The LYMA Founder - A True Beauty Innovator

Meet Lucy Goff, the co-founder of LYMA with a background from journalism and PR until a health scare made her change her life! 

Lucy Goff’s quest for better led her to quit her job and instead dedicate her time to help others who, like herself, had experienced hopelessness and looking for ways to feel well again. She’s a fearless leader who takes the challenges of entrepreneurship not a s a burden, but a gift. 



Before being a revolutionary laser device, LYMA was born as a break-through supplement. Can you tell us a bit about your background and how was LYMA born? 


My motivation for starting LYMA was born out of a really scary time in my life. After I had my daughter, I was diagnosed with sepsis and spent weeks in hospital whilst they battled to save my life.  I left hospital feeling completely drained and unable to function. It was one of those serendipity moments, I was on a recuperation weekend with my mum in Geneva and I happened to bump into Dr. Paul Clayton, one of the world’s leading longevity doctors who was in the city on a conference. He introduced me to a category of supplementation that worked, he called it ‘evidence-based nutrition’ and within a few weeks of taking, I felt well enough to return to work which was just the most incredible feeling.  This was the idea behind LYMA, I knew there were millions of people suffering just like me, but due to lack of regulation, over 90% of the supplement industry is nothing more than placebo. Ingredients either aren’t needed, aren’t absorbed or aren’t dosed correctly. The LYMA formula was based on the same formula Paul prescribed to me, we launched the Supplement in 2018 and haven’t looked back since.  Today we’re changing the lives of so many people who either can’t sleep, feel stressed or feel like they’ve lost their edge in life and looking to make their move again.
At LYMA, we’re not interested in promising anything we can’t deliver. Our formula contains nine of the best, patented ingredients, each one clinically tested, peer-reviewed, dosed correctly, and more bioavailable than their organic counterparts. For example, you may have heard extracts such as ashwagandha, turmeric and saffron can benefit you, but organic turmeric is a complete waste of money as it’s not recognized by the body and many ashwagandha supplements are alarmingly toxic.  
This is the reason we exclusively formulate with medical-grade ingredients, guaranteeing stability, bioavailability, levels of actives, zero toxicity and most importantly results.  Each ingredient is proven to fight inflammation in the body, improve your skin and hair, improve your sleep and reduce stress.  LYMA takes you beyond ‘wellness’, it’s life changing. 
What inspired you to create the LYMA Laser System, after launching what is possibly the industry leader supplement?
Just as the LYMA Supplement disrupted the supplement industry with a new category of evidence-based nutrition, we wanted to offer the same results driven product in the skincare device category – something that really worked with real results. Anyone can sell anything in the beauty gadget sphere without delivering tangible results. They might give you a bit of a glow or a temporary ‘lift’ but that’s about all they’re technically capable of doing. The LYMA Laser is something else entirely: it’s the world’s most powerful at home laser that tackles more skin conditions than any other device on the market. It’s also the only laser suitable for use on all skin types and tones.
This technology is 100 times more powerful than near infrared LED, and can reverse skin ageing, reduce wrinkle depth, heal scar tissue, improve rosacea and pigmentation. All without damaging a single cell in the process.  The LYMA Laser has completely recalibrated the potential of what can be achieved outside of a clinic. For the first time, people can achieve professional skincare results in the comfort of their home. 
  How is the LYMA Laser different from LED therapy?
Not all light therapy is equal. Near infrared LED has become a popular technology, but it  cannot penetrate the skin in the way that diffused near infrared laser can.  This is because LED is an incoherent light source, the rays are wiggly lines that run in all different directions, so it’s not able to penetrate through dense surface like the skin and have a physiological effect, instead it just bounces off the surface. So LED is good to stimulate epidermal turnover at the surface of the skin, which can have an effect on smoothness and give you a glow, but wrinkle reduction has to be targeted from the bottom layers of the skin where the fibroblasts are, and there is no evidence to prove that LED can reach these layers. We do include Blue LED in our device to help with surface bacteria on the skin when using the device.
The LYMA Laser technology on the other hand is entirely different. It’s 100x more powerful than near infrared LED, this is because it’s a coherent light source. The light runs in a straight line and is able to penetrate through all the layers of the skin, past the fat and muscle tissue without losing physiological power. Because the light is diffused, it’s completely cold and doesn’t damage any cell in order to regenerate like near infrared LED. This revolutionary technology triggers a genetic switch inside each of your skin cells. The cells associated with ageing are switched off, and the cells associated with renewal are switched on. More and more cells that had naturally stopped working and producing collagen as a result of the ageing process are switched back on again. They start to produce collagen and the skin starts to behave like it did before the ageing process started. The LYMA Laser delivers complete reversal of the ageing process. It really does change everything.
 How does the LYMA Laser System work and how is it different from other devices in the market?
The LYMA Laser is different from all other lasers. At home cosmetic lasers tend to be diode lasers, infrared and very low energy, between 5 and 20 mW. Designed to focus on water, and damage tissue by creating intense heat, which stimulates the body’s own repair response to bring about the production of collagen and repair the dermis.  This type of laser is not suitable for people with black or darker skin tones, it’s not a safe, long-term solution and is entirely different to the photobiomodulation produced by the LYMA Laser.
The LYMA Laser is 500mW, the most powerful at home laser. It works by using ultra-diffused lens technology which disperses the near infrared laser beam 25,000 times. This removes all the heat from the laser and the light is able to penetrate through all the layers of the skin without losing physiological power. The laser light triggers a genetic switch inside each of your cells, switching off the genes associated with ageing and switching on genes associated with renewal and tissue repair. This technology took years to develop by the world’s leading laser professors. No other device works like this or has results like this. The LYMA Laser is a whole new category of skin renewal and has recalibrated the potential of what’s possible outside of a clinic.
The LYMA Laser Starter Kit also includes The LYMA Active Mist and LYMA Priming Serum, engineered to enhance the results of the LYMA Laser, targeting the epidermis and dermis with a potent combination of highly bioavailable oxygen, patented stem cell technology and beta glucans which are proven to regenerate the skin’s cellular-matrix even further.
Light therapy and lasers are a very hot topic nowadays, yet many people are afraid or skeptical. Can you tell us what are the main concerns that laser can treat? Is LYMA safe to self-use at home?
People are generally afraid of the use of lasers due to the skin injury and pain factor, this is the key difference with the LYMA Laser.  It is the only at home beauty device able to reverse the signs of ageing, to treat everything from wrinkles, to scars, rosacea, acne and pigmentation and without damaging a single cell in the process. It’s completely safe to use at home - that’s why it’s billed as the breakthrough beauty device of the decade.
 Can you give us 3 pro tips on how to use LYMA Laser at its best? 
  • Use the LYMA Laser for thirty minutes daily to see optimal results on the area you’re looking to treat.
  • For trouble spots such as deep brow lines, hold the laser still over the wrinkle for 3 minutes.
  • Consistency is key! You must use it every day for up to 12 weeks to see results and then it’s a case of using a couple of times a week to maintain results.
Can you reveal the best step-by-step skincare routine incorporating LYMA Laser?
             Step 1 – Always double cleanse your skin
             Step 2 – Apply the LYMA Active mist, this will provide a flood of oxygen to the skin which increases circulation
             Step 3 – Once the mist is fully absorbed, apply the LYMA Priming serum, which provides more oxygen to the deeper layers of your skin. It has patented stem cell technology which allows the fibroblasts to communicate better and beta glucans which hoover up any debris in your skin.
                Step 4 – Follow with your usual skincare regime, we love In Fiore Fleur Vivant facial oil and Calecim multi-action stem cell cream. There are no contraindications, you can use with sunscreen, retinol or any of your favourite products.
             Step 4 – Then slowly glide the LYMA Laser over your skin for 30 minutes on each target area.
The supplement mentioned in the interview above is COMING VERY SOON to Muse and Heroine. Stay tuned!