Superwoman Tanja Gruber

Tanja Gruber founded Max&Me with her husband, Max, after first having studied different modalities of energy healing. She incorporates energy work into everything she does from her movement practices, skin care rituals, product creation and small daily tasks. She is guided by intuition and flows through her day by staying deeply present in every moment.
What did you do before you founded Max & Me and how has it helped inform how you do what you do now? 

Before my husband Max and I gave birth to our lovechild, Max and Me, I had been training at the Austrian Academy of Kinesiology and Health. Studying aromatherapy, kinesiology and energy healing has profoundly deepened my connection and understanding for working with plants and how to apply their healing vibrations in our delicate formulas. 

 What’s been the most surprising element of starting your own business? 

 In every moment – literally - the universe always had my back, doors slid open, synchronicities appeared, whenever challenges popped up so did inspiration, solutions and support sailed into my life smoothly. I guess this happens when you are on your mission, when you do what you came here for. 

 What's your secret strategy to Longevity? 

 My inner worlds. Nurturing positive thoughts, feeling awake, present, curious, finding beauty in everything. Other than that I keep my body flexible & moving with Thai Chi, Qi Gong, running and yoga, I engage my mind in new things to learn  - I am a passionate forever student – I keep my spirit connected to light & love through energy work and our Collection, I surround myself with loved ones. 

 What are some daily non-negotiables for you when it comes to taking care of yourself? 

 My sun salutation, breathwork and oil pulling in the morning, my skincare ceremony at the bookends of my day. My everyday meditation. Evening and morning walks through the gardens with Max, runs on the weekend with Max, my workout routine at least twice a week. Reading. Spending quality time with my children, every day. 

 How do you implement your own products into your routine? 

Apart from my skincare rituals at the bookends of my days, my products are with me anywhere I am. Most especially The Intuitive, the I am the Light Face Oil and the Rescue Balm. When I wake up, our Botanical Facial Mist The Intuitive welcomes me at the nightstand to join me in my yoga practice and in my breathwork. Whenever I shower The Intuitive is there to enrich the steam with its fragrance.  Another bottle greets me at my desk to refresh the energy after any digital engagement. When I rush to the kitchen to prepare breakfast or meals I always make sure to sip some green tea with a drop of the I am the Light Face Oil. Throughout the day I nurture my skin back to radiance and glow with my secret sauce: For an extra uplevel in moisture and rejuvenation I first mist my face with The Intuitive until soaking wet, then mix Rescue Balm with 1-2 drops of the I am the Light face oil and some generous pumps of The Intuitive in the palms of my hands. My thirsty skin always drinks this concoction happily. To close it off I satisfy my skin one more time with The Intuitive and do a short massage. Mask & Wash and the Bath Mask You are the Medicine are always the delicious highlight and celebration of my day’s end. As is body oiling with a Max & Me body oil.


What other brands, founders or personalities do you find inspiring? 

 Ah there are so many glorious people out there, I almost don’t know where to start, maybe with my closest circle, my husband Max and how he embraces his holistic and healing beliefs in the structural and operational creation of Max & Me, embedding ethical responsibility, sustainable practices and a reverence of nature at the company core, really inspires me daily.

My children with their fresh new outlook on life inspire me and of course my biggest muse, my BFF Susanne Bichler-Lajda, head of the Austrian Academy of kinesiology and head of our sourcing, the wisest and most loving soul I have ever met, a medical genius and one of the greatest energy healers worldwide. Also I adore artist Mikina Dimunova and her larger than life talent. Jakub Gulyas for being one of the best videographers and photographers I ever met. Ana Krausz who brings a different and holistic vibe to PR. Janine Knizia who inspires thousands with her never ending energy and her authenticity. Elena Brower my forever friend and wise woman. Haley Benett for bringing on her talent with so much love for the world. Sylvie Lefranc for spreading good energy wherever she goes. And all other people, who bring sustainability, mindfulness and love to all parts of life -  oh gosh this list could go on forever.  

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 What website or IG page do you visit daily for input and to stay up to date? 

 I guess I am rather special when it comes to social media in general, I am rarely daily on IG or on any websites. I am really rooted in the moment with all its sensorial, sensuous, precious and beautiful meaning. 

 How do you structure your work day to help get things done while staying calm?  

 I am a very out of the moment spontaneous person and I don’t have a daily plan as such. I follow the energy, my intuition. But I do have a set of priorities I am deeply committed to and I live by this: whatever I do, I try to be the very best version of myself with the highest energy, heart open wide. I try to bring it when I show up, every single time. Breathwork, connecting with the studio’s gardens and The Intuitive help me stay calm all the while.

 Who do you turn to for advice, support and help? 

 My husband Max is my rock, we are a dream team in pretty much everything. And my BFF Susi is the wisest woman I know with the biggest heart ever. Also I keep a close circle of tight-knit, trusted friends whom I cherish dearly. 

 Do you have a morning routine that you stick to every day? 

 I start out with sun salutations, breathwork and a short meditation depending on what my schedule looks like. After this I tend to my skin care ritual which I open with The Intuitive as my master of ceremony. I love how it gently guides me into my presence. I follow with Mask&Wash for cleansing and I am the Light to add a spark to my day. On some days my skin loves Rescue Balm mixed with 2 drops of I am the Light and generous mists of The Intuitive instead. I always close my ritual with a few mists of The Intuitve and a deep breath, ready to meet the day. Then a glass of hot lemon water follows, before breakfast.

 What do you do to unwind and relax in the evening?

Firstly, my everyday evening walk with Max either just in our gardens or extended. Most of the nights we are cooking dinner with the family, enjoying quality time together. Then my skincare ritual. We all need a sacred place we can go to and recalibrate, heal and find nourishment. To me this is my immersion in our high-vibe Collection. Also I love reading before going to bed - my bedside table is usually stacked with books about plants and plant healing medicine. 

 What’s your favorite meal to eat? 

 Max and I have a ritual of enjoying extended breakfast, so this is my favorite meal of the day.

However my favorite dish is any Thai dish with fresh vegetables, currently a vegetarian peanut curry, vegetarian Dim Sum or Vietnamese food. Other than that you will always find dark chocolate, Avocados and Lilikois by my side.

 What’s your number one beauty “secret”? 

 A high vibrational life style that has you radiating from the inside out. The body speaks in the language of energy and it is tuned to look for the signals of high and elevated vibrancy. It is these frequencies that feed and nurture, illuminate and harmonize you. Each and every cell hungers for these signals. They are literally skinfood of the finest and highest order. These vibes can be made available to your body by nurturing positive thoughts, by speaking and acting from a place of love, by connecting with the plant world, by energy work and by our Collection which makes high-vibes continually available to your body’s energetic field. The body attunes to this vibrancy with pleasure. One high vibe application at a time touches and nurtures also the soul and the spirit behind the skin and lights up your body from the inside out. This is my medicine. My beauty secret. It has me glowing.

 Where do you go to relax, rejuvenate and recharge? 

 I love spending as much time as I can working in our gardens, especially in the Healing Garden with its unique curation of herbs, perennials, flowers and trees. That always connects me back to the plant spirits but also to my strength, my center, my intuition. Touching the soil and whispering with plants informs much of what inspires me to formulate. 

 What’s your favorite travel destination ? 


 Besides your own incredible products, what other Muse & Heroine products do you swear by? 

 Teas from Depuravita and Susanne Kaufmann, as the chocolate lover I am: Depuravita’s strong bite chocolate, pretty much any of the Bodha’s smokeless Incense, the Warm Me candle.