Discover your New, Award-Winning Japanese Haircare Secret with UKA

Japan has always been a rich source of beauty inspiration, from the ancient beauty traditions of geishas, to the advanced technology and sophisticated packaging of modern times.

Now, thanks to the rise of niche online beauty stores - such as our very own - Japanese beauty (also known as “J-Beauty”) has become a worldwide phenomenon, made popular by the amazing mix of traditional ingredients, innovative formulas, and cutting-edge design.
In japanese, 羽化 - Uka means when a caterpillar comes out of the cocoon and becomes a gorgeous butterfly. As a total beauty salon brand, Uka’s aim is to help customers become beautiful and spread beauty through the world, like butterflies pollinate flying from one flower to another. Magical, isn't it? According to Uka (and us!) true beauty is about confidence. UKA's mission is to make sure confidence and happiness naturally appear on everyone's face.
Based in Tokyo, most of Uka’s customers are busy business men and women who do not have time to wasteHaving a data of 130,000 customers per year is very fortunate when it comes to product development. Through their salons, UKA's expert practitioners have accumulated their customer’s beauty concerns, and helped create an ideal haircare range to take Japanese magic around the world. Introducing uka's award winning hair care series: a unique and innovative approach to natural hair care.
Step 1: Cleansing Rituals
Wake Up: Shampoo

Uka Shampoo 'Wake Up' is specially formulated for those with flat, dull, lifeless hair. This luxurious shampoo imparts body and resilience to soft flat hair, providing lift and bounce from the base of the hair. Herbal notes of rosemary and lavender with Valencia orange and Italian lemon, compose a fine harmony. So refreshing, it awakens your body and mind. It will react when combined with heat, and create lasting bounce and resilience. With continued use, this will increase the strength of your hair.

Nighty Night Shampoo

Uka 'Nighty night' shampoo is specially formulated for dry, frizzy hair and leaves it shiny, glossy and moisturised. It contains amino acids and argan oil to wash hair gently while suppressing frizziness and adding deep moisture - leaving your hair beautifully controlled with just the right amount of volume. The amino acid cleansing ingredient cocoil alanine Na washes gently, while the argan oil formulation suppresses volume and adds moisture, making hair easier to hold and control. Main component of sandalwood conveys rich and romantically appealing woody notes, and a touch of elegance added by natural damask rose water. It is a scent that recalls a tranquil night.

Step 2: Scalp Cleansing Ritual


Deep & Light Scalp Cleansing

How often do you carefully cleanse your scalp? Your scalp is the same layer of the skin as your face. Even if you shampoo on daily basis, the build-ups from sebum, grime, or hair products such as dry shampoo can remain on the scalp and clog the pores. Cleansing is the best way to maintain clean, healthy scalp and grow beautiful hair. Formulated with anti-aging and antioxidant Coenzime Q10. Hypo-allergenic. 

Kenzan Scalp Brush

 A silicone brush that can be used on the wet or dry scalp. This mold-free brush you can keep in your bathroom, has spiky bits to clean your scalp thoroughly whilst pushing pressure points. A KENZAN, also called spiky frog, is a specific device used in the Japanese art of flower arrangement Ikebana for fixing the flowers in the container. Uka named the scalp brush after it due to its similar looks. When using KENZAN, the most important point is to enjoy its pleasant feeling.

Step 3: Hair Treatments


Wake Up! Hair Treatment

Hair Treatment 'Wake Up' helps repair and restore limp, dull hair for extreme shine and volume with a light finish (no heaviness!). Natural plant-derived ingredients such as hydrogenated grapeseed, argan oil, squalane, and macadamia nut oil give outstanding luster and moisture retention to the hair. This treatment also contains a special ingredient (y-docosalactone) that encourages hair strands to reinforce and strengthen with heat application (i.e. blow drying). Can also be used as a leave-in treatment. Approximately 97% derived from natural raw materials.

Nighty Night Hair Treatment

Hair Treatment 'Nighty Night' is a mask-type conditioner that provides deep moisture to help repair damaged and uncontrollable hair, leaving it glossy, strong, and manageable. This treatment also contains a special ingredient (y-docosalactone) that encourages hair strands to reinforce and strengthen with heat application (i.e. blow drying). Formulated with argan oil and shea butter to add glow to your hair. As with the shampoo, it is a scent that recalls a tranquil night that hugs you gently with clemency.

Step 4: Hair Oils


Mist on The Beach Hair Oil

UKA Hair Oil Mist 'On The Beach' is the fluffy, light double-layer oil mist prevents damage from UV rays such as cuticle breakage and bleaching. This hair oil mist replenishes a good balance of oil and moisture to hydrate, detangle, and tame hair without weighing it down. UKA Hair Oil Mist UKA Hair Oil Mist boosts a cheerful mood with the sweet scent of vanilla plus a fresh hint of mint.

Rainy Walk Hair Oil

UKA hair oil 'Rainy walk' is a luxurious hair oil that helps to tame and add shine to kinky, puffy hair and projecting locks caused by humidity.
It blows the blues away on a rainy day with the refreshing scent of mint and citrus.

Windy Lady Hair Oil

Start your days with healthier, nourished hair thanks to a powerful blend of amino acids. Combat the effects of static dryness and cuticle loss with the Windy Lady hair oil from uka. The lightweight formula is enriched with smoothing moringa, argan and acai oil to hydrate without the added weight, while leaving behind the refreshing fragrance of ylang ylang, lavender and sandalwood.


If you have an questions or want to find out more about Uka's Japanese universe reach out to us on Instagram @muse_and_heroine.
Credits Ph: Uka