What Superwomen Really Want This Valentine’s Day

This year, the true Valentine’s gift is to fall in love with yourself. Sometimes – especially in challenging times, like the one we’re in it right now - we forget how important it is to fill up our own love tank before we shower others with love.

And with February and Valentine’s Day coming up, this can be hard to even remember to do.
As a wise woman once said “if you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you’re going to love somebody else’” (all Ru Paul stans, we hear you!).
 So this February, we at Muse & Heroine are all about encouraging our lovely community to give back to yourself. Keep on reading this Love Letter, and find all the ways we’ve come up with to help you put yourself first on the special month of LOVE.
Treat your Inner Goddess 
Feeling virtuous physically can also have a positive effect on self-confidence levels. Sexual activity is an all-around great manner of making us look and feel fresher and fiercer. When clean beauty meets intimate-care, magic happens. Discover these enchanted recipes to enhance femininity, awake your inner goddess and take your self-care practice to the next level.
Inspired by black onyx, the stone of harmony, mystery and surrender, BURNING FOR YOU evokes a heady and lush undercurrent easing you into letting go. The top notes add an edgy hint of spice to the seductive ambiance. Cardamon leads you into deep woody forests with its aromatic resinous tones. At the heart of this flame, the woodiness of Birch, Patchouli and Sandalwood permeate the air. The hypnotic nuance of saffron is reminiscent of a bitter sweet attraction. Grounded in a provocative leather accord with precious Oud and Amber, Vanilla brings that final touch of sweetness.
Revere your most intimate areas with holi (sex), formulated to hydrate, warm, and lift libido. Ambrosial fruit and floral oils support sensuality by elevating blood-oxygen saturation and radiating an aphrodisiacal aroma. Use on one’s own, with a partner, or after bathing to treat dryness anywhere on the body.
Bringing a lush, fecund, forest of beneficial botanicals to the feminine source of creativity. Use this Love elixir, this ambrosia, to play with your beloved or to bestow love to yourself. Rub along your limbs, and between your most intimate, delicate areas. This oil is to be used in reverence for the enjoyment of being in the realm of the senses. The harvested herbs are beneficial to a woman’s hormonal and libido strength. Kava Kava and Tulsi bring on a euphoric sense and relax the being, while Maca, schisandra, and damiana are known to enhance a woman’ hormones naturally and therefore the libido and inner fire. Damiana has been used before love making for centuries in parts of the Americas, while Red clover has been used to enhance fertility.
A delicate bouquet of primrose and rosehip oils enriched with the unique rose absolute essence. This rejuvenating omega rich oil illuminates, regenerates skin and reduces appearances of red spots and lines. The synergy of three roses to nourish and preserve our intimate sacred beauty. An eternal gift to skin from mother nature.
Auric spray to purify and energize subtle energies. This olfactory signature formulated and created by Mayia Alleaume. This clever blend of pure and certified organic essential oils: eucalyptus, globulus, lemon grass and Palo Santo, will allow you to find serenity, joy and abundance in your daily life. This juice is infused with hematite and rock crystals to bring you strength and kindness. This auric spray acts on our emotions and our soul in order to provide protection and harmonization.
Revere Your Inner and Outer Goddess 
Let`s start a new self-love clean beauty era. Clean, natural and sustainable products to enhance your own personal beauty, inside and out.
A mysterious and feminine blend of sweet and spice makes up this nourishing body oil. Lavish your skin with echos of the East with Cardamom, Sandalwood, and Ylang Ylang. Nectar body oil will envelop you in it’s sweet and sensual embrace. Soothing ylang ylang makes your heart sing, while powerful cardamom boosts the skin with phytonutrients, and sacred sandalwood soothes the spirit.
Pucker up, because your lips are about to get a treat. Your KNC lip mask will give you those plump, hydrated, soft, smooth, moisturized, kissable lips you’ve always wanted. And it’ll do all that without the chemicals. Instead of using harsh chemicals, your KNC mask uses natural, moisturizing plant extracts to protect your tender lips from the world’s harsh elements, like Chicago winters or your boyfriend’s 3-day stubble. Petroleum-free and infused with plumping collagen and moisturizing rose flower oil, vitamin e, and bitter cherry extract, it’s all natural, all day! Basically, your KNC lip mask is about to be your new BFF.
One of CLOVE + HALLOW's all-time bestselling products, this PETA-certified cruelty-free and vegan liquid-to-matte lipstick dries down to a comfortable budge-proof finish to last through a long work day, date night, or girls' night out. Infused with coconut oil, shea butter, and vitamin E, Lip Velvet delivers long-wear liquid lip color that hydrates and nourishes, too! 
It’s simple. We are responsible for what we wear on an everyday basis and what we decide to adorn our bodies with. Licia Florio is focused on the ideals of wellness, we believe that wearing nail polish is a ritual, that will ground you, that will give that precious time, just for you. It's a simple gesture and it's something for yourself. Licia Florio embraces and emphasizes the natural beauty that is in all of us, our colors are always soft and warm and will perfectly match every skin tone.  The high quality nail polishes are toxic-free: without unnecessary or harmful ingredients. They are vegan, cruelty free - not tested on animals and made in Italy.
Feed your Inner Goddess
Your feminine energy is a gift. Help your inner goddess flourish and express herself with the help of these Muse & Heroine approved self-care potions and remedies.
A fatty acids deficient diet may lead to anomalies and malfunctions that manifest also in the skin; for this reason it is very important to have an adequate dietary intake of polyunsaturated fatty acids. Lesan-el-Tour® is a dietary supplement created to provide an additional ratio of omega-6 essential polyunsaturated fatty acids which cannot be synthesized by the body and have therefore to be taken through food. Lesan-el-Tour® Borage oil is, moreover, a wonderful ally for women who suffer from irregular and painful periods.
Shizandra berry is one of the queen’s within tonic herbalism, as she embodies the unique trait of containing the five flavours. In Traditional Chinese Medicine flavours are seen as energetic signatures within a plant, demonstrating its distinct healing traits. The five flavours it contains are, sweet, bitter, salty, sour and pungent, directly signalling its all-encompassing and highly medicinal nature. One of Shizandra’s key elements is its adaptogen nature. It’s a masterful herb that protects and helps cope against many types of stress and the oxidative damage on a biological, mental and emotional level. Adaptogens also target our hormonal and limbic system, which directly influences our mood, emotional body, perception and more.
Herbal Chai is a warming Ayurvedic mix that includes cardamom, cloves, star anise, and a sprinkling of cinnamon. There is no tea / caffeine in our Chai mix. Rose is known in Ayurvedic tradition as a spiritual heart-opener. The chai intensifies the power of the cacao, while the sprinkling of rose petals provide moments of lightness on the palette.
Pearl powder, a life enhancing super nutrient that emerged in 350AD, was the best-kept secret of the ancient world. Mixed into the beauty elixirs and love potions of chinese empresses, pearl powder boost anti-aging and anti anxiety properties. It has been hailed a potent Shen Tonic, soul nourisher that boosts female vitality and inner calm. Today Pearl powder is well known for its health benefits, rich in amino acids, calcium and magnesium.
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