We Tried Susie Mermaid’s 3 step at-home facial: here’s our thoughts

We know the struggle: 2020 has been a mostly-spa-free year. That’s why at Muse+Heroine we love to indulge in an at-home spa experience. We tried Susie Mermaid’s 3 step-at-home facial. Here’s how it went and why we think these three products are true game-changers.

At first, massaging your own face while burning incense and listening to sounds of the ocean in the dim light of your bathroom could feel a little weird. But with the right products and mindset, relaxation is assured.
We have tried Susie Mermaid’s 3 step-at-home facial. We loved it, so we'd like to share out tips and tricks with you. Here's how to do it. First thing first, clear the space in the bathroom and set a tranquil mood. If you’re feeling particularly stressed, take a few moments to focus on breath to really ground yourself. Take a deep breath, and dive in.
Step One - Cleanse
Start your facial by massaging one pump of the Ocean Serene Cleanser in upward circular motions, using firm fingertips onto dry skin of face and neck. The luxe formula contains herbal leaf extracts and plant seed oils that are rich in essential fatty acids which really nourish, soften and replenish the complexion. When the product starts to absorb into the skin, dip your fingertips into warm water and repeated the massage: this brings the formula back to life and gives the sensation of a double cleanse, turning the product into a milky consistency.
To remove, soften the Susie Mermaid facial sea sponge in warm water. Skin feels immediately clean but not stripped down and silky to the touch. The gorgeous smell is evocative of a fresh coastal walk and has a true aromatherapeutic effect.
Tip: If you have extremely reactive skin, you can use this cleanser in place of Sirens Glow as a leave-on mask. The Aloe Vera content is rich in vitamin B, vitamin C, and carotene which is a precursor of vitamin A - natures retinol. Along with the replenishing seaweeds, the coconut oil ingredient contains essential fatty acids and Vitamin E, best known for protecting skin cells from damage over time.
Step Two - Exfoliate
After cleansing, apply Sirens Glow mask to neck and face. The silky texture is lightweight and glides on and doesn’t feel heavy. Make sure to avoid getting into the eye area. This plant-based marine treatment is formulated with mineral- and vitamin-rich sea kelp and spirulina. It is an active product, so best for non-sensitive skins: it contains lactic acid which removes the dead skin cells and brightens the complexion. Hence the slight tingling as the fruit acids work their magic. The skin immediately feels firmer and more refined, but not stripped thanks to the shea butter and organic avocado oil contained in the formula. Because the clay draws impurities, grease, and pollution from the skin, it minimizes the appearance of pores. It also helps to make skin looking more even in tone while vitamin E helps to control inflammation.
This part of the ritual works like a very gentle peel, allowing the potency of the next products to penetrate deeply. Skin is instantly radiant. That's why this mask has quickly become one of our holy-grail products.
Step Three - Hydration and skin barrier protection 
After the mask, it’s time to apply a rejuvenating treatment oil – we used Susie Mermaid’s Luna Tide, which is a luxurious, potent concentrated oil that can be used both in the evening and morning, in various ways. Warning: the amazing smell can (and will) become an addiction.
Here it's possible to incorporate some manual lymphatic drainage techniques using a combination of hands and a gua sha tool. It’s always best to start with drainage of the neck first: always work downwards, to follow the flow of lymph, and to help clear toxins and promote a healthier complexion. Facial massage increases blood flow which nourishes the skin cells and promotes skin regeneration for a natural glow. Just as the tide ebbs and flows with its continual cycle of replenishment, as you sleep the skin cells regenerate. Luna Tide works in harmony with this process, absorbing the antioxidants and amino acids which skin loves for their age defending properties. The beautifying vitamins and minerals found in seaweeds are powerful skin therapy, and the sea buckthorn and rosehip oil are potent antioxidants. This powerful blend helps to soften the appearance of fine lines and revitalize the complexion overnight.
Final Steps: After the three steps, finish with tapping all over the face with firm fingertips, static fingers, and then raindrops. This helps to tone and firm the muscles. Focus on the jaw and forehead. Finally, end with very gentle strokes outwards and downwards over face to neck and collarbones. Prepare to look and feel revived and lifted.
We promise you won’t miss the outside world.
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All Credits PH: Susie Mermaid.