The Italian Girl Beauty Recipe

Get ready to live la Dolce Vita with this roundup of the best beauty advice Italian women swear by.

From the stunning art and architecture to colorful runaway fashion, to their exuberant flair for ice-cream flavors, Italians' passion for beautiful things seems to be engraved in their DNA along with an unhealthy addiction to carbohydrates. Italian people of all ages are obsessed with feeling and looking their best.
For a start, it's important to note how the main element of an Italian-inspired beauty routine is to take actions that feel good, before even looking at how they make us appear. The key to the Italian art of beauty is really self-confidence. Another very important element of the Italian approach is that it carefully avoids in-your-face, excessive beauty trends.
Italian women have been passing down their rituals from generation to generation, creating a simple routine that somewhat is able to grace anyone, at any age. It's effortless, chic and timeless and looks good whether you're going to the grocery store or you have an important gala dinner in glamorous Milan, Naples or Rome.
So what is it about Italian beauty routines that keep women looking gorgeous with minimal effort and plenty of pasta?

It should come as no surprise, but it all starts with the Mediterranean diet: carbs, plenty of colorful fruit & veg, and a small amount of low-fat local animal-derived products. Top grade nutrients are fundamental to feed and boost the health of your skin, hair, and nails.
Remember, olive oil has it all: from a ton of beauty benefits from anti-aging vitamin E and A to skin-nourishing polyphenols & phytosterols, and deeply hydrating squalene, olive oil is as much a staple on the dining table as it is on the beauty counter. Use it to hydrate rough patches on the body, the ends of your hair, or as a bath oil.

Drink tons of fresh water (and use the best reusable glass bottles to make it sustainable!), a glass of wine here and there (stress makes you look tired and older, so!) and take a lot of vitamin D from the bright Italian sun (but don’t forget your SPF- here's one of our faves). 
Before applying makeup, the first step to achieve the Italian glow is a very nourishing skincare routine. Then, the main elements are fresh-looking skin, plenty of mascara to intensify your eyes, and a hint of sheer color on the lips and cheeks. You won’t see Italian women layering on makeup on a daily basis: in Italy, it’s all about nurturing your skin and highlighting its best features.
Ditch gel manicures in favor of clear polish and leave your eyebrows al naturale. Add a spritz of your favorite floral/citrusy fragrance (nothing smells more Italian than that), and you’ve conquered the Italian-approved Dolce Vita look