Why Susie Mermaid's Sirens Glow Firming Radiance Mask is a game-changer

The Sirens Glow mask feels refreshing and tingly on the skin and gives the complexion an instant boost, it has the effect of a gentle peel. The aroma is natural and transportive, and the high-performance silky formulation is 76 % organic. #MaskingMonth

This skin brightening treatment was inspired by refreshing dips into the clear water lakes of Sweden. I took a road trip right through Sweden, with a stop off for a friend’s wedding and drove all the way to the magical north for a booking at the restaurant Faviken.
The lakes are enchanting and infused with one of my favourite ingredients – spirulina, the mineral-rich waters felt rejuvenating and tingly on my body and I thought about how wonderful it would be to recapture these sensations and formulate a face mask that transported the experience of being so close to nature, surrounded by tall trees and the peace and tranquillity of the energy, perfectly regenerative and restorative. Still, waters run deep is a known expression.
The formulation is a blend of skin healing ingredients including Spirulina, sea kelp and beauty industry favourite, lactic acid. This skin-enhancing formulation contains a potent blend of organic botanical actives. Spirulina is a superfood that grows in both saltwater and freshwater lakes. It boasts a rich content of minerals, vitamins and essential fatty acids, scientifically proven to have anti-ageing results on the skin.
These therapeutic ingredients are multi-tasking, firstly the lactic acid content removes dead skin cells, promoting healthy cell regeneration and performing like a very gentle facial peel to reveal fresh-faced radiance. The sensation feels tingly on the skin and awakens mermaid radiance. The results emulate an invigorated complexion after a rejuvenating dip into a cool lake. Lactic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid known to lighten dark spots, reduce wrinkles, fade age spots and stimulate collagen production.
The volcanic clay content draws grease, pollution and impurities from the pores, having a deep cleansing effect, tightening the pores to minimise their appearance.  The antibacterial and anti-microbial properties within the formulation help to remove surface bacteria that can cause acne and blemishes. The therapeutic qualities in the shea butter soften, heal and hydrate the skin, plumping fine lines while targeting inflammation to even the skin tone and reduce redness and blemishes. The inclusion of Kaolin mineral clay reduces oiliness to balance the skins oil levels.
We have included anti-inflammatory aloe vera, a healing skin conditioner containing vitamin B complex and vitamin C, the polysaccharides have benefits of skin barrier protection and anti-microbial characteristics that soothe and calm the skin. The humectant effects of nutrient-rich sea kelp boost superior hydration levels and infuse skin with antioxidants that defend skin ageing. With additional medicinal healing properties from the aromatic herbal oils, this high-performance mask has resurfacing qualities, allowing the other potent organics in our leave-on products such as Luna Tide to absorb deeply, ensuring spa-grade facial results at home. Red seaweed known as Irish moss is an antioxidant, containing peptides and amino acids that hydrate, smooth and plump your complexion.
My focus when creating the capsule collection was to transport the calming energy of my wellbeing retreats into the hands of all mermaids though luxury holistic skincare products that would awaken and transport all of the senses, providing moments of self-nurture in busy lives. The Sirens Glow Mask gives tired dull complexions a vital boost of luminosity and its tingly sensation and coastal-inspired aroma uplifts the spirits and sense of wellbeing. Smooth onto skin lovingly and relax in the bath or even apply while you have a quick shower. The results are instantly visible with long term use benefits. Skin feels so clean and soft to the touch afterwards.
The formulation maintains its active potency in the chic recyclable airless pump. Use twice weekly or whenever you need a vital boost of radiance. Take on vacation or enjoy during your staycation.
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Credits Ph: Susie Mermaid.