How Using Different Face Masks at the Same Time Can Rapidly Improve Your Skin

Known and loved for providing an intensive treatment in just a few minutes, masks are an essential in your skincare cabinet. The type of mask you use usually depends on your skin type but using one mask alone is often not enough to cater for all your skin’s demands.

To provide optimal care for your face, we at Susanne Kaufmann ™ recommend “multi-masking” – aka using a variety of different face masks.
The Importance of Protection
Our skin is subject to numerous internal and external influences each day. UV rays, pollution, diet, stress, and age are just some of the factors that affect our skin every day. How our bodies react with these factors is often immediately visible on our skin. For this reason, not only do we recommend cleansing thoroughly morning and evening, but giving your skin an additional treatment twice a week using a mask. Your hands will also appreciate a bit of pampering: gentle exfoliation will enhance the soothing and hydrating benefits of our Hand Cream and Hand Lotion.
For dehydrated skin in need of a burst of moisture: The Susanne Kaufmann™ Moisturizing Mask is a great weekly mask that is suitable for all skin types, but especially those with dehydrated skin that often feels dry and tight.
For areas of the face prone to redness: If a certain area of your face is prone to redness, the Susanne Kaufmann™ Calming Mask will restore the skin’s balance. Formulated with St. John’s wort, marigold blossoms and fireweed flowers, the mask has an instant soothing and harmonizing effect on the skin. Apply the Calming Mask to these specific areas, while the Moisturizing Mask pampers the rest of the face.
For skin in need of a radiance boost: Lackluster, tired looking skin can be woken with a refreshing boost by the Susanne Kaufmann™ Glow Mask.
For skin in need of firming: For a rapid firming effect, apply the Susanne Kaufmann™ Lifting Mask Line A to your face, together with the Moisturizing Mask for your neck and chest for the ultimate lifting treatment. To take it a step further, after you have removed both masks, apply the Susanne Kaufmann™ Eye Cream Line A to restore radiance to the eye area. For a more intense eye treatment, apply a thick layer of the eye cream and leave it to work. If your eyes are really tired, try Susanne Kaufmann’s top tip: soak two cotton pads with rose water and place them over the eye area.
At the Susanne Kaufmann™ Spa in Bezau, Austria, we gently heat the masks and use a special mask brush to apply them evenly. For treatments at home, our beauty experts recommend preparing the recommended amount of the mask (for full-face treatment about the size of a 20-euro-cent piece, for special masks less) in a cup or on a small plate. Wet the mask brush with warm water and then paint the mask gently onto the skin. Our masks have a 15-minute application time. To remove, we recommend using a face cloth and warm water to remove the mask as gently as possible without rubbing or dragging the skin.
Want more? Why not give your hands a mask treatment with the Susanne Kaufmann™ Hand Cream Nourishing? Apply a thick later to hands and massage in, then leave it to work for five minutes and your skin will feel wonderfully soft and supple.
Susanne’s Top Masking Tip
As masks provide the skin with intensive care, using them once per week should be sufficient. In the case of acute skin problems such as acne/blemishes or acute redness, the special masks such as the Calming Mask can also be used on affected areas daily.
All credits text and ph: Susanne Kaufmann™