What you need to know about Retinol

Retinol is a form of retinoid which is a Vitamin A derivative and once it’s absorbed into the skin it gets converted into retinoic acid - an active that speeds up cell turnover! This increases collagen and elastin production leading to younger looking skin. 
Retinol is an ingredient so many people want to use for its multitude of applications and benefits - from evening out the skin tone, plumper and more youthful looking skin - to clear pores and acne prevention. Yet, there is so much confusion, so many different kinds and so many “scary” stories about retinol/retinoids/vitamin A… Retinol is in fact one of the most tested and clinically proven ingredients to increase the cell turnover process and decrease signs of aging. No wonder we all want in on it. 
What are some common misconceptions people have about Retinol and how is Rei “responding” to these “issues”? 
A common misconception with retinol is that those with sensitive skin can't use it.  I have ultra sensitive skin and I really wanted to find a retinol that I could use. I struggled with the transitional sensitivity that most retinols caused.  I couldn't deal with my skin looking ruddy for a month or so, so I would never stick with it.  I had an idea to mix retinol with one of my favorite ingredients that I knew to be an incredible barrier supporter.
We suspended the Reishi beta-glucan, an intensely hydrating, healing, and barrier protecting ingredient with the retinol.... and the results were astounding.
   We loved using this product so much that we wanted to use it during the day as well. I scratched my head as to why retinol was only used in the PM. I could understand that certain ingredients create photosensitivity and that retinol is one of them but does the retinol that you apply at night miraculously disappear in the morning?  Of course not.  Retinol sits in the skin for 16 hours after application. I believe that if you are using retinol at night you can continue to use it during the day, with proper sun precautions. With Rei the brightening results and glow are so instantaneous that you will want to use it during the day. 
How would you incorporate Rei into someone's skincare routine? 
Rei is a wonderful brightening cream.  It can be used on its own day or night or for a super boost of hydration. Rei pairs beautifully under our Gold restorative face oil and under our Attar floral repair concentrate. 
Start by using it 2-3 nights a week and work your way up to daily use - and apply your moisturizer (Gold or Attar works beautifully) after the retinol has had a moment to sink in. Use frequently and consistently for the best long term benefits! 
What are some benefits one can expect to see from regular use?
Brightening, aiding in product absorption, ultra long lasting moisture retention.
Is it still necessary for some people, looking for specific results, to use prescription retinol?
Sure, there is always a case for something that is a bit stronger.  
How does retinol help acne prone skin? 
Retinol is keratolytic, meaning it dissolves away dead skin layers.  This gentle exfoliation can be very helpful for those that struggle with acne.
What about reishi and retinol, both found in Rei, make them such powerful “graceful-aging” ingredients? 
Retinol with its continual keratolytic properties give the skin a continuous sloughing of dead skin and in Rei's case a microscopic continuous sloughing.  The incredible moisture retaining properties and plumping capabilities of the Reishi fungi via beta-glucans make these two such a perfect pair for all skin types including those of us that are gracefully aging. ;)