Let yourself be carried away by Japanese charm with Uka beauty

In Japanese, 羽化 - UKA means when a pupa comes out of the cocoon and becomes a butterfly. As a total beauty salon brand, Uka’s aim is to help men and women become beautiful and spread beauty through the world, like butterflies pollinate flying from one flower to another.

True beauty is not only about appearance but about confidence.
You can become beautiful by changing your hairstyle, nail color, get a great manicure, but in order to feel beautiful, you must feel self satisfaction. USA's mission is to make sure confidence and happiness naturally appear on everyone's face. “Beauty is a joy. Receiving compliments is also a joy. Joyfulness brings a smile on the face. We think that the smile evolved from confidence and satisfaction is ‘true beauty’” says the CEO Kiho Watanabe.

Kiho Watanabe is not a typical local manicurist from Tokyo who spends all day in the salon. She is a designated manicurist for the media and a nail art/care instructor. She manages the Uka salon that she founded, and is actively involved in brand and product development. Her passion for nail art is rooted in not just beautiful nails, but healthy nails. Further, nails should express individual beauty and to do this, Kiho draws from advanced and innovative trends, combined with Japanese beauty to resonate with women globally. Her talent has been buzzed about among Japanese celebrities and beauty mavens. She is also highly sought after for her focus on nail care treatments to achieve healthy nails. As president and producer of uka, she is currently opening new salons and continuing to grow her globally recognized brand and work.

Uka - Introducing the beauty range 
Having a data of 130,000 customers per year is very fortunate when it comes to product development. Through the salon operation, beauticians have accumulated their customer’s beauty concerns and wishes of an ideal product to treat outside the salon. Based in Tokyo, most of Uka’s customers are busy business men and women who do not have time to waste. Being experienced in satisfying such customers, Uka has set the target to men and women around the world who are
1. extremely busy
2. lazy in a sense of that they can’t be bothered with any thing troublesome
3. and demanding, meaning they know what exactly what they want.
Uka focuses on developing the products to solve issues that clients suffer from. Uka’s products are simple yet effective, fun, and easy to use continuously.
Uka - The Nail Oils
Uka nail oils are the iconic product of the Japanese house. Made in France in an organic distillery, these aromatherapy nail oils are 100% natural. A blend of argan oil, jojoba, sweet almond and wheat germ combined with a light touch of vanilla, portable for optimal hydration in any situation. How to use?
  1. Place the back of the hand toward you, and apply once or twice to the cuticles by sliding the tip of the bottle.
  2. Gently rub the nails against those of the other hand to allow the oil to spread evenly on each finger. You can also use the oil to hydrate your fingers; apply the oil to each finger then massage your fingers from the base to the end. Knead your fingers well and enjoy the sweet scent that exudes. 

Applied on the shoulders and the neck, it brings a feeling of freshness. It can also replace your perfume. A multi-use oil that can be used at anytime of daily life. Ideal for those with sensitive skin (or nose), and perfect for soothing chapped lips.

Uka - Body Care

This Japanese range features several different organic body washes formulated with a blend of luxurious essential oils for any time of the day and a body oil that feels like a warm hug. The body wash formula features luxurious essential oils blends are paired with mineral-rich Dead Sea salt for a sleek, smooth and dewy finish. The blend essential oils is effective for filing your heart with kindness.

The Body Oil is a decadent blend of precious Cyanara oil and argan oil for firm, radiant skin. A smooth, lightweight oily consistency that glides on and blends well with the skin. This product is ideal for self massages. The blend of ylang ylang, black pepper, mandarin orange and yuzu essential oil is effective for evoking the feeling you get when hugging a loved one or a pet.

If you have an questions or want to find out more about Uka's Japanese universe reach out to us on Instagram @muse_and_heroine.
Credits Ph: Uka