Meet Janine Knizia, founder of Muse & Heroine

As probably everyone else in life, I hit rock bottom several times but the good thing about it is that you have nowhere to go but up.


And that`s exatly how Muse & Heroine started: from my personal experiences and need to change into a healthier, happier, self-loving version of myself.

After years of working in the international fashion business, feeling constantly tired, and suffering from many stress-related health and mental issues, I started to dip my toes into a more balanced way of living. What started as a quest for answers, instantly became my deepest passion. Enthusiastic to educate myself on nutrition, clean beauty, spiritual wellbeing and ancient healing methods, I also completed an additional degree as certified holistic health coach in New York.

And step by step I kept becoming healthier, stronger and much more vibrant while enjoying my best skin ever. My jounrey to deep well-being evolved into an obsession in finding the best clean beauty pioneers, green game-changers, result-proven and cult-worthy products as well as spiritual brand founders with in-depth knowledge everyone can trust. My mission is just to find the absolute gem products in between these million of brands that are worth people`s time and money.

And therefore I created Muse & Heroine...with all my love, my passion, my knowledge and my experience.

After my very personal self-discovery journey, I have found my very own Heroine within myself and I want to encourage every woman to find hers as well. 

I hope to inspire to start your own wellness journey, I hope to upgrade your bathroom and kitchen cabinet with much more natural products and most of all, I hope to empower you to live a more health-conscious and non-toxic life. 

Last but not least, I want to tell you something very important about the neverending debate: nature vs. science and that scientific ingredients would be superior in performance. 

Here is the thing : NATURE IS SCIENCE. Every beauty breakthrough has come about from studying how nature works. The dictionary definition of the word ‚synthetic’ is 'to imitate a natural product'. The true benefit of of synthtic products is more for the industrial manufacturer than for your skin as these ingredients can be produced on mass scale for much less money and they can keep a product ‚good’ for a very long shelf life. 

But honestly speaking now: If synthetic ingredients are made to imitate nature, why you should choose an imitation when you can have the real thing? 

The brands and natural beauty and health products you`ll find at Muse & Heroine are exclusively curated and tested by myself and proven to deliver amazing results without long-term, unknown or harmful side effects.

I`m proud to use the term CLEAN BEAUTY 2.0 as there is a new field of green chemistry which includes the discovery of new natural ingredients, improved methods for extraction and new methods of making non-animal derived ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid. 

Welcome to the future of Clean Beauty Inside and Out. Welcome to the
Muse & Heroine Self-Love Club.
Love and Gratitude,