Autumnal Blues? COMBEAU©, THE SKIN PERFECTION is your Superheroine Secret Weapon

Get ready to fight the October blues with this super potent, scientifically proven, superior skin supplement. COMBEAU©, THE SKIN PERFECTION is your secret weapon this Fall.

The colder months are slowly approaching, bringing with them the need to go back to a more structured work and life balance, and perhaps, new beginnings.  
During this time of the year, it is possible to feel stressed and sometimes even out of energy. This pressure can reflect on our skin and overall health and result in imperfections, bloating and deficiencies in our immune system. This is the right time to start committing to an effective supplement regime. COMBEAU©, THE SKIN PERFECTION is a complete cure: entirely natural, super potent and backed by science. Every single ingredient in the formula is there for a reason, and together, they truly make the perfect COMBEAU©. 
This multi-active concentrate stimulates cell rejuvenation and targets the main causes of skin imbalance. As a true inside cream, it reveals your skin’s natural beauty by reducing imperfections, awakening radiance and slowing down cellular aging. It has also been proven to help with balancing your digestive cycle and reduce stress levels. The high percentage of vitamin C is a super effective immune system booster too. Just two capsules a day and you'll have a complete cure and your secret super-heroine weapon to fight this season's blues.
Full-spectrum Antioxidant
(SOD B + Astaxanthine + Zinc + Vitamine C)
A unique blend of primary & secondary natural, powerful antioxydants to neutralize free radicals, prevent oxidative stress and fight against premature cellular aging.
Organic Acerola - natural source of Vitamine C
When talking about collagen synthesis, Vitamine C is a must-have. As the richest natural source of vitamin C that can be found, Acerola is your go to collagen booster. 
This magic superfood also strengthen your immune system, helps combat fatigue signs and stimulate your energy.
Unique blend of carotenoids to boost your glow
(beta-carotene + lycopene + crocine + astaxanthin)
This unique synergy of carotenoids will help you turn your precious summer tan into a full-time perfect healthy glow.
Patented Safran 
In Ayurveda, Saffron has been used for long to cure chronic diseases such as asthma, arthritis, skin diseases, spasmodic and digestive disorders.
Combeau’s patented Saffron, and its active combination - of Safromotivines, Crocine, Safranal - have been proven to correct stress, reduce signs of anxiety and improve sleep quality.
By promoting the serotonin diffusion through the gut and thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, this super powerful ingredient also helps reduce IBS symptoms and ease digestion.

"I've been testing COMBEAU© for over a month now and I've definitely developed some very strong opinions about it. My skin has never been overly problematic, however I suffer from hormonal breakouts and I get very painful and congested spots during PMS, especially on my chin and forehead. This month has come and gone without a single pimple and I know it's down to my skin supplements. COMBEAU© is the perfect supplement for skincare lovers too: its action amps up the effects of every topical treatment. I am a fan". MF

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