Meet Team DIJO

The power duo behind DIJO are childhood friends Anouk Le Terrier  and Lisa Souloy who created the Gut supporting nutrient supplements they themselves couldn’t find! 
What  has been your career journey that led you to work in the wellness and health industry?
 We have been friends since our whole lives and when Anouk fell ill in 2018, we would of course go through it together. Anouk was diagnosed with an autoimmune illness called Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.  She went to a naturopath who advise her to change her way of life and eating healthy, doing yoga and taking probiotics made a massive impact on her symptoms and condition. But we discovered that it was very difficult to find good probiotics that were fresh and with a high concentration of good bacteria. 
That was a revelation and the starting point on our path to offer the best products for gut health! 
What’s been your personal health challenges leading you to create DIJO?  
 We had to find the best producers, the best experts on the subject of gut health and a local facility to produce the products to ensure their freshness and very high quality.
What impact are you hoping to make in the world of health and wellness? 
 We hope that everyone will understand the importance of gut health! The gut is the center of everything; heath, beauty, energy, mood and much more. 
What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning and do what you do?
 We want to help people feel good in their mind and body and make them realize that taking care of their stomach should be the first thing of their morning routine!  Even before using the best skin care products  - the gut is the key to our glowing skin as well as overall health and well being.
Tell us about the products! 
 They are fresh, very high concentrated, and the design is very elegant as well. 
We designed them to be used proudly and naturally as the first step of a beauty and health routine. We wanted the packaging to be very simple and elegant - a product that everyone can expose on a kitchen or a bathroom shelf. 
Why did you create a probiotic especially for the vaginal flora/microbiome?
 The link between the gut microbiome and the vaginal flora is very strong. Taking care of one will have a direct impact on the other! 
And also, it’s a very important subject that sometimes women are not so comfortable talking about. We wanted to offer them a solution for this very common problem. 
What are your thoughts on aging well and longevity?
 Our wellbeing is a global notion of habit and balance, which includes food and nourishment that’s adapted to the needs of our body and moments of pure pleasure. We are epicurean and passionate about sport, we eat healthy and the combination for us is the key. 
What is your daily and weekly wellness regimen?
I have a few very simply daily actions that i’m very happy to share with you: Probiotics and lemon juice with warm water, sport every morning, and in the evening I avoid screens and take our Liver Detox.
How has your beauty regimen changed over time? 
I’m doing since 10 years the same regimen : waking up very early and doing sport are my balance. And since forever i always listen my body.
What are some of your favorite beauty products?
I’m not very faithful and I prefer a very simple routine with only a few steps and products that are very highly concentrated.
What is your favorite way to move your body and exercise?
Running and yoga are my two essentials.
What do you do to unwind, relax and rest well?
Yoga is my best ally to deal with stress.
First thing you do when you wake up?
I’m having my lemon juice with warm water and my probiotics
Last thing you do before bed?
It’s more just before sleeping - I do 5 deep breaths. 
What is your go-to breakfast?
No breakfast for me… i’m not hungry, but i’m eating a healthy snack around 10pm, almonds, fruit and a coffee latte (oat milk of course ! ) 
You feel a cold coming. What`s your plan of action?
Natural vitamins and essential oils, ravintsara is my best friend. 
Life changing book you've read?
Gut : The Inside Story of Our Body's Most Under-Rated Organ by Giulia Enders. 
She explains so well the importance of our gut. She is the best teacher. 
What does self-love mean to you?
Listen to the needs of your body. 
Do you have any sound sleep tips?
The sound of the ocean’s waves when i’m on holidays.
Your favorite holistic wellness destination?
Once a year, I go to JOLI-JEUNE to do a one-week fast. It’s a big detox that I feel my body and mind needs. 
Are there any beauty and health secrets that your mother or grandmother passed down to you?
The “verveine citronnée infusion” from my mum’s garden. The best ritual to healing mind and soul.