The Beauty Expert's Holiday Gift Guide: Karo Herr


After five years spent an editor at ELLE and Harper’s Bazaar, Karo Herr decided to say Auf Wiedersehen to print magazines and start her very own blog. Here are her Muse & Heroine Holiday Picks.

Founder and all-around amazing woman behind Frollein Herr, a blogzine where she shares her insight on fashion, beauty, and interior design. Her aesthetic is a mix of minimal style and maximum color, with constant attention to beautiful things. This is her Muse & Heroine Holiday Wishlist.
BeVivid Water Bottle Square Bubble 
Bevivid water bottle actually is the perfect gift for almost everyone. Because almost everyone should improve their water intake for health and skincare benefits. I myself got my first Bevivid water bottle about three years ago and am still completely convinced of it’s simple but effective benefits. Whether on the desk, in the hand bag or next to the sofa: As long as there is this handy (and also very pretty) water bottle you remember to drink more water. And since it has worked so well for me, it’s a great gift for a loved one.
Susanne Kaufmann Eye Cream Line A
This eye cream is a game changer! And since my sister recently had a baby (and we all know how much sleep a new mom gets) it would be the perfect gift for her. Before I tried this eye cream by Susanne Kaufmann, I was happy with almost all eye creams – simply because I rarely saw a result. But this goodie changed my expectations! It’s effective, has a great texture, lasts very long and definitely is worth its money. But since I know that my sister would currently not treat herself to this little luxury, I might treat her instead.
Susanne Kaufmann Oil Bath For The Senses
After a rough 2020 we all deserve a little time-out, right? So why not gift this amazing oil bath? It smells incredible, eases mind and body and forces even the busiest of us to take a little time for themselves. By the way: 500 ml last a looooong time – and since 2021 will probably be exhausting too, this will be a gift that keeps on giving!
Seed To Skin The Divine Cleanse
Nothing is more important when it comes to skincare than a real good cleanse. One that I tried and really loved was the divine cleanse by seed to skin. It’s effective but gentle and incredibly luxurious. A great gift for a friend that always asks for skincare recommendations.
The Glow Everything Oil
Another game changer: All the products from the German organic beauty brand The Glow. It’s quite hard to choose just one favourite as I love all of them, but if I had to choose I would definitely gift the Everything oil. It works for every skin type, balances, calms, nourishes and even works for hair. A real allrounder that even friends with a very short beauty routine can use.
Credits Text and Header Ph: Karo Herr.