The Muse & Heroine Giving Friday is Here

In the last couple of months, something amazing started to happen: a  community of curious and forward-thinking individuals seeking a holistic and health-conscious lifestyle gathered.

We have been blessed with the best self-love community ever: we`re so grateful for all the love and support we get every day from our Muses and Heroines.
We believe in shared energy, community, and celebration. That’s why on this so called “Black Friday”, we created something super special for you. As you know, we work with small, independent, sustainable and ethical brands and human beings. Therefore, crazy discount policies are not on our radar. They’re simply not sustainable, and very far from what we believe in as a human company.
We want to celebrate these days as a kick-off for the holiday season.
We want to celebrate with you the importance of self-love.

Starting today Thursday 26th of November, until Tuesday December 1st.

Get your free Muse & Heroine Leo Goodie Bag: a highly curated and very exclusive selection of the cleanest, most visionary, and inspiring health and beauty brands from all around the globe in a special sample size with a value of over 300,00 €. Free with every order of 200,00€.
What’s inside your goodie bag?
A taste of the very best clean beauty, health, and wellbeing brands available. Get ready to take your self-care rituals to the next level. Here’s the brands you’ll find inside this lovely leopard print bag.
Ps: we have been overwhelmed with your love and support and we are working to respond to your amazing request at the best of our abilities. However availability is limited, and samples may be switched out when out of stock. But don't worry, we will still make sure to curate an awesome self-care bundle for each and everyone of our muses and heroines!
Pauline Rochas:

Pauline Rochas was born into the world of scent. Her grandfather, Marcel Rochas, created the iconic perfume Femme for his wife and muse – the legendary Hélène Rochas. Hélène was a visionary whose influence was felt in the world of art, culture and fashion. This left an indelible impression on the young Pauline, who would accompany her grandmother to the ballet and opera, where she met great artists. Nature would take on this magical allure. It would intertwine with fragrance and memory to become part of Pauline’s heritage.

Cosmetics 27:
27 is the biological age: the time to start preventing the ageing process. All clean beauty products created by pharmacist Michèle Evrard are powered by Centella Asiatica, an ayurvedic medicinal plant renowned for its skin healing properties. Genuine alchemies that naturally help the skin recover and maintain its balance, health and beauty. 
Discover this luxurious, certified organic, Australian skincare range inspired by native plant oils. Minimal packaging and excellent results, for products that created a real buzz in the green beauty community.
Another high-performance, holistic beauty powerhouse that doesn’t need any introduction. This sustainably sourced skincare range rich of botanical ingredients are so luxurious, they’ll have you feeling like an actual Greek goddess.
Susanne Kaufmann:
This skincare range does not need any introduction. Susanne Kaufmann is the founder of one of the clean beauty industry's pioneering brands, and her holistic approach and wellness expertise have changed the beauty world forever.
Kristen Noel Crawley founded KNC Beauty after a lifechanging trip to Tokyo, where she discovered the magical world of lip masks. Realizing that most versions on the market contained a lot of obscure ingredients and harsh chemicals, she decided to create her own range of adorable, and very Instagram-friendly all-natural and collagen-infused lip and eye masks. Their deeply hydrating formula – praised by Hollywood royalty - leaves the skin feeling smooth, plumped, and primed for makeup.
Nazan Schnapp:
Nazan Schnapp founded her luxury natural skincare company in Switzerland in 2011. Her Turkish roots and her passion for natural, organic and pioneering ingredients lead her to create a high-performance, ethically sustainable, 100% natural skincare range.
Seed to Skin:
Seed to Skin is a unique skincare range expertly formulated by combining natural ingredients with advanced molecular science to harness the true power of nature. Crafted by hand at Tuscan estate Borgo Santo Pietro (aka heaven on earth), using high concentrations of active ingredients and natural carriers, it truly is a results-driven line of products.
Agent Nateur: 
Agent Nateur founder Jena Covello created this high-performance beauty range between the South of France and sunny California. Delivered with a dose of holistic education and recommendations to take away and implement into your own life, Agent Nateur is a deep dive into beauty, health and wellbeing. From the most chic and effective stick deodorants to extremely refined anti-aging face and body oils, this luxurious line is GMO, soy, paraben, sulphate, aluminum and petroleum free.
Japanese skin care is traditionally based on products and ingredients with long-term efficacy. This is the case with the innovative serums from UBUNA. Their extraordinary effectiveness lies in antibody technology, a by-product of medical research at the University of Osaka. A high-tech line for individual skin care with visible effects.
Ancient & Brave:
Created by naturopath Annelie Whitfield and media lawyer turned entrepreneur Kate Prince, Ancient & Brave specializes in collagen-packed products, designed to boost metabolism, cognition, and performance, while focusing on protecting the planet and the environment. Their range of delicious, nutritionally rich and high-performance products allows enhancing wellbeing, through a change in lifestyle and fasting strategies inspired the Brave Method.
In 2011, Athena Hewett opened a skincare studio in San Francisco to treat her patients with different methods of oil cleansing, water free moisturizing and alcohol and salt free skincare. Alongside her practice, Athena introduced a collection of natural skincare — a blend of the best nature has to offer, with essential oils carefully chosen for their non-irritating properties. Each ingredient is of the purest form and highest quality. A tightly curated product range, made in small batches at Monastery's studio in San Francisco.
Cecilia Holistic Beauty:
Prepare to be obsessed with this skincare gem: this range of luxury holistic clean beauty with ancient roots is handmade in Italy by Dr. Cecilia Perotti with the finest organic, wild-harvested botanicals.
Do you sometimes find that supplements can be least favourite part of your self-care daily routine? Well, think again. Depuravita creates amazing-looking and stunningly formulated supplements that will help you clear the mind and body.
Muse & Heroine Bag:
Sustainable and completely handmade, this vanity bag is perfect to travel with all your precious beauty products without being afraid: it is designed and made to storage and protect glass bottles and jars. In the signature, Muse & Heroine Leopard Print.
Total Value: over 300,00 €
How can you get your goodie bag? Insert code GIVINGFRIDAY at checkout with every purchase of 200,00€!
We hope you have an amazing, safe week – filled with ethical and sustainable black-Friday shopping and magical self-care tools.
The Self-Love Team.