible. So Ayurveda was born in longevity. And it’s simple practices, and even the healing skincare products, are all part of that.  

What are the daily non-negotiables when it comes to taking care of yourself? 

My morning routine is my regular and rewarding act of self-care. Each morning I tongue clean, practice Transcendental Meditation, do yoga asanas, dry brush, and give myself an abhyanga using one of our own Surya Spa herbalized Body Oils — depending on whether I think to calm down, cool down, or energize. This is an easy practice for every day!  

How do you implement your own products into your routine? 

Throughout my morning routine I weave in so many of our Surya products ! I use our custom Surya tongue scraper for daily tongue scraping, our Herbalized Pulling Oil for oil pulling, our facial and body dry brushes for full body dry brushing, our herbalized Body Oils for self-abhyanga, and of course…our Balancing Face Oil and Balancing Collagen Cream on my face (day and night). My husband uses the Collagen Cream every night, too! 

 What other brands, founders or personalities do you find inspiring? 

I’ve had a love affair with Young Living essential oils for quite some time now. Whether I need to melt a headache, find some focus, or calm my mind after a long day, I’m always reaching for the right oil. 

What’s your number one beauty “secret”? 

Self-abhyanga. So simple. Self-ahyanga requires that you make time (even a little time!) to be in quiet and mindful presence with your body. You’d be surprised by the love and gratitude you can express and feel — for yourself. For the gift of the body that we have. As we lovingly spread oil from head to toe, we realize how much there is to notice, and that mere noticing is healing. I can’t imagine a better means of tapping into true beauty. 

Besides your own incredible products, what other Muse & Heroine products do you swear by? 

I love Activist Raw Manuka Honey (for use on both the inside and outside!)