Easy, affordable and so effective - the Benefits of Dry Brushing

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive, no matter what time of the year, is: 'What can I do for my dry body skin?’.This is something I am also highly interested in - I get super dry skin, especially on my lower legs.

No matter how much I creamed - it always came back and sometimes I felt like Don Quixote, fighting against windmills, aka against my dessert-dry shins and elbows.
Finally, the simple tool that changed and improved the dessert skin situation arrived, and it was, surprise surprise: a dry brush. Brushing your dry skin is such an amazing uncomplicated but effective ritual, easy to start and practice and extremely beneficial for your whole body and mind.
The next level: The Ionic Dry Brush
When I first started brushing, I used a normal brush, which already helped a lot. Then I discovered a brush with copper bristles, which brought the self- and body care ritual to the next level thanks to the super fine bronze wires - it's even more effective while needing less effort and pressure. I love both versions and I alternate between them.
The brushing not only removes old skin and stimulates cell renewal (when we get older, the whole cell and collagen production process is getting slower and somehow sluggish), but also promotes blood circulation & the lymphatic system and gives you a boost of energy.
That is why you should do it in the morning or during the day, not before going to sleep. It's energizing and refreshing, so it's not the optimal evening ritual.
When & How to Dry Brush
I always do it before showering, on completely dry skin. Then I rinse the exfoliated skin off and follow with some body oil, which I apply on my damp skin.
Make sure you brush towards the center of your body, in the direction of your heart. Gently but firmly brush your skin in long, soft (!) strokes, minimum two or three times. Around the belly, you should brush in a circular clockwise motion.
Don't forget your feet - I swear that you won't regret it to spend some extra time for this area, it's really close to getting a foot massage.
You can clean the brushes with soap or and water or a disinfectant spray.
You can find more benefits of dry brushing here.
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All credits text and Ph: Veronika Haslinger.