Feel Refreshed and Radiant with the Vegan Collagyn by Ancient + Brave

I think it was sometime around 2 years ago when I bumped into this highly interesting supplement ingredient for the first time: collagen.

Collagen is a protein found in bones, muscles, tendons and of course skin.
The collagen fibrils give the skin strength and elasticity. When getting older, the body produces less collagen.
There are of course more causes which affect collagen in a bad way like sugar, smoking and sunlight.
The good news: Collagen is resorbable
The good news: Collagen is resorbable, so it can be broken down, converted and absorbed by the body. But unfortunately, my enthusiasm quickly curbed, as I realized that all products I could find were manufactured with collagen from animals. Not an option for me, so I turned away.
Luckily, like with most innovative ingredients, there are developed more options and varieties of them over the time, often even better and with even more qualities.
Next generation of Collagen:  vegan, valuable and yummy
 So I was finally able to try this intriguing ingredient and the one I'm using for some time now, has an even wider range of nice ingredients and therefore more benefits.
The Radiant Collagyn by Ancient + Brave is formulated with collagen specific amino acids like glycine, proline and arginine and it’s completely vegan.
Beside this, it contains vitamin c and antioxidants like Flavanols and Polyphenols, inulin from chicory root, wild harvested seaweed and white tea extract. It refreshes and strengthens from within and it feels like my digestion also benefits from it.
Healthy Powder Power
I'm completely in love with it - beside the well-chosen ingredients, I love the taste. It's completely natural, refreshing and not too sweet. Raspberry and beetroot make a perfect tasty match, which can be complemented by fresh berries - I freeze a lot of berries from our farm during berry season and put them in the mixture together with the powder. 
Last but not least: the packaging is dark glass which can be perfectly reused. 
Cheers and happy Friday from my yummy radiant collagen drink and me!
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Credits Ph: Veronika Haslinger