The Beauty Expert's Holiday Gift Guide: Lisa Leinweber


Lisa Leinweber is a beauty expert and Beauty Editor at InStyle Germany, These are her clean beauty, Holiday Season Muse & Heroine Christmas Gift Picks.

Lisa Leinweber is a bright soul. She loves traveling, discovering new trends, but most of all she is a beauty addict - like all of us here at Muse and Heroine. We are delighted to share with you her holiday gift guide.
Ubuna Brighten Maximum Glow Serum

Everyone knows that antibodies protect against viruses. Japanese researchers found out even more by chance: The little helpers freshen up the ceramides of the skin and defend it against harmful environmental influences. The Ubuna Wow Serum builds on it and gives the Japanese women the enviable skin glow. For everyone who likes luxury care with high-tech ingredients.
Sentara Holistic Secret Sage
Fragrant hocus-pocus: The ceremonial burning of white sage has a long tradition. It is said to cleanse the aura and bring back positive vibes. The perfect Christmas present for the friend who has finally broken out of the toxic relationship and wants to start all over next year.
 Monastery XX Glycolic
Years ago, I had my very own first AHA experience with fruit acid, especially the skin care superstar glycolic acid. The gentle acids loosen the upper layer of dead skin cells, they shrink pores and thus reduce skin impurities. Since then, they have been an indispensable part of my bathroom shelf as the holy grail for an even complexion.
Alexis Smart I Quit
Bach flower essences are all the rage with Hollywood stars. The reason for the hype: The celebrity homeopath Alexis Smart breathed new life into the somewhat outdated health movement. Her homeopathy potions with charming names like "I Quit" and "My Personal Assistant" are supposed to help with concentration problems, stress, insomnia and PMS. Simply drip onto the tongue several times a day.
8 Faces Boundless Solid Oil 
The perfect gift for beauty minimalists who value natural ingredients: solid multi-balms with valuable vegetable oils turn into rich oil when combined with body heat. Not only do you pamper dry areas of skin on your face and body, but also brittle hair ends.
 Sentara Holistic Gua Sha Corne Améthiste
A great gift for home spa fans: a Gua Sha stone made of beautiful amethyst. A gentle facial massage is part of the perfect morning ritual. It activates the lymph nodes and quickly disappears puffy cheeks and swollen eyelids. Incidentally, the reason for the puffy morning face lies in the body's lymphatic system: When we lie down, the lymph fluid, which sinks into the legs due to gravity during the day, is evenly distributed horizontally.
 Kypris Antioxidant Dew
Antioxidants are the absolute heroes when it comes to glowing skin and natural glow. Why? They have the skincare superpower to neutralize free radicals in the skin, thus stop oxidative processes and literally don't make us look old. The best present for your favourite shooting star.
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All Credits Text and Ph: Lisa Leinweber